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Organizations are compelled to cope with increasingly larger volumes of data and resources in a complex multi-dimensional environment. In order to generate deep insights with transformational impact, it is critical that organizations move beyond data silos, searchable repositories and basic meta-analysis and focus more on holistic ways of data discovery, analysis and insight generation. Blueocean’s 360 Discovery model offers an integrated approach to analyze data and deliver the most comprehensive view on customers, competitors and market trends
Ellen Guggenheim, Vice President – Client Development, blueocean market intelligence, explained how brands are leveraging our 360 Discovery offerings to fuel innovation and profitability.

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Blueoceanmi_IIeX_Harnessing 360 data for competitive advantage

  1. 1. Harnessing 360 Data for Competitive Advantage Ellen Guggenheim, Vice President – Client Development | June 19, 2013
  2. 2. Company overview • Next-Generation Global Strategic Intelligence Organization • Market Intelligence, Social Intelligence, Advanced Analytics • Transformational Impact Through 360 Data Integration
  3. 3. The 360 approach The only way to keep pace in a rapidly evolving and increasingly data rich environment Emphasis on triangulation, information synthesis, analytics and storytelling, over project management Delivers the most comprehensive view on customers, competitors and market trends Internal and Transactional Data Social Media Primary Research Syndicated Research and Other Published Sources Behavioral Data Ethnography Business Insights
  4. 4. Why focus on a 360 approach? Complex marketplaces and rapid changes in technology and consumer needs Ever increasing size and depth of data resources; huge increase in customer- generated data Makes business decision-making complex and time-consuming • Over-reliance on single source of data, data silos, and non- validated information are all major pain points True strategic intelligence derived from well-grounded, thoughtful and triangulated views of information, by leveraging multiple data resources > a 360 degree view of the market and the consumer
  5. 5. 360 Case Study: Market Opportunity Assessment Objective To assess the market opportunity for a business application globally Approach Market sizing and forecasting based on 360 approach using syndicated data; competitive analysis and consumer perspectives on focused primary research augmented with secondary research and social media analysis Outcome • Enabled client to have clear view of market opportunity • Helped in geo-prioritization and budget allocation • Fed in to planning for next version of the product Internal and Transactional data: based on client sales team interviews Social Media Analysis Primary Research: n=2500 interviews Syndicated Research Behavioral Data and Ethnography (not used in this study) Business Insights
  6. 6. Thank You Transformation Through Integration: Realize the Full Potential of Your Data Seattle | Scottsdale| New York City| Bangalore | Mumbai | Dubai | London | Singapore