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The practice of Business Intelligence lives at the intersection of strategic, operational and tactical business decisions and the information that drives them. The critical function in this area is the delivery of information in a manner than enables your business community to measure, analysis and make the daily decisions necessary. SharePoint 2012 PerformancePoint Services provides a robust platform to facilitate the delivery of this information. In this session, we will explore PerformancePoint and how you can connect data from disparate data sources in the Dashboard Designer to deliver advanced reports, dashboards and scorecards. Features such as implementing KPIs/Indicators, designing reports or dashboards and working with filters will all be covered in this demo-centric presentation.

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Get On Point with SharePoint PerformancePoint

  1. 1. MAKING BUSINESS INTELLIGENT Get on Point with PerformancePoint Chris Price (@BluewaterSQL) Pragmatic Works
  2. 2. MAKING BUSINESS INTELLIGENT Chris Price • Senior BI Consultant with Pragmatic Works – Author, Speaker & Regular Blogger • Blog: • Email: • Follow Me: @BluewaterSQL
  3. 3. MAKING BUSINESS INTELLIGENT Agenda • Dashboard Projects • Setting up PerformancePoint • Dashboard Designer • Parts & Pieces • Building a Dashboard Demo
  4. 4. MAKING BUSINESS INTELLIGENT The Basic Dashboard Project • Gather data (Data Warehouse) • Analyze Data & Identify Measures (Cube) • Design – KPIs & Scorecards – Reports – Dashboard
  5. 5. MAKING BUSINESS INTELLIGENT Get Started in 5 Steps 1. Install SharePoint 2010 2. Set-Up Secure Store Service – Generate a new key if necessary 3. Start PerformancePoint Service 4. Create PerformancePoint Service Application – Don’t forget to set the Unattended Service Account 5. Activate PerformancePoint Site Collection & Features
  6. 6. MAKING BUSINESS INTELLIGENT Dashboard Designer
  7. 7. MAKING BUSINESS INTELLIGENT First Class Objects • Data Sources • Filters • Indicators • Scorecards • Reports • Dashboards
  8. 8. MAKING BUSINESS INTELLIGENT Data Sources • Analysis Services • PowerPivot • Excel • SharePoint Lists • SQL Server Table • Other Facets: – Time Intelligence
  9. 9. MAKING BUSINESS INTELLIGENT Reports • Analytic Grid • Analytic Chart • Strategy Map • KPI Details • Reporting Services • Excel Services • Web Page • ProClarity Analytics Server Page
  10. 10. MAKING BUSINESS INTELLIGENT Let’s Build a Dashboard…
  11. 11. Services Speed development through training, and rapid development services from Pragmatic Works. Products BI products to convert to a Microsoft BI platform and simplify development on the platform. Foundation Helping those who do not have the means to get into information technology and to achieve their dreams. See you soon… My Email: My Twitter: My Blog: @BluewaterSQL