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iMatrixInventory Tracking Solution
Product Variants forSAP Business OneRapid changes in market demand, new opportunities due toworldwide marketing, global so...
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Product Variants for SAP Business One


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In today's competitive marketing approach customers want choices. No matter what you sell - apparel, jewellery, hardware, sporting goods - the complexity of managing inventory with a variety of features like color, size and style can overload standard order entry and inventory systems.

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Product Variants for SAP Business One

  1. 1. iMatrixInventory Tracking Solution
  2. 2. Product Variants forSAP Business OneRapid changes in market demand, new opportunities due toworldwide marketing, global sourcing of materials, and newmanufacturing technology, means many companies need tochange their Inventory Management approach and changethe process for Inventory Control.In todays competitive marketing approach customers wantchoices. No matter what you sell - apparel, jewellery,hardware, sporting goods - the complexity of managinginventory with a variety of features like color, size and stylecan overload standard order entry and inventory systems.In the environment of increasing customer experience andincreasing customer loyalty effective management andproper inventory tracking are two most powerful tools tobeat the competition and capture the market.iMatrix is a product variants management solution designedfor companies that sell, manage or procures items that havesimilar attributes such as size, color or style. A matrix itemstructure is identified by a parent item and categorized bychild items having similar attributes. Order entry staff caneasily filter items with similar attributes to bring into anorder. With matrix order entry capability, you quickly fulfillorders for multi-attribute items. Once the order is entered,items are processed through the standard SAP Business Oneorder processing cycle. You can also leverage standard orderprocessing capabilities of SAP Business One such as specialpricing, warehouse, availability check, etc.
  3. 3. Product Benefits Product Features Ÿ Excel based tool to define upload template whichReduce Order Entry Time validates items before upload and generates errorThe iMatrix solution provides matrix order entry capability, enabling visibility of full product messages by itemsrange so that you can quickly enter sales and purchase orders. Ÿ Improve inventory visibility for multi-variant items Ÿ Inform customers of availability for each productSpeed up Item Master Management variant with one matrix order entry viewThe iMatrix solution provides a quick way to set up a product range for new multi-attribute Ÿ Increase sales with the ability to sell with ease acrossitems. Rather than creating each item one at a time as in traditional item master data the full product, you can set up a template of SKUs with product attributes and attribute values. Ÿ Two-Dimensional order entry capabilityComplete or partial range of SKUs can further be converted to matrix child items in a single go. Ÿ View all product variants from one screen.This capability saves considerable time. Ÿ Set up inventory faster for new multi-attribute items Ÿ User definable codes and description for each SKUImprove Inventory Visibility Ÿ Setup inheritance for parent item properties to beThe iMatrix solution allows you to view inventory information for multi-attribute items in a single drawn when creating child items.unified view. Ÿ Create separate order lines for each product variant selected during sales entry. Ÿ Works with standard SAP Business One marketingSolution Integration documentsThe iMatrix solution is integrated with the following CitiXsys products: Ÿ Matrix child items are included in MRP runs and Stock Ÿ iVend Retail taking Ÿ Inventory Pro
  4. 4. Contact us: USA - New York Asia Pacific - Sydney EMEA - London Rockefeller Center, 7th Floor Tower 2, Level 20 Lakeside House 1230 Avenue of the Americas 201 Sussex Street 1 Furzeground Way, Stockley Park New York, Ny10020 Sydney NSW 2000 Uxbridge UB11 1BD USA Australia United Kingdom T: 1 212 745 1365 T: 61 2 9006 1616 T: 44 0 207 193 5607 F: 1 212 618 6309 F: 61 2 9006 1515 F: 44 0 207 681 1016 E: E: E: USA - Chicago Asia Pacific - Melbourne India - New Delhi The Merc, West Loop, 22nd Floor Level 27, 525 Collins Street A-24/5, MCIE 30 South Wacker Drive Rialto South Tower Mathura Road Chicago, IL 60606 Melbourne 3000 New Delhi 110044 USA Australia India T: 1 630 359 5956 T: 61 3 9935 2916 T: 91 11 42696666 F: 1 630 303 9706 F: 61 3 9935 2750 F: 91 11 42696600 E: E: E: Canada - Toronto Asia Pacific - Perth 8th Floor Level 29, Forrest Centre 2425 Matheson Blvd. East 221 St Georges Tce Mississauga, ON L4W 5K4 Perth WA 6000 Canada Australia T:1 905 361 2886 T: 61 8 9288 F: 1 905 361 6401 F: 61 8 9481 3177 E: E: ©2011 CitiXsys. All Rights Reser ved. SAP ® and SAP ® Business One are trademarks or registered trademarks of SAP AG. All other product names are trademarks or registered trademarks o f t h e i r r e s p e c t i v e o w n e r s . I m a g e S o u r c e : G e t t y I m a g e s .