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A snapshot of Blueprint Creative Group\'s client engagements in non-profit marketing, social media strategy, strategic marketing, event publicity, and product marketing.

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Blueprint Creative Group\'s Portfolio

  1. 1. Blueprint Creative Group Fabiola Fleuranvil | Principal P: (305) 741-0378Who We Are E: W:
  2. 2. Who We Are Blueprint Creative Group is a boutique strategic marketing and public relations firm that fuses 360° integrated marketing communications (IMC) to strategically position key messages to the public and media, cleverly shape audience perceptions and move target audiences into action, use digital influence to drive online interactivity, and execute smart brand positioning to intensify our clients competitiveness. To this end, we’ve been successful executing national media campaigns for lifestyle brands, corporate entities, and non-profit organizations. As PR Bulldogs, we approach media relations from a journalistic point of view, were ferocious when it comes to dealing with media, and we have a knack for creating memorable stories that have a strong call to action. We are shrewd marketing strategists. We execute marketing awareness campaigns, analyze consumer buying behavior through market research and testing, and develop marketing programs directed at channeling those behaviors. Our bottom line is on our client’s Return on Investment (ROI) and Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI). Ultimately, our communications solutions serve as an extension of your long-term branding and visibility strategy. We are also adept at planning and executing a variety of communications and media tactics to meet campaign objectives. Whether planning visibility stunts in key local markets, opening local shops to stellar reviews, intensifying online customer engagement with clever cross promotions and digital influence, or intensifying a brands competitiveness, we have a full arsenal of talent and a proven track record of success. We also understand the growing dynamics of today’s media landscape and embrace, encourage, and employ new media technologies and social media marketing in every PR campaign to deliver effective messaging to your audience. Our social media strategies place special emphasis on building an online community that is consumer driven, transparent, engaging, inclusive, and sincere, without being controlled, impersonal, exclusive, formal, or one-sided. Ultimately, valuing both relationships and results as the key to success, our approach blends the best of big agency capabilities, experience, and stellar client service with small agency tenacity, creativity, and flexibility to help clients of all sizes achieve the results they seek. It’s our entrepreneurial culture that allows us to be business progressors, innovators, and out of the box thinkers.Page 2 of 9 Blueprint Creative Group | Branding. Should. Always. Be. Consistent.
  3. 3. Capabilities/Service Offerings Public Relations  Media relations  Messaging and positioning  Storytelling development  News releases  Direct editorial programs  Editorial calendar development  Feature article placement, broadcast TV and radio placements  Visiting journalist programs  Content development: bylined articles, consumer case studies, white papers, newsletters  Media & consumer events  Crisis communications  Media training  Event Publicity Marketing Communications  Integrated Marketing Communications  Market Research  Consumer Analysis  Strategy Development  Communications Audit  Brand Development  Community Outreach Social Media Engagement  Social media strategy and planning  Online reputation management  Interactive digital tools, widget design, app development  Blogger relations  Social media buys  Blog development  Monitoring blogs, social media platforms, consumer review sites, and message boardsPage 3 of 9 Blueprint Creative Group | Branding. Should. Always. Be. Consistent.
  4. 4. Traditional Media Case Study Client: INROADS, Inc.  Managed day-to-day press relations with traditional and non-traditional media, Overview: developed media lists, secured media INROADS develops and connects high promising interviews, and developed relationships minority students with salaried corporate with key reporters. internships at America’s leading companies.  Employed PR campaign measurement to INROADS has earned the trust and respect of assess value of messages placed and media America’s Fortune 500 companies and have impressions. placed students in over 125,000 internships during its 40-year history.  Media secured include: Dallas Business Journal, Nashville Business Journal, CBS Objective: Radio, Harvard Business Review, HR Create a national PR plan to highlight Magazine, Diversity Executive, and Talent organizational milestones over its 40-year Management Magazine, among others. history and reinforce organizational mission to current and prospective corporate partners. Challenge: How do we tell the INROADS story to the media even during times when there is no hard news to tell? Approach:  Developed a comprehensive 12-month PR and media relations strategy using a varied media mix to showcase the INROADS brand and highlight the organization’s executives as industry thought leaders.  Developed story pitches to position INROADS in key trade press, media outlets, and relevant publications targeted to corporate decision makers and C-level executives.  Content development included by-lined articles, white papers, case studies, and best practices articles for placement in industry publications.Page 4 of 9 Blueprint Creative Group | Branding. Should. Always. Be. Consistent.
  5. 5. Non-Profit PR Case Study Client: Lambi Fund of Haiti Western Union Foundation’s collaboration to celebrate Earth Day by planting a tree Overview: in Haiti for each of Western Union’s 5,700 Lambi Fund of Haiti is a U.S. based non-profit employees; and 2010 Haiti earthquake. organization dedicated to supporting  Media secured include NBC affiliate sustainable development, environmental Miami, Miami Herald, op-ed in NY Times, integrity, increased food availability and potable etc. water, gender equity, and grassroots democracy in Haiti.  As a result of highlighting Lambi Fund’s media assets, the organization received Objective: recognition of the United Nations Roll-out US-based national media campaign to Environment Programme Plant for the drive funds raised from individual and Planet: Billion Tree Campaign. institutional donors and drive public visibility  Online PR campaign drove increase in web and awareness. traffic and resulted in more than $200k Challenge: over budgeted amount driven from online donations and over 96,000 unique web How do we promote Lambi Fund’s U.S. visits over six months period. objectives- education and outreach- while also increasing donor engagement and funds raised?  Supported organization’s communications efforts in time of crisis in Haiti. Approach  A public relations campaign was employed to increase awareness of and financial support for Lambi Fund and its programs by placing op-ed articles, news releases, and critical stories across a variety of media.  Leveraged Lambi Fund’s media assets and current events to drive media coverage for organization’s grassroots programs: One Million Tree campaign in partnership with the Green Belt Movement founded by Kenyan Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathai; four back-to-back hurricanes in Haiti 2008;Page 5 of 9 Blueprint Creative Group | Branding. Should. Always. Be. Consistent.
  6. 6. Event Publicity Case Study Client: UPTOWN Escape/UPTOWN Magazine  Identified and secured promotional opportunities, strategic event partnerships, Overview: sponsorships, and provided logistical and Regarded as a luxury, affluent living, and planning support. lifestyle media outlet, UPTOWN Magazine is a  Creative event activation to integrate proponent for indulging its readers with a sponsors, CoverGirl and Nielsen Media, into passport to luxury from social to travel to fine event concepts included local event tie-ins, dining and the arts. So it’s only natural for the product sampling, and consumer awareness publication to present, UPTOWN Escape 2010: promotions, and CoverGirl Queen An Upscale Getaway, a five-day long luxury Collection makeup demonstrations and retreat where social networking marries makeovers provided by Sam Fine and entertainment to create an unforgettable union hosted by Supermodel, Cynthia Bailey. of nightlife, music, business innovation, and cultural experience. The entire weekend of events was hosted by actor, Boris Kodjoe of NBC’s Undercovers; Supermodel and Real Housewives of Atlanta’s, Cynthia Bailey; and NeNe Leakes from Real Housewives of Atlanta and Donald Trump’s The Apprentice. CoverGirl Queen Collection also sponsored a Beauty Suite featuring celebrity makeup artist Sam Fine who has worked with the likes of Vanessa Williams, Iman, Halle Berry, Beyonce, and Tyra Banks among many others and been called by Vogue Magazine as“the go- to makeup master for women of color.” Objective: Execute an electrifying national PR blitz to drive awareness for destination event and drive sales of travel packages. Approach:  Managed regional and national media relations to secure placements in lifestyle outlets, influencers, bloggers, and press.Page 6 of 9 Blueprint Creative Group | Branding. Should. Always. Be. Consistent.
  7. 7. Strategic Marketing Case Study Client: Fonkoze/International Development Approach: Bank (IDB)  As a marketing consultant to Fonkoze, we Overview: developed a 24-month fully integrated US-based strategic marketing plan to If there is one client of ours that believes in the serve as a blueprint for launching promotion of social justice and economic Fonkoze’s Pre-paid Debit Card to the development, then that is Fonkoze. Fonkoze is a Diaspora living in the U.S. microfinance organization that provides the people of Haiti a way out of poverty through  Gathered qualitative marketing data to entrepreneurship, economic self-sufficiency, gauge sentiments and understanding for a and education. The organization works within new financial product virtually non- rural communities of Haiti to help them start up existent within this demographic. small businesses from everything including a  Micro-segmented target markets into local food market to farming. Essentially, primary and secondary targets based on Fonkoze is a bank for the poor in Haiti. adoptability and usage of product and Objective: developed key messaging per segment, key customer touch points, and a tactical Grow Fonkoze’s foreign remittance business roll out plan. and increase investment activity among Haiti’s poor particularly in late of Haiti’s 2010  Community outreach approach to devastating earthquake. establishing target market baseline through partnerships with key centers of Challenge: influences. How does Fonkoze introduce card-based  Deployed localized grassroots educational technology targeted to the U.S.-based Haiti media campaign that outreached through Diaspora to send remittances to Haiti despite community workshops, financial literacy the challenges of impacting, influencing, and education, and publicity. shaping a demographic of people typically non- responsive to traditional marketing and  Utilized measurement and monitoring advertising tactics and who are also tools to track project’s progress as part of technologically adverse? customer adoption and retention strategy.Page 7 of 9 Blueprint Creative Group | Branding. Should. Always. Be. Consistent.
  8. 8. Social Media Case Study Client: Timeless Entertainment Concepts  Monitored effective benchmarks for measurement of social media impact. Overview:  Result of social media campaign was a When Timeless Entertainment Concepts (TEC) massive local buzz that organically secured wanted to launch its events architecture brand live news broadcast from NBC affiliate, in South Florida following the footprint it major local papers, and influential local established in 26 other markets, they tapped bloggers attending launch event for Blueprint Creative Group to get the job done. coverage. Objective: Manage and promote the launch of a  Post-launch strategy encouraged Facebook national event brand in South Florida and fan participation with tagging of event pics, sustain as monthly reoccurring event. posting of personal videos of event, Challenge: We knew that turning to traditional checking into Places, live Tweeting, sharing media alone to launch the marquee event of viral videos, and created thematic daily concept, PlayDate Miami, would not do the posts where fans participate in sharing event justice. So, how do we bring the brand to related content. life using social media to virally distribute key  Event is reoccurring one-year later and has messages and build an influencer campaign? developed loyalists who consistently attend every event and have essentially become Key to Success: evangelists for the brand. Evangelists are Launching a concept as unique as PlayDate is rewarded with VIP cards and other most successful when evangelists are created. incentives. Approach  Online community has grown to over 4,000 fans with social media strategy pushing  Used passalongs (i.e. photos, viral videos, email database to over 10,000. and message teasers) to create peer-to- peer influence.  Managed blogger outreach program and online communities (i.e. Meetup) to spread messages and build digital word of mouth.  Used Twitter listening tools to monitor related conversations to join for 2-way engagement. Cultivated Facebook conversations to amplify buzz.  Developed interactive applications to trigger actions which appeared in fans’ feeds.Page 8 of 9 Blueprint Creative Group | Branding. Should. Always. Be. Consistent.
  9. 9. Social Marketing Case Study Client: United Way of Broward  Used formative evaluation to identify the root causes of risky driving behavior Overview: among the core target segments and their As a pillar in uniting an entire community to perceptions of such activity. Research create significant lasting change that positively included a combination of quantitative impacts people’s lives, United Way of Broward and qualitative data collection observed a dangerous trend in the increase in methodologies and external secondary unintentional injuries and deaths among data. Broward County, FL youth ages 13-25 attributed  Created “Ride Safely,” a pop culture to risky teenage driving behavior. Further influenced, peer-to-peer public awareness analysis also revealed that the root causes campaign with marketing and media surrounding motor vehicle injuries within this messages designed to resonate with and particular market segment were directly linked create a strong call to action among the to the inexperience and overconfidence of audience by being relevant, believable, teenage drivers. and inspiring to initiate changing Challenge: behaviors. What is the most effective strategy to roll out a  Campaign resulted in funding and grant youth-driven social norms campaign to promote opportunities for United Way of Broward. Ride Safely, a social marketing initiative to change negative behaviors that are misperceived to be the norm in exchange for positive ones that are actually the norm? Approach:  Created and designed a social norms marketing campaign based on marketing intelligence and used a combination of educational and community outreach and intervention strategies, brand identity and message development, media advocacy, public relations, peer-to-peer interaction, public policy and enforcement, parental and community involvement, environment/engineering, and education and curriculum design.Page 9 of 9 Blueprint Creative Group | Branding. Should. Always. Be. Consistent.