Microsoft & Blueocean Case study at TMRE'13


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Using 'Extension Teams' to build capacity, generate integrated insights and drive business imapact

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Microsoft & Blueocean Case study at TMRE'13

  1. 1. Using ‘Extension Teams’ to build capacity, generate integrated insights and drive business impact A blueocean market intelligence and Microsoft presentation Kumar Mehta PhD – CEO, blueocean market intelligence Jeff Mercer PhD – Director Market Research, Microsoft
  2. 2. Research at Microsoft has been evolving Research studies to facilitate decisions and reduce risk Consumer insight Inspire ideas to ignite growth Research 1.0 Research 2.0 Research 3.0 1 Generating research data Using research data Using information 2 Delivering data Delivering insight Delivering impact 3 Discipline-focused Partnership-focused Decision-focused 4 Fragmentation Collaboration Integration 5 Reacting to the business Supporting the business Driving the business
  3. 3. Research at Microsoft – Providing fact based insights to drive Microsoft’s most important business decisions Customer & Market Research Team • Product Research, Campaign Research, and Corporate Research • Inform business strategy, marketing strategy, product development, campaign strategy & effectiveness, and in-market optimization decisions. • Breadth of customers and issues 85+ Research Consultants • Centralized market research function • Researchers serve as consultants to the business Evolving our Practice • Shift from Research Managers to Research Consultants: • Evolving our skill set • Evolving how we work • Building capacity
  4. 4. Building Capacity with Extension Teams – Creating a model where researchers can spend more time acting as a strategic partner to those in the business lines Ideal Use of Researcher time Old Model 70% Research Operations 70% 30% Business Consultancy Researchers are doing more..      domain understanding problem framing future-thinking pieces predictive analysis storytelling Business Consultancy 30% Research Operations and less..      data cuts searching for data and information market tracking time spent creating PPT slides checking of survey links and banners
  5. 5. Incorporating new streams of data - There is a big need to understand digital data, as well as more traditional primary and secondary research sources Wip Source: Incredible Things That Happen Every 60 Seconds On The Internet
  6. 6. Microsoft has built an ‘Extension Team’ with blueocean to help enable the consultancy model What is an extension team? • A team of people that serve as an extension of the Microsoft research team, custom built to align to Microsoft requirements • Exclusive to Microsoft’s business and paid for on a retainer basis • Designed to provide the right blend of skill-sets for the work required Benefits of extension team Adds significant Adds Adds Capacity Speed Skill sets Frees up researchers to focus on driving impact and insights for the business Most initiatives completed in a few business days Researchers have access to new skills Such as visualization, secondary research, advanced analytics and others
  7. 7. Microsoft/blueocean Extension team principles Custom built and dedicated to Microsoft Viewed as team members, not suppliers Retainer and not project based relationship to enable continuity, familiarity and speed Become the go-to team for solving complex Access to all available data sources problems
  8. 8. Microsoft researchers are armed with a 360 view Secondary Social Primary • Familiarity with data sources leads to efficiencies and faster turn times Microsoft + Blueocean 360 Insights Behavioral • Extension teams look at multiple sources of data to help answer a business question Internal • Integrated insights means greater ROI for Microsoft
  9. 9. Phablets Analysis – An interesting form-factor? Business Problem • • Our Approach The Phablet emerged quickly as a new category Microsoft needed to understand how consumers were viewing the device Use of Multiple Data Sources Primary Data Secondary/ Syndicated Social Media • Phablet vs. Smartphone usage differences • Demo Profiling • Reasons for phone selection • Functionality • Key drivers • Scope of product • Geo differences • Voice of the Customer • Buzz/ Sentiment • Geographical uptake Impact This 360 analysis helped Microsoft quickly understand: • • • Market landscape of the new category Expectations for the short and long term growth of the category Implications to the phone/tablet/PC categories Synthesis Storytelling Powerful visualization
  10. 10. blueocean has scaled AA Benefits to support more divisions of Microsoft over time Extension Team Members 50 Text Analytics Advanced Analytics, High end Visualization 40 Transactional Analytics Scenario Presentation, Data Visualization 30 • More skill-sets added over time Secondary Research, Survey Analysis 20 Helpdesks 10 • Model adopted broadly • More processes and standardization added over time Primary Reporting Information Audit 0 ‘06 ‘07 ‘08 • Started small with initial proof of concept ‘09 ‘10 Year ‘11 ‘12 ‘13
  11. 11. Extension Teams - Outcomes and Keys to Success Increased capacity to provide business consultation Increased ROI on MR assets Cost savings Communication & Feedback Commitment to Evolving Engagement
  12. 12. transformation through integration: realize the full potential of your information QUESTIONS? Seattle | Los Angeles | Scottsdale | Dallas Chicago | Cincinnati | Bangalore | Dubai