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Dr. John Brock

  1. 1. Sustainability  “We  have  known  about  climate  change  for  decades.  Yet,  we  have  done  li=le  about  it.”               Jim  Hansen   Economy   Society   Environment  
  2. 2. •  OperaDons   •  EducaDon   –  Food   –  The  Farm  School   –  Energy/carbon  footprint   –  Environmental  Studies   –  Buildings   –  Internship  program   –  Decision  making   –  Arthur  Vining  Davis  Grant   –  The  future  
  3. 3. 1986  Long  Range  FaciliDes  Plan  1986  Long  Range  Forest  Management  Plan  1997  Environmental  Commitment  Statement    1998  Environmental  Goals    2000  Talloires  DeclaraDon  2000  Landscaping  Pa=ern  Language  2001  Purchasing  Pa=ern  Language    2001  NaDve  Biodiversity  and  Wildlife  Pa=ern  Language  2002  AddiDons  to  Environmental  Goals    2003  Warren  Wilson  College  Mission  Statement    2007  Land  Use  Principles  2007  ACUP  Climate  Commitment  2007  Sustainable  Decision  Making  2007  Chief  Sustainability  Officer  2010  WWC  Sustainability  Statement  2011  One  Land  One  Mission  Planning  
  4. 4. Global   AASHE   IPCC   AUCPCC   Global  Exchange     TransiDon  Town     for  Sustainability   Internships   Speaker  Series   TransiDon  Asheville   Campus  Greening   Insulate   Solar  energy  companies   Climate  AcDon  Plan   EcoTeam   Local/Slow  Food     Green  Walkabouts   Swannanoa  Journal   Earth  Day   Summer  H.S.  Scholars  College   Local  
  5. 5. Black  Mountain  Community  Garden,  Black  Mountain  NC  City  of  Asheville  Sustainability  Office,  Asheville  NC  City  of  Asheville  Transit  Department,  Asheville  NC  CooperRiis  Healing  Farm  Community,  Mill  Spring  NC  Discover  Life  in  America,  Gatlinburg  TN  French  Broad  River  Keeper,  Asheville  Great  Smoky  Mountain  InsItute,  Tremont  TN  Audubon  Seabird  RestoraIon  Program,  Bremmen  ME  NaIonal  ClimaIc  Data  Center,  Asheville  NC  North  Carolina  Coastal  FederaIon,  Morehead  City  NC  Montreat  Conference  Center,  Montreat  NC  Smithsonian  Environmental  Research  Center,  Edgewater  MD  Environmental  Quality  InsItute,  Asheville  NC  The  Nature  Conservancy  NY,  Long  Island  NY  The  Nature  Conservancy  NC,  Outer  Banks  NC  The  Wilderness  Society,  Sylva  NC  Western  North  Carolina  Alliance,  Asheville  NC  WildSouth,  Asheville  NC  Yawkey  Wildlife  Center,  South  Island  SC  GSMNP  Highlands  Science  Learning  Center,  Maggie  Valley  NC  Ashevillage  InsItute,  Asheville  NC  Just  Economics,  Asheville  NC  Penland  School  of  CraR,  Spruce  Pine  NC  Earth  Covenant  Ministry,  Atlanta  GA  Appalachian  Sustainable  Agriculture  Project,  Asheville  NC  
  6. 6. Date   Time   What   Who   Where  Mar  21   8:00  pm   Green  Fire:  Aldo  Leopold   Film   Cannon   Louge  April  3   7:00  pm   The  Climate  Wars   Dr.  Michael  Mann   Chapel  April  21   All  day   Earth  Day  CelebraDon   Everybody   Campus  April  23   4:30  pm   Climate  Change  Denial   Dr.  Tom  Peterson   Jensen   Lecture  Hall  
  7. 7. Workshops    Music  Speakers  Painters