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Client Success Stories  “Our company engaged BOS in the last quarter of 2009 to revise entity and group financial reportin...
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SAP Business One Success Story: Sindicatum Sustainable Resources


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An SAP Business One success story by Sindicatum Sustainable Resources.

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SAP Business One Success Story: Sindicatum Sustainable Resources

  1. 1. Client Success Stories “Our company engaged BOS in the last quarter of 2009 to revise entity and group financial reporting within SAP B1. With more than 40 ledgers, BOS has proven their mettle beyond all our expectations.” Industry Sector South East Asia CFO, February 2010 Renewables and the EnvironmentWhen a leading global sustainable resources group relocated their Number of Employeesheadquarters from London to Singapore they knew that their SAP Business 287One platform needed to be transferred with minimal downtime andmaximum efficiency. Recommended by SAP as a leading Singapore partner, Operating CountriesBlue Ocean Systems enabled Sindicatum Sustainable Resources to migrate Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, India, UK,their financial systems whilst ensuring operating continuity. China, USA, Bahrain“The decision to work with Blue Ocean Systems was made as soon as we met Headquartersthem and realised their expertise, track record and access to global SAP Singaporesolutions. We knew they were the best fit for the huge task at hand.” ChiefTechnology Officer, Bobby Jimenez. Established 2005How was the whole project executed?Blue Ocean Systems leveraged their team in Singapore and Nepal, working around the clock with a firm project plan anddelivery times. Sindicatum Sustainable Resources were fully briefed from project planning to execution to ensure allparties were happy and informed at each stage of the process.What did the pre-implementation phase include?The pre-implementation phase was very thorough. Blue Ocean Systems’ project manager, created a full project plan withmilestones and deadlines assigned to each step. Additionally, Blue Ocean Systems continued to send out communications,preparation documents, instruction guides and daily updates; we remained fully briefed throughout the project.During the implementation phase, how were the day-to-day operations of the company affected?Blue Ocean Systems ran the legacy system and the new system concurrently; by doing the switch over during a holidayperiod, the minimal amount of downtime was invisible to our users. Blue Ocean Systems worked diligently to ensure aslittle impact as possible. Their support was extremely professional and always had a quick response to our queries. Due totheir global partners, we had no issues with time zones.How was the SAP implementation received by your employees?The best way to describe the whole process was that despite the huge task we were undertaking we were able to maintainbusiness as usual; in our industry this is vital.What does SAP Business One bring to your organisation?Our company has leveraged many benefits from SAP Business One. Of particular value to us are the reduced manualprocesses (fewer Excel spreadsheets!) and the speed in producing complex reports. Additionally, Blue Ocean Systemsassisted in customising automatic daily forex updates and SAP Crystal reports; resulting in our financial team being able todeliver a multitude of financial reporting within a short timeframe.How does SAP Business One support a company’s growth?SAP can start really small; it definitely fits a small company with a conservative budget, but having a robust system which isfully scalable to support company growth, no matter how soon or what size, is vital.