Consumer Cloud Computing: The New Battleground


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Consumer Cloud Computing: The New Battleground

  1. 1. * Around 100 interviews in US and India in Dec 2011 Various analysts and industry experts esƟmate Worldwide cloud compuƟng market to be around $50-$100 billion market and Consumer Cloud market to be around $5-$10 billion today. Consumer Cloud market is expected to grow at a rapid pace in the future. Our iniƟal pilot study* shows more than expected Consumer Cloud awareness levels. QuesƟons we try to answer 2 What cloud compuƟng services are used by consumers today? Unconscious usage of Consumer Cloud services Conscious of currently used Consumer Cloud services Time spent Accessibility paƩerns/device play 3 Key concerns Inhibitors Security, trust and privacy issues 5 Who are the leading cloud compuƟng vendors as per blueocean Consumer Cloud Vendor Index? Vendor percepƟon Vendor preference and favourability paƩerns Current and future usage for various vendors Brand loyalty vs. Service loyalty 4 Are consumers willing to pay for cloud compuƟng services? Free or paid usage Willingness to pay Which "service price point - value proposiƟon" has maximum moneƟzaƟon opportunity? Consumer Cloud StudyConsumer Cloud Study More than two-third of the online consumers are aware about Cloud compuƟng; however more than half relate Consumer Cloud to storage and file-sharing services 1 Do consumers know what cloud compuƟng is? Awareness and comprehension RelaƟonship between awareness and usage Drivers Cloud compuƟng services have been around for a while; however, it has gained significant aƩenƟon in the last couple of years. From being a term used only by businesses and IT managers, today cloud compuƟng is increasingly becoming relevant to consumers. This is driven by the relentless growth of Internet, Smartphones/Tablets, Social Networking and App Stores. Cloud compuƟng vendors who were focusing only on enterprises are now also targeƟng consumers. Vendors have started realizing the potenƟal in “Consumer Cloud services”. An immense amount of research has been done around the overall cloud compuƟng space. However, most of this research focuses on enterprises and business users of cloud compuƟng. Very limited research and data is available on the “Consumer Cloud space”. There are a range of quesƟons pertaining to Consumer Cloud, related to awareness, percepƟons, usage and moneƟzaƟon opportuniƟes, for which the stakeholders are looking for answers.
  2. 2. To know more about the research and order a pre-release copy, please get in touch with us at About blueocean blueocean helps companies transform the way they define and use market research. We balance the rigor of survey research with the richness of other informaƟon channels to create an integrated and on-going pulse of markets, customers, and compeƟtors. At blueocean, we approach every business issue with an aim to draw maximum insight. We tap a mulƟtude of sources that already exist and fill gaps in knowledge with highly tailored survey-based research or through conversaƟons in our blueocean Café™. Using one source to augment another, our integrated 360 Discovery™ provides a more organic and anƟcipatory view of issues and insights. Our focus Our focus will be on defining and establishing 2 key metrics, that can then be tracked on a half yearly (or quarterly) basis. blueocean Consumer Cloud Readiness Index blueocean Consumer Cloud Vendor Index Based on Ou r 360 Degree Approach DiscoveryTM How will we do this? Based on our 360 DiscoveryTM degree approach Core method of online primary research augmented with vendor interviews, In-depth consumer interviews and leveraging social media analysis. 3 geographies (USA, Germany, India) Sample (primary research) - 300 in each country In order to answer these quesƟons, blueocean is launching a comprehensive study on the “Consumer Cloud” space