Project Management on SAP Business One for Engineering, Construction and Operations (Brief)


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Project Management based on SAP Business
One is an affordable industry solution for
small and midsize businesses of the ECO industry. The solution helps you to
manage your entire business by integrating
all critical business functions, from uniform
management of business partner and project
data, opportunity management, purchasing,
calculation, accounting, project management
and resource planning including
equipment & machines to up-to-date project
analyses. All at the touch of a button with one
single system. Smartphone or Internet enable
you to access data independent of location
and time and even plant maintenance is supported
with mobile applications.

For more information, please contact Blue Ocean Systems Pte Ltd at:
Tel: +65 63977258

We love to hear from you.

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Project Management on SAP Business One for Engineering, Construction and Operations (Brief)

  1. 1. Product in briefProjectManagement based on Managing projects successfullySAP® Business One for Engineering,Construction & Operations (ECO) with a comprehensive, integrated software that supports clear resource management, guarantees cost transparency and enables mobile data accessProjectManagement based on SAP BusinessOne is an affordable industry solution forsmall and midsize businesses of the con-struction industry. The solution helps you tomanage your entire business by integratingall critical business functions, from uniform You are a decision manager of a midsize Warehouse: You can manage differentmanagement of business partner and project construction company and wish for a better warehouses and transfer project-relateddata, opportunity management, purchasing, cost transparency? Your business has to cope items from one warehouse to anothercalculation, accounting, project manage- with larger and increasingly complex "engi- so that all items are in time at the rightment and resource planning including neer to order" projects ? At the same time & machines to up-to-date project the calculation and purchase process play ananalyses. All at the touch of a button with one increasingly important role? Moreover is the Project Management: The solutionsingle system. Smartphone or Internet enable increasing mobility a growing challenge for enables a simple and clear resource plan-you to access data independent of location your business? ning, irrespective of whether it concernsand time and even plant maintenance is sup- employees, items or equipment.ported with mobile applications. Then many reasons speak for ProjectManagement based on Service/Items Entry: The employees SAP Business One: on the spot capture their services and the items used for a particular project ProjectManagement based on SAP via Internet or smartphone. This enables Business One is an integrated business to determine the actual project costs at management solution that is tailored any time. specifically to the industry-specific needs of midsize construction companies. Project Controlling: ProjectManagement provides at the push of a button up-to- Master Data: Information on business the-minute project analyses, such as partners and projects is stored only degree of completion, breakeven analysis once in the system and is available or KPI, in part prepared graphically as to the authorized employees. Many dashboard. Also the evaluation of plants master data are used automatically, for under construction (WIP) is supported. example in documents. Accounting: Captured and approved Calculation: ProjectManagement services and travel expenses are invoiced supports you with a flexibly configu- and posted directly by the accounting rable overhead calculation. You can see department through a billing wizard. already during the planning/calculation Also commissions are taken into account. the costs and revenues to be expected and thus can ascertain the profitability Mobility: The Web Client and Mobile of your projects. Client enable you to access data irrespec- tive of location and time. Purchasing: The solution supports the entire purchase process, from the Maintenance: The solution contains a request for quote, vendor selection, Support Desk that enables the plant main- purchase order, oder tracking, goods tenance and documentation of failures. receipt and A/P invoice to the feedback Both the customer and the employees can about the payment. access the Support Desk online.
  2. 2. "We expect that we save more than 4,500 working hours in 2009 through the efficiency increase of the new system". This refers, for example, to the entry of data directly through the employees and the removing of double entries." Donna Jones CFO Melink IncorporationProjectManagement supports you in many areas:Clear Calculation Project-Related Data EntryWhen planning projects, ProjectManagement The employees can record their services andcalculates automatically in the background the used items online or offline. Employees,the costs of the individual resources (em- for example in assembly halls, have the pos-ployees hours, items, equipment). Predefined sibility to capture their hours via touch screenextra charges which you can flexibly change in the system.for your project, ease the quotation costing.This allows you to quickly recognize whether Automated Project Accountingyour project is profitable After the approval of services, items and travel expenses, a billing wizard assistsComfortable Procurement the accountant in invoicing and posting. KPI DashboardProjectManagement provides buyers mani- ProjectManagement provides many differentfold options to procure items. The vendor accounting types, such as fixed price, reduc-comparison, for example, determines the tions, guarantee retentions or milestones.most favorable vendor or the most favorableitems after receipt of the quoted prices of all Evaluation of Plants Under Constructionrequests. After the selection ProjectManage- (WIP)ment generates automatically the purchase A flexible calculation tool enables you toorders. determine the value of plants under construc- tion according to different evaluation meth-Efficient Inventory Management ods (e.g. percentage on completion) and to The balance statistics visualizes the order status ofThe purchase department buys standard transfer the value to the financial accounting. each single item.products at the most convenient time anddistributes them to different warehouses. Cost Transparency at the Push of a ButtonLater the items for a particular project can Once recorded, all data on revenues and costsbe distributed to (project) warehouses. With of service, items and equipment are available approval of sales and purchase documents orProjectManagement, the warehouse manager for analysis. ProjectManagement provides the handling of support tickets.stays always on top of the inventory and the freely configurable reports in the desiredrequired/planned items. layout at the push of a button, including Plant Maintenance with the Support Desk degree of completion, breakeven analysis, You can manage failure messages with theSimple Resource Planning project totals, employees hours, comparison Support Desk. Failure messages are recordedProjectManagement enables different forms of target and actual hours, remaining volume and prioritized either by the employee or theof planning. You can for example plan em- and much more. customer in the Web Client. While handlingployees and equipment in the graphic Gantt a message, both sides are able to documentchart. The display of the available capacity Web Client and Mobile Client or comment the working steps. Service levelvisualizes whether an employee is planned at You have mobile access to all master data or agreements (SLA) enable you to define alsothe requested time, whether the employee you can access the data via Internet or smart- reaction and solution times relating to theis on vacation or whether the employees phone. Many functions are already available project. The employees capture their workingcapacity is already exceeded. with mobile applications (i.e. with the Web times for the services which after the approval Client or Mobile Client), such as time sheet are invoiced per request or based on the entry, document view, vacation approval, handling time.
  3. 3. Key FunctionalityBusiness Partner Master Data Inventory Management Support Desk detailed information on business partners management of different warehouses web-based entry of failures by customer or all projects, activities, failure messages defining project warehouses employee goods issue to project assigning techniciansProject Creation service level agreements (SLA) assigning project manager and team Data Entry upload of images and documents defining phase structure services, items and travel expenses are messages in case of status changes recorded by the employees or in the Mobile Client document management backoffice smartphone technology: IPhone, Android, optionally: integration of the document entry with start and end time Symbian, Windows Mobile management system ELO Time Touch: simplified time keeping, e.g. in addresses and contacts import of material lists the assembly hall time sheet entry optionally: view of the planned tasks Support DeskProject Calculation online data entry with Web Client and preliminary calculation, sales quotation Mobile Client variants Use-Case Scenarios overhead calculation Project Approval layout in the corporate business design, authorization concept ProjectManagement based on SAP Business easy-to-adapt distinction between worked hours and One is particularly suitable for businesses in dispatch per email including attachments invoicable hours the construction industry with the following vacation approval procedures features:Procurement project-related requests for quote at Project Accounting a) Midsize Business different vendors billing wizard - 10 or more employees quoted prices showing the most favor- supports multiple currencies - 10 or more projects in parallel able items/vendors different accounting types: - heterogeneous software landscape or project-related purchasing down payment invoice, phases, fixed older business solution that impedes clear representation of the purchase and price, retentions, batch billing, e.g. for cost transparency and requires redun- delivery status maintenance etc. dant data storage sales price update wizard commission accounting - interest to grow and/or to react web-based material requirements request globally Project AnalysisResource Planning/Equipment approx. 250 standard reports: e.g. balance b) Subsidiary of Major period planning, Gantt chart lists, service journals, breakeven analysis, Organization capacity display degree of completion - 10 or more employees resource pool planning all reports are easy to adapt or to expand - 10 or more projects in parallel MS Project and MS Outlook interface with Crystal Reports - heterogeneous software landscape or equipment management export to Word and Excel or PDF older business solution that impedes assigning fixed and variable cost types with evaluation of plants under construction cost transparency and requires redun- equipment (WIP) with different methods dant data storage purchase and sale of items of equipment configuration of dynamic dashboards - interest to simplify data exchange and/or machines at cost or as part of a with Crystal Dashboard Design with the parent company fixed price
  4. 4. Quick Facts MARINGO Computers GmbH Stolberger Str. 114 a 50933 Cologne (Germany) Phone : + 49 221 - 94 90 58 - 0 Fax: + 49 221 - 94 90 58 - 8 Email: http://www.maringo.deProjectManagement based on SAP Business One Over 10,000 users in 26 countries Available in 11 languages Certified by SAP Industry Solution: business functions for construction companies, many functions also available with mobile applications User-friendly: intuitive user interface, easy-to-learn Transparent: one view on the data, project analyses at the touch of a button Cost-efficient: clear license model, fast implementation in just a few weeks, complete system runs only on one server, live update Flexible: user-defined fields, authorization concept, Crystal Reports, Crystal Dashboard Design Comprehensive: The standard functions of construction companies are supported. Time-saving: no multiple entries, automation for example in the invoicing Future-proof The software is permanently updated and adapted to the demands in the market, for example increased mobility.SAP Business One Software of the market leader for business management solutions SAP Business One is designed specifically for the needs of small and midsize businesses. The system is permanently developed and adapted to the market needs. More than 33,000 customers worldwideMARINGO Computers develops successfully business management solutions since more than 25 years is specialized on the ERP software SAP Business One has been repeatedly awarded SAP Channel and Development Partner since 2003 is SAP Gold Partner since 2006Your Benefits: More time: automated processes relieve employees from routine tasks Less errors: The data is stored centrally in a unique software and needs to be captured only once reducing the number of errors. Solid ground for decision-making: Built-in analytics allow you to ascertain profitability Status: January 2012 or the need for intervention at the touch of a button. © 2012 MARINGO Computers GmbH. All rights reserved. Partners near you: The system is supported by certified partners around the world who SAP, SAP Business One and other SAP products and services mentioned herein as well as their respective logos are provide quick, competent and cost-effective support. trademarks or registered trademarks of SAP AG in Germany and in several other countries all over the world. All other product and service names mentioned are the trademarks of their respective companies. Data contained in this documentMore information: serves informational purposes only. National product specifica- tions may vary. These materials are subject to change without notice. These materials are provided by MARINGO Computer GmbH for informational purposes only, without any represen- tation of warranty of any kind, and SAP group and MARINGO Computers GmbH shall not be liable for errors or omissions with respect to the materials. The only warranties for SAP group and MARINGO Computers GmbH products and services are those that are set forth in the express warranty statements ac- companying such products and services, if any. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty.