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Learn how Mexican based is using BlueVia to add great functionality and unlock new revenue streams

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  1. 1. Twitea.meCase studyWhat is is a service which enables people who do not have a permanent mobileinternet connection in their phone or laptop to be in contact with their socialnetworks - Twitter and Facebook - through SMS messages. can be usedby anyone with a Twitter or Facebook account in any of the countries in whichBlueVia is present. This application has been developed by Arturo Garrido de laRosa, a Mexican developer who has used the BlueVia SMS API to design inspiration came from his hands-on experience of the Mexican market wherethe penetration of smartphones is not as high as Europe or the USA.
  2. 2. The storyArturo, who is 35 and a Cybernetics and Computer The impact that social networking has had onSystems Engineer, has always been fascinated by the society is huge. Keeping in touch with friends,development of mobile applications. He started to family and colleagues has been made infinitelywork with the Movistar Developers Platform APIs in easier by the launch of services such as Twitter2009, and made the natural progression to the new and Facebook. However, there are millions ofBlueVia platform at the end of 2010. people who desire the convenience of connecting to their accounts while on the move but do not“When I discovered the Movistar own a smartphone or permanent mobile internet connection. fills this gap, enablingDevelopers Platform I started to people to be connected on the move with theirtry out their APIs, as I was really social networks because it works with any cellular device, the user only has to register oninterested in the possibility of the site and configure the social networks they want to use through SMS.connecting directly with theTelefónica network. When I heardabout BlueVia it was just perfectbecause now I had the possibility tocontinue doing exactly what I hadbeen doing locally in Mexico withMDP but on a global scale and withthe added benefit of the businessmodels offered by BlueVia.”
  3. 3. How is BlueViahelping using the BlueVia SMS API, generatesrevenues from every message sent and receivedacross the API.“The impact of this is huge,as using BlueVia means that Inow have access to brand newrevenue streams” says Arturo.Beyond traditional business models, BlueVia givesthe opportunity to the developer to get recurringrevenues by sharing messaging traffic.“Everything is made verytransparent and clear for thedeveloper.”From start to finish the service has been created inless than 3 months.
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