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Marketing the Library: How to Achieve Cut-Through Amid a Tsunamis of Marketing Messages


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A presentation delivered to the Public Libraries Western Australia conference in September 2017. Tips on how to market the library in a world where the individual is targeted by up to 10,000 marketing messages every day.

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Marketing the Library: How to Achieve Cut-Through Amid a Tsunamis of Marketing Messages

  1. 1. Marketing the Library: How to Achieve Cut-Through Amid a Tsunamis of Marketing Messages
  2. 2. Mr. John Wanamaker
  3. 3. Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half… JOHN WANAMAKER, 1838-1922
  4. 4. Why it’s so much harder for Marketers today… •Infinite choice of products and services •Cut-throat competition in the marketplace •Saturation of marketing messages •Consumer time/attention constraints •The proliferation of new content ‘channels’ and fragmentation of the audience
  5. 5. It was so much easier for Don Draper…
  6. 6. The ‘Old’ Marketing Television, radio and print ‘We advertised last week and sales increased, so it must have worked’ ‘The marketing objective was ‘awareness’ and clearly many people are now aware of us’
  7. 7. The ‘New’ Marketing More Science, Less Art •Digital advertising •Customer Relationship Management (CRM) •Data-driven marketing, personalisation and marketing automation •‘Big data’, machine learning and artificial intelligence •Harnessing the power of social media •User Experience (UX) design, design thinking, Agile methodologies, customer-centricity •Marketing analytics and attribution
  8. 8. Marketing Spending Share – Last 6 years • These are US figures • TV advertising spend has been fairly static • Digital advertising has grown 71% • Mobile advertising has grown 2200% • Print advertising is down 33%
  9. 9. Why such a shift to digital advertising? DIGITAL MEDIA • Contextually-relevant • Targeted • No minimum spend • Only pay on engagement • Make changes anytime • Choose your timing • Enable direct action • Measure your results TRADITIONAL MEDIA • Irrelevant to most • Not very targeted • Expensive • Pay for execution • No changes once placed • In-market for set time • No direct action from ad • Hard to measure! And besides, who reads the paper anymore????
  10. 10. The ‘New’ Marketing IT MARKETING Bloody creative wankers Bloody nerds The ‘new’ marketing
  12. 12. What do people want? Top 5 things that people want from businesses, according to the 2017 Sensis Social Media Report: • Discounts • Giveaways • Product information • Invitations to events • Tips and advice
  13. 13. A methodology for your marketing… • People – who are you seeking to influence? • Objective – what do you want to them to do? • Strategies – how will you move them towards that objective? • Technologies, tactics, techniques and tools – which will you use? • POST is a methodology of Forrester Research People Objective Strategies Technologies, tactics, techniques, tools POST Analysis
  14. 14. THE PROBLEM IS… We typically start at ‘T’. We don’t really consider the ‘P’, ‘O’, and ‘S’. Starting at ‘T’ doesn’t often work well…
  15. 15. EXAMPLE… ‘Shit, everybody seems to have a Facebook Page. Let’s drop everything and start a Facebook Page, so that we can keep up with the Joneses’
  16. 16. * ONE IMPORTANT CAVEAT It’s OK to experiment! You SHOULD dabble with new technologies. Just don’t ‘bet the farm’ before you’ve had really a good think about it….
  17. 17. PEOPLE – who are we trying to influence? EXAMPLES • Teenagers • Pre-school children • Stay-at-home mums • Working parents • Retirees • FIFO workers • Migrants • Unemployed people People Objective Strategies Technologies, tactics, techniques, tools
  18. 18. OBJECTIVE(S) – what do we want them to do? EXAMPLES • Visit the library more often • Attend events more frequently • Borrow more physical books • Borrow more eBooks • Transition from physical books to eBooks • Learn about the full scope of library services • Use the library holds system • Improve literacy rates People Objective Strategies Technologies, tactics, techniques, tools
  19. 19. STRATEGIES – how do we get them moving towards the objective? EXAMPLES • Produce and distribute written content about services • Operate an active event calendar • Publish a weekly newsletter with information about activities • Teach people how to use library services in one-on-one sessions • Run technology sessions to improve digital literacy • Provide specialist equipment • Start a Coding Club People Objective Strategies Technologies, tactics, techniques, tools
  20. 20. TECHNOLOGIES, TACTICS, TECHNIQUES & TOOLS – what EXAMPLES • Publish a Wordpress blog and produce posts twice a week • Post content to a Library Facebook Page on Friday afternoons • Advertise events using Facebook Advertising • Use Mailchimp to send a weekly eDM newsletter for our coding club • Run a weekly Twitter competition • Do video book reviews on a YouTube channel People Objective Strategies Technologies, tactics, techniques, tools
  21. 21. 25 Pirie Street, Adelaide Ph 08 8203 7203
  22. 22. Case Study – ‘Libraria’ DECISION TO FOCUS ON FIVE ‘TECHNOLOGIES’: • The Libraria Blog • Libraria Facebook Page • Facebook Advertising • Weekly email marketing • Eventbrite online event management Blog Facebook Email Marketing
  23. 23. The Libraria Blog • Built using Wordpress – free, easy-to-use blogging software • A place for long-form content – articles, book reviews, photo galleries, event information, library news, opinion pieces, video • Blog contains sign-up forms to capture email addresses for the newsletter • Blog content is automatically cross-posted to the Facebook Page • Blog content is re-purposed for the weekly email newsletter • The blog drives traffic to the library catalogue website
  24. 24. Libraria Facebook Page • Libraria’s presence on the world’s biggest social network – • An email subscription form is used to capture email addresses for the weekly email newsletter • Content is cross-posted automatically from the Libraria blog • Colourful graphics are produced using Canva • ‘Short form’ content is published to the page using Buffer • Community management is undertaken using Hootsuite
  25. 25. 25 Pirie Street, Adelaide Ph 08 8203 7203
  26. 26. 25 Pirie Street, Adelaide Ph 08 8203 7203
  27. 27. 25 Pirie Street, Adelaide Ph 08 8203 7203
  28. 28. What is remarketing?? Ever wondered why your Facebook feed mysteriously shows you advertisements from websites that you visited a week ago?
  29. 29. Facebook Advertising • Libraria have installed the ‘Facebook Pixel’ on their catalogue website to enable ‘remarketing’ • Created a custom audience of people who have visited their website • Created audiences for various demographics that exist within the geographic boundaries of their council area • Using ‘boosted posts’ and single post ads for specific audiences • Using Lead Generation ads to capture email addresses for the weekly newsletter
  30. 30. Email Marketing • Weekly email newsletter containing content from the blog • Produced and delivered using Mailchimp • Segmented lists enable targeted messaging to key demographics • Drives traffic back to the blog and to the catalogue website • Promotes Libraria’s Facebook presence • Promotes library events and drives traffic to Eventbrite • Mailing list constantly building from blog and Facebook
  31. 31. 25 Pirie Street, Adelaide Ph 08 8203 7203
  32. 32. Event management using Eventbrite • Online event registration and RSVP system • Saves lots of time and effort spent on event management • It’s a free service for free events; small fee per ticket sold for paid events • RSVPs are automatically fed into Mailchimp mailing list • Events are cross-posted on all of our digital channels
  33. 33. 25 Pirie Street, Adelaide Ph 08 8203 7203 Blog Facebook Email Marketing
  34. 34. Questions…