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B2B Digital Marketing Strategy for Modern Marketers


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A Full Spectrum strategic approach to rewire your digital marketing strategy and develop channel specific digital metrics to measure ROI.

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B2B Digital Marketing Strategy for Modern Marketers

  1. 1. B2B Digital Marketing Strategy for Modern Marketers
  2. 2. Some key takeaways • Re-defining the digital marketing funnel for B2B business • How to ensure full control on each phase of the Marketing funnel • How to represent your brand in the modern digital world • A Full Spectrum strategic approach to online visibility and performance measurementMarketing looks very different now than it was five years back. Modern marketers need tofind a new way to market to their target groups consistently and lift the organizationsmarketing results to a new level. A Full Spectrum marketing approach will allow you to buildcohesion and a consistent plan to reach people and engage them more effectively online.
  3. 3. Winning Moves - Digital Marketing is about vision, strategy, tactics and activityGive your business a competitive business edge by providing an ongoing strategic vision andensure successful tactical implementation. Enter in the right spaces and make rightconversations with right people.
  4. 4. Focus on your target market – Evaluate the attractivenessof market segment Define your target markets - United States, Germany, Asia-Pacific etc. Define your target verticals – Technology, BFSI, Pharma, CPG etc. Channel identification Activity benchmarking Content Act- React responsiveness Measure ParticipationThe strategy will fail if you try to be everything to everybody. This segmentation help you toaim the marketing efforts and ultimately merchandise towards.
  5. 5. Who is your Customer? Getting to know your customers iscritical • Make conversation with the right people from the start • Define the demographics, psychographics, job functions and industry of your target audience For example: Identify your buyers: C-level professionals, Marketing Heads, Customer Service Heads etc. Identify your influencers: Bloggers, Journalists, Industry thought leaders, Partner organizations etc.Making $100 through digital marketing is awesome, but if it cost you $80 in resources to findthose deals then you are doing wrong.
  6. 6. Re-defining the digital marketing funnel Key Channels Key Measures Search engines, social networking • Fans/Followers, site sites, publishers, blog traffic, inbound links Website, social networking sites emailers, • Fans/Followers, site publishers, blog traffic, inbound links, Website, social networking sites emailers, response rates publishers, online events • Fans/Followers, traffic, inbound links, response Website, blog, communities, publishers rates, enquiries • Time on website, Enabling advocates will generate authentic engagement rate, leads, WOM bringing the best new customer enquiries, average Order prospects into the marketing funnel • Repeat purchase, referral ROIThe primary marketing goal is to reach consumers at the moments that most influence their decisions.Marketers need to identify the key channels of engagement at every stage of the marketing funnel.
  7. 7. A strategic approach to online success • Brand perception • Online presence • Target Markets • Customer insight • Internal resources • Outreach effectiveness • Customer acquisition targets • Engagement ratio • website visits and stickiness • Inbound traffic • Social influence • Conversion ratio • No. of dialogues per month • Social media influence Relevance, • Efficiency gains Reach, Resonance = ROI • Digital marketing mix • Value proposition • Content flow • Governance • Campaign schedule • Integration • Resource allocation • Action & control • Brand advocacy • Prioritizing activities • Customer engagementThe focus of the approach is that the objectives to be achieved – not the process of planningitself. This allows to create a tailored digital marketing strategy to maximize success on thesocial web.
  8. 8. A Full Spectrum approach towards online visibility andperformance measurementThis full spectrum approach will help marketers to determine whether they want to repeat the campaignor not, as well the company made money as a result.
  9. 9. Integrating digital into all facets of marketing Full Spectrum analysis to rewire How to lift your your digital Improve margins by organizations marketing marketing strategy reengineering digital marketing results to a new level? and develop channel efforts that can deliver better specific digital results at lower costs metrics to measure ROI The Blueocean Social Media solution is designed to transform the enterprise business processes, driven by Social Intelligence and an integrated Social Ecosystem, to drive sustainable customer engagement and revenue growth.
  10. 10. The Blueocean Advantage Intelligence-driven marketing strategy for full- spectrum operations 360° view of customers in social sphere >95% accuracy in identifying issues and uncovering opportunities and targeting your marketing efforts Tangible & measureable business impact Proven experience with Fortune 500 Companies
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