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BlueVia for Telco 2.0


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Presentation delivered by @jamesparton at the recent Telco 2.0 Apps 2.0 conference in London.

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BlueVia for Telco 2.0

  1. 1. James Parton May 2011 An introduction to BlueVia
  2. 2. What is BlueVia? BlueVia is the new global developer platform from Telefonica that helps developers take apps, web services, and ideas to market. BlueVia is built on four founding principles: Scale Tools Business Models Path to Market
  3. 3. Telco Reinvented BlueVia exposes previously hidden Telco capabilities in a simple, but powerful way. Web standards: OAuth, REST Zero financial risk to the developer Low friction, plug & play Removal of complexity
  4. 4. What is BlueVia trying to achieve? Leverage powerful Telco assets to create profitable relationships with developers: New tools New products New innovation New channels New partnerships New revenue
  5. 5. How is BlueVia different? A developer community from an Operator is not new right? Focused <ul><li>Connecting developers to our API ’ s </li></ul><ul><li>Connecting developers to our customers & revenue </li></ul>Mutual benefit <ul><li>Fresh business models </li></ul><ul><li>Revenue share principles </li></ul><ul><li>Collaborative; for the community, by the community </li></ul>Web philosophy <ul><li>Web technologies </li></ul><ul><li>Agnostic to platforms </li></ul>No catch <ul><li>Distribution decision with developer, no lock in </li></ul><ul><li>Zero risk </li></ul>
  6. 7. How do developers make money? BlueVia offers ground breaking, zero risk, business models for developers: Mix & match models to create multiple revenue streams 70 % 10 % 50 % €€€ 70% of app sales 70% of subscription payments 50% of advertising revenue 20% of SMS MO and 10% of SMS MT messaging traffic
  7. 8. Rolling thunder…. Build on initial momentum, keep raising the bar, and doing the unexpected December ‘ 10: Launch of closed beta March ‘ 11: Microsoft .NET partnership April ‘ 11: Launch of BlueVia Labs April ‘ 11: Launch of open beta May ‘ 11: Rel 1.2 + MMS API, Chile and Columbia May ‘ 11: Israeli Mobile Association partnership June ‘ 11: Developer Economics 2011 published … .coming soon more countries, more API ’ s
  8. 9. So everything is hunky dory? Initial reaction to BlueVia has been warm and positive, however… The Telco legacy presents huge mindshare and trust issues It is a complex sell; why do I need this, what is a network API, BlueVia is an App Store right? Developers are rock stars, it ’ s a very noisy market Talk is cheap, proof points are critical This is still very new concept for our business, this is about leading cultural and strategic change
  9. 10. Behaving in a non Telco way To change perception we have to act in an unexpected but authentic and credible way. We go to the community: we need them, they don ’ t need us We are accessible, and we use personality We are humble and honest We don ’ t over promise and under deliver We use Web technology & processes not Telco We LOVE what we do, and it shows
  10. 11. For developers, by developers We have recruited panels of VIP developers to share strategy, roadmaps and ideas Panels active in London and Madrid Quarterly face to face meetings They keep us honest! Expanding panels to Germany and LATAM
  11. 12. Addressing the mindshare issue head on BlueVia is being built for the community by the community. “ There needs to be a generational shift in management at Operators ” Anthony Hartley, CTO, MoSync AB From Developer Economics 2010 We do not have all the answers We have to build credibility Developers are involved at every stage Investment in insight
  12. 13. We can not do this alone Collaboration is core to BlueVia ’s success. We will take BlueVia to developers via strategic partnerships, rather than expecting them to change their behavior and come to us
  13. 14. To learn more… Follow us on Twitter @bluevia Follow our blog Reach me @jamesparton