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Telltale Signs That Say You’ve Outgrown Your Current Systems


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Having the right software and technology is essential to growing a business – yet many companies feel the constraints of inadequate systems. Outdated applications, manual processes, and countless integration challenges consume time and resources. So how do you know when you’ve reached the tipping point?

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Telltale Signs That Say You’ve Outgrown Your Current Systems

  1. 1. SAP  Thought  LeadershipSolutions  for  Small  Businesses  and  Midsize  Companies  Telltale  Signs  That  Say  You’ve  Outgrown    Your  Current  SystemsKnowing  When  Your  System  Has  Reached  the    Tipping  Point
  2. 2. TELLTALE  SIGNS  THAT  SAY  YOU’VE  OUTGROWN  YOUR  CURRENT  SYSTEMSTable  of  Contents   5   When  to  Update  Your  Systems Telltale  Sign:  Recurring     Headaches  About  Reporting Telltale  Sign:  Numerous     Integration  Hassles Telltale  Sign:  Rigid  Systems     That  Limit  Flexibility Telltale  Sign:  Too  Many  Unsup- ported  Business  Processes Telltale  Sign:  Manual  Processes   That  Drain  Time  and  Resources 7   Support  Growth  with  the     Best  of  SAP  Software
  3. 3. Having  the  right  software  and  technology  is  essential  to  growing    a  business  –  yet  many  companies  feel  the  constraints  of  inadequate  systems.  Outdated  applications,  manual  processes,  and  countless  integration  challenges  consume    time  and  resources.  So  how  do  you    know  when  you’ve  reached  the  tipping  point?
  4. 4. THE  DECISIVE  SIGNS  When  to  Update  Your  SystemsWhen  does  the  cost  of  system  mainte- also  notes  that  best-in-class  companies   selecting  potential  software.2    Forrester  nance  and  process  limitations  become   are  taking  strides  to  reduce  time  to  infor- also  listed  “improving  integration       mation,  generate  a  common  view  of  data,   between  applications”  as  one  of    update  your  current  systems?  Review   and  arm  business  decision  makers  with   the  top  four  business  goals  of  IT    the  telltale  signs  that  say  it’s  time  to   high-quality  data  to  support  enhanced   departments.  3  move  to  a  system  that  better  supports   business  performance. A  single  comprehensive  application  your  growing  business: can  handle  all  key  business  activities,     Recurring  headaches  about  reporting best-in-class  companies  are  able  to  edit,   eliminating  the  complexity  and  expense     Numerous  integration  hassles - of  integrating  multiple  systems.  You  spend     vide  users  across  multiple  business  units   less  time  on  system  maintenance  and     Too  many  unsupported  business   with  the  tools  and  information  to  do  their   more  time  planning  and  implementing   processes jobs1  –  making  timely  reporting  a  key   innovative  functionality.  With  fewer  inte-   Manual  processes  that  drain  time  and   component  of  best-in-class  operations. gration  points,  a  company  can  focus  on   resources To  alleviate  headaches  about  report- systematic  reviews  of  business  process- ing,  organizations  must  replace  “gut  feel”   es,  identifying  and  prioritizing  opportuni-Sound  familiar?  If  so,  there’s  a  good   choices  with  fact-based  decisions  by  pro- ties  to  cut  waste,  redundancy,  and  costs.chance  that  you’re  exhausting  valuable   viding  visibility  into  key  business  results.  time  and  energy  supporting  the  basic   Rapidly  growing  small  businesses  and   TELLTALE  SIGN:  RIGID  SYSTEMS    needs  of  your  business.  Consider  the   midsize  companies  can  improve  report- THAT  LIMIT  FLEXIBILITY ing  and  increase  visibility  by  replacing  scalable  solution  that  supports  your   multiple  spreadsheets  and  data  reconcil- Your  company  is  poised  to  push  into  new  needs  and  can  grow  as  your  business   iation  with  a  single  integrated  solution   markets,  introduce  new  products  and  grows.  One  that  allows  you  to  start  any- that  provides  timely  access  to  accurate   services,  and  bring  on  new  employees.  where.  One  that  lets  you  address  your   information  and  business  intelligence. But  expanding  into  a  new  region  or  prod-   uct  line  means  dealing  with  a  rigid  sys-users,  functions,  and  geographic  support   TELLTALE  SIGN:  NUMEROUS    as  your  business  expands. INTEGRATION  HASSLES business  managers  don’t  want  to  wait  for   system  support.  New  employees  can’t  in  more  detail. A  second  sign  that  you’ve  outgrown     access  data  they  need  to  do  their  job.  IT   your  current  systems  and  infrastructure  TELLTALE  SIGN:  RECURRING     - workaround.  Without  the  proper  support,  HEADACHES  ABOUT  REPORTING parate  systems  and  aligning  data  from   initial  results  aren’t  what  they  should  be.   multiple  sources.  If  your  company  has  As  your  organization  grows,  data,  calcu- grown  through  one  or  more  acquisitions  lations,  and  transactions  also  grow,  in   and  comprehensive  system  that  adapts  both  volume  and  complexity.  If  your     areas  of  operation,  you  may  be  spending   quickly  to  your  business  without  the  decision  makers  must  constantly  make   too  much  time  troubleshooting  and   need  to  buy  or  integrate  additional  soft-decisions  based  on  incomplete  or  inac- maintaining  integration  points  –  and     ware.  Supporting  new  languages  and  curate  data,  or  delay  decisions  until  full   not  enough  looking  for  opportunities  to   currencies  should  happen  with  a  mouse  and  accurate  reports  become  available,   reduce  costs  and  improve  productivity.   click,  not  after  hours  of  coding  and  cus-then  critical  business  decisions  are  com- Over  half  of  the  small  and  midsize  com- tomization.  A  solution  with  a  modular    promised.  Timeliness  and  accuracy  of   panies  participating  in  an  independent   design  makes  it  easy  to  start  small,  focus-data  have  a  direct  impact  on  the  ability  to   Forrester  Research  survey  reported  the   ing  on  your  most  pressing  needs,  and  make  better  informed  decisions,  reports   “ability  to  integrate  with  other  systems”   then  add  users  and  functions  as  you  grow. as  a  very  important  criterion  when    SAP  Thought  Leadership  –  Telltale  Signs  That  Say  You’ve  Outgrown  Your  Current  Systems 5
  5. 5. THE  DECISIVE  SIGNS  TELLTALE  SIGN:  TOO  MANY  UNSUP- You  need  a  solution  optimized  for  quickly   (ERP)  solution  can  help  you  streamline  PORTED  BUSINESS  PROCESSES growing  small  businesses  or  midsize   and  automate  manual  processes,  freeing   companies,  one  that  can  adapt  to  and   up  time  for  higher-value  projects.  The    As  you  expand  into  new  sectors,  you   support  new  business  processes.     solution  should  have  controls  and  auto-must  be  able  to  support  new  business   mated  alerts  that  help  employees  re-processes  and  areas  of  growth.  But  a   practices  to  equip  you  with  the  methods   spond  more  quickly,  reduce  waste,  and  patchwork  of  systems  and  spreadsheets   of  the  best-run  companies  in  your  indus- avoid  problems.can  leave  entire  business  processes    unsupported.  You  need  comprehensive,   your  unique  practices.fully  integrated  business  functionality  that  helps  you  streamline  core  processes   TELLTALE  SIGN:  MANUAL  PROCESSES  and  gain  visibility  across  the  entire     THAT  DRAIN  TIME  AND  RESOURCESbusiness  –  from  marketing,  sales,  and  service  to  procurement,  production,   Historically,  one  of  the  primary  roles  of      analytics.  Forrester  Research  reports   productivity,  and  cost  reductions  through   IT  automation  and  standardization.  If  companies  in  North  America  and  Europe   your  business  still  relies  on  manual  pro-list  overall  functionality  as  a  “very  impor- cesses  to  complete  routine  transactions,  tant”  criterion  for  selecting  software.  4When  does  the  cost  of  system  maintenance  and    process  limitations  become  so  great  that  you  can’t      
  6. 6. BETTER  SOFTWARE,  BETTER  SUPPORT,  LESS  STRESS  Best  of  SAP®  SoftwareYour  company  is  growing  rapidly,  but   handle  the  most  demanding  local  and   LEARN  MOREyour  current  systems  are  holding  you   global  business  requirements,  SAP     When  you  learn  to  read  the  signs,  you  will  back.  Integration  challenges,  manual   solutions  can  support  a  wide  array     be  able  to  recognize  when  your  IT  environ-processes,  and  data  manipulation  con- of  new  operational,  geographical,     ment  is  holding  back  your  business.  You  will  sume  time  and  resources,  leaving  little     notice  that  integration  challenges,  manual  left  over  to  support  new  business  pro- you  grow. processes,  and  data  manipulation  are  cesses.  You  need  a  single  integrated   What  does  that  mean  for  you?     consuming  time  and  resources,  leaving  little   time  left  to  support  new  business  process-business  management  software  solution   Increased  reporting  functions,  greater     es.  But  the  news  is  not  all  bad.  This  is  your   - opportunity  to  move  to  a  single,  complete,     tion  headaches.  In  short,  better  software,   scalable  solution  that  supports  your  needs  solutions  for  small  businesses  and     better  support,  and  less  stress. and  can  grow  as  your  business  grows.  If  you  midsize  companies  designed  to  drive       for  small  businesses  and  midsize  compa- small  businesses  and  midsize  companies  to  improve  reporting,  and  support  growth. nies  to  solve  your  problems  now  –  and   solve  your  problems  now  –  and  position  IT   SAP®  solutions  for  small  businesses   position  IT  to  support  your  company’s   to  support  your  company’s  future,  please   - future: visit    able  to  implement  and  own  world-class,     The  SAP  Business  One  application   gives  you  a  single  application  for  key  that  can  scale  as  you  grow.  From  licens- business  activities,  eliminating  the  ing  agreements  to  monthly  subscription   complexity  and  expense  of  integrating   - multiple  systems.  It  can  be  deployed  get,  timeline,  and  growth  objectives.  SAP   quickly  –  in  as  little  as  two  weeks  –    solutions  allow  companies  to  spend  less   and  requires  minimal  maintenance.   The  SAP  Business  ByDesign™  solution  and  managing  solutions,  and  more  time   is  delivered  on  demand,  giving  you  focused  on  business. powerful  SAP  software  with  no  need   Each  complete  and  integrated  SAP    solution  comes  with  all  the  functionality   all  for  a  low  monthly  need  to  run  your  business  –  includ-   SAP  Business  All-in-One  solutions    ing  analytics  and  support  for  best  prac-tices.  SAP  solutions  for  small  businesses   state-of-the-art  technology  that  can  be  and  midsize  companies  can  be  extended  with  additional  in-depth  functionality   needs.such  as  preintegrated  customer  relation-   SAP  BusinessObjects™  Edge  Business  ship  management,  supplier  relationship   Intelligence  (BI)  software  is  a  compre-management,  and  business  intelligence   hensive  BI  solution  supporting  statutory,  functions.  With  unmatched  ability  to     ad  hoc,  and  analytical  reporting. FOOTNOTES 1.   Automating  Extended  Business  Processes,     2.   The  State  of  SMB  Software  and  Emerging   Trends:  2010,  Forrester  Research  Inc.,     3.   Ibid. 4.   Ibid.SAP  Thought  Leadership  –  Telltale  Signs  That  Say  You’ve  Outgrown  Your  Current  Systems 7
  7. 7.  105  201  (11/05)  SAP,  R/3,  SAP  NetWeaver,  Duet,  PartnerEdge,  ByDesign,    SAP  BusinessObjects  Explorer,  StreamWork,  and  other  SAP  products  and  services  mentioned  herein  as  well  as  their  respective  logos  are  countries.  Business  Objects  and  the  Business  Objects  logo,  BusinessObjects,  Crystal  Reports,  Crystal  Decisions,  Web  Intelligence,  Xcelsius,  and  other  Business  Objects  products  and  services  mentioned  herein  as  well  as  their  respective  logos  are  trademarks  or  registered  trade   marks  of  Business  Objects  Software  Ltd.  Business  Objects  is  an  SAP  company.other  Sybase  products  and  services  mentioned  herein  as  well  as  their  respective  logos  are  trademarks  or  registered  trademarks  of  Sybase,  Inc.  Sybase  is  an  SAP  company.All  other  product  and  service  names  mentioned  are  the  trademarks  of  their  respective  companies.  Data  contained  in  this  document  serves  These  materials  are  subject  to  change  without  notice.  These  materials  for  informational  purposes  only,  without  representation  or  warranty  of  services  are  those  that  are  set  forth  in  the  express  warranty  statements  accompanying  such  products  and  services,  if  any.  Nothing  herein  should  be  construed  as  constituting  an  additional  warranty.