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Excess Baggage Company Retail & Service Summary


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Excess Baggage Company Retail & Service Summary

  1. 1. Our Services Excess Baggage Company The UK’s leading Baggage Service Operator Left Luggage Storage   •   Baggage Courier/Shipping   •   Bag Wrap Coin-Op Check Weigh   •   Travel Goods Retail   •   Lost Property Systems
  2. 2. Excess Baggage Company The UK’s leading Baggage Service OperatorIntroductionExcess Baggage Company provides a dedicated modular business, managing baggage services and retailing baggageproducts within the premises of clients that are required to supply such facilities to customers en masse.Clients such as Heathrow, Gatwick and Manchester airports, BA and Virgin airlines, Network Rail’s major stations andthe stations of Southern Rail already benefit from the sometimes substantial cost savings, profitable new incomestreams and improved customer relations they have achieved as a result of their partnership with Excess BaggageCompany.As industry leaders in the UK and abroad, Excess Baggage Company offers clients a new approach to the likes ofbaggage shipping, lost and found, secure cloakroom and left luggage facilities, and bag wrapping – matters that areimportant to the peace of mind of their customers.By taking on some or all of these and other related costly or loss-making services, we enable our clients to reduce ex-penses, increase efficiencies and focus on more important facets of their business. The time and cost savings relatingto staffing, administration and management of these services can be impressive, as are the opportunities for clients toprofit from new revenue generators such as branded bag wrap, the auctioning of unclaimed property and, above all,repeat custom resulting from improved customer relations.Competition for custom and the financial rewards of loyalty make high quality services and products a prerequisite tothe success of our clients’ organisations. This is why they have placed their trust in Excess Baggage Company to ensurethat the multitude of baggage services their customers expect to find are all offered under one roof and at the high-est standards.  |    
  3. 3. Concourse Baggage ServicesExcess Baggage Company provides concourse level services that offer significant cost savings, increased revenues andunique income-generating opportunities for our clients. On top of this, if you’re looking for your customers to haveaccess to the widest possible range of services from a single, convenient location, manned by staff trained to offer thebest in customer care, then any or all of the following services many well be of interest to you.
  4. 4. Baggage ShippingAs one of the world’s leading baggage shipping companies,delivering to destinations across the globe in over 300 countries andterritories, we offer a genuine alternative to the ever-increasing excessbaggage charges made by airlines. We can conveniently and securelyforward shopping, gifts or luggage to almost anywhere in the world, andhave the infrastructure and technology to handle any volume shipped byair, land or sea. In addition, these items can be tracked en route to giveyour customers complete peace of mind.Online Luggage ShippingWith over a quarter of a century of international baggage shipping experience behind us, you’ll find that we offer apolished and professional online luggage shipping service to and from anywhere on the globe. The advantages of thisservice are as follows: firstly, you’ll be helping your customers to more quickly and cost effectively ship their luggage toits destination; secondly, free from baggage, your customers can spend more time and money in your retail outlets; and,thirdly, we can even white-label the service while handling all operational aspects and pay you a commission on everysale.Confiscated Items / Post and FlyItems may be confiscated from customers for any number of reasons and, while it can be a logistical nightmare for someclients to arrange for the eventual repatriation of these items, we know this is an essential part of the day-to-day runningof any transportation hub or venue. As experts in parcel and baggage shipping, left luggage and lost property services,Excess Baggage Company has the infrastructure to take on such a task with ease, via our simple, easy-to-use website.In our highly efficient handling of such matters, the passenger will receive a reference code for their confiscated itemand, after they have paid a nominal fee, their property will be forwarded to wherever it needs to go. Those items notreclaimed in the specified period are sold at auction; this is another service we provide to our clients to save them bothtime and space.  |    
  5. 5. RetailExcess Baggage Company
  6. 6. Over the Counter Travel Goods RetailFrom our state-of-the-art outlets we offer a wide range of mid-market, premium and deluxe branded travel goods.Our retail units can be installed as standalone shops or combined with any of our other services, depending on yourrequirements and those of your customers. Designed to suit both airside and landside environments and furnished withstrong POS branding, our outlets offer an excellent, highly visible platform for the many other facilities mentioned in thisbrochure, which are aimed at offering our clients significant cost savings and revenue-generating opportunities.Online Travel Goods RetailNaturally, the retail and travel goods services we offer have their online equivalents. Although passing trade results in agood deal of our travel goods sales, it is important that customers have the ability to browse and buy our product rangeremotely too. Our Luggage Express website has an exceptional online presence, being #1 on Google for numeroussearch terms and, once again, we give our clients the option to white-label this offering to broaden their own branding.The ability to purchase travel goods online is a natural addition for any passenger terminal website and, whilst we willof course handle the operational side of this online retail facility, in these circumstances we would pay you an agreedcommission on every sale.  |    
  7. 7. Innovative Solutions Online Luggage Shipping With over a quarter of a century of international baggage shipping experience behind us, you’ll find that we offer a polished and professional online luggage shipping service to and from anywhere on the globe. The advantages of this service are as follows: firstly, you’ll be helping your customers to more quickly and cost effectively ship their luggage to its destination; secondly, free from baggage, your customers can spend more time and money in your retail outlets; and, thirdly, we can even white-label the service while handling all operational aspects and pay you a commission on every sale. Online Multi-Courier Parcel Systems By partnering with several of the world’s leading couriers we are able to offer your customers the best parcel delivery service available, at the lowest rates, so they can ship their bags, gifts and packages to destinations around the world. Access to this service has been proven to increase customer’s impulse and planned purchases – gifts can be shipped with ease to friends, family or colleagues, and items bought in your retail outlets can be sent ahead to hotels and holiday homes abroad.|  Excess Baggage Company
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  9. 9. About Excess Baggage CompanyEstablished in 1983, today Excess Baggage Company works with some of the world’s busiest airports, railway stationsand shopping centres, and for individuals both nationally and internationally.Our left luggage and storage facilities handle over two million items annually, and our baggage shipping service man-ages over 50,000 shipments to destinations in more than 300 countries and territories around the planet each year.The knowledge, talent and business relationships we have established over this period of time have made us theUK’s leading baggage shipping and storage company, and the innovative approach we take to developing additionalrevenue streams for our clients and partners has won us not only their trust but at times a place advising them onbaggage and related customer care corporate strategies.As members of ACI Europe, the Airport Operators Association (AOA), World Baggage Network (WBN) and IATA, youcan trust that the quality of everything we offer our clients is of the highest standard. From the design and brandingof our retail outlets to the training of our staff and the customer service they offer, from the technical and practical in-novation we utilise to ensure we are always at the forefront of our industry to the additional revenue streams and costand efficiency improvements we create for our clients, we strive every day to be more than we are today.   
  10. 10. Current Locations|  Excess Baggage Company
  11. 11. Current Locations
  12. 12. Websites|  Excess Baggage Company
  13. 13. Websites
  14. 14. AppendixExcess Baggage Group - Summary of ServicesLeft BaggageWe provide this service across 35 outlets, many of which are high volume. Requires a heavy duty computer systemwhich has a very good level of security to guard against fraud. Full management reporting. Backed up to central serv-ers – can work remotely in event of telecoms issues. Developing online pre-booking, which will increase marketingand cross-selling opportunities. Voucher issue from system for other services, (ideal for promotions) and cross selling/marketing both at deposit of baggage and collection. Full online CCTV coverage of outlets.www.LeftBaggage.ComCloakroom (airside luggage storage)Originally developed for Westfield Shopping Centres, this service provides airside luggage & shopping storage.www.Cloakroom.CoBaggage ShippingOn airport luggage shipping. Rates offered by air cargo and courier to/from any point on the globe. Also available on-line providing passengers with a door to door baggage service both outbound and inbound. Passengers travel light,so they have less stress. Opportunity to maximise revenues with return shipment.www.ExcessBaggage.ComCourier Shipping (Fedex, UPS, DHL etc)Provides a range of courier options from one simple easy to use website. Suitable as back up to Baggage Shipping,and also very useful for Duty Free Shop & Collect and Duty Free Shop & Ship and Home Delivery. Full range of localand international parcel options.www.RapidParcel.ComLuggage RetailEstablished airport Luggage Retailer for over 20 years. Offering both premium and mid market brands. New shopdesign suitable for both airside and landside opportunities. UK’s #1 Google PPC website. This can be white labelled forairports allowing them to provide travellers with full travel experience. Opportunity to cross-sell other airport servicesthrough pre-travel passenger   
  15. 15. AppendixTravel Accessories RetailProviding this service at all outlets. New pop-up/kiosk retail concept combining accessories retail with Bag Wrap &Shipping. High volume sales. Also state-of-the-art stand alone quality mobile pop-up retail for smaller (temporary/permanent) locations including airside locations.Travel Accessories Vending (Gates/Lounges/Concourses)Latest vending machines offer Travel Goods to passengers as they wait at the Gate. Avoids competition with otherretail. Range of travel goods, fold up luggage & accessories, International Sims, Budget Mobiles, DVDs, etc. Also ap-plicable to certain main concourse areas.Bag Wrap (Branded)One of our fastest growing services. New Bag Wrap machine concept providing three services from one location. Highvisibility state of the art machines, with signage and branded wrap material which can advertise the airport, duty freeairlines etc. We are the only provider of branded bag wrap.www.BagWrap.ComCoin-Operated Check Weigh MachinesCoin-op weigh machines allow passengers to check weigh their bags and re-pack if necessary. Ancillary service to BagWrap and Baggage Shipping.www.BagWeigh.comDuty Free Shop & Collect systems; Shop & Ship - Home Delivery; Duty FreeSales Development & FulfillmentPassengers collect Duty Free purchases made outbound when they return, from Left Baggage units. Systems alsoprovide delivery to residence, or elsewhere (depending on Customs regulations). Home delivery drives bulk purchase.Opportunity to provide Duty Free fulfilment for Airline Carriers via advanced air to ground data transmission systems,allowing carriers to reduce weight carried and fuel burn. Airports benefit from increased volume sales and purchasingpower. In terminal systems and hardware to drive Duty Free Sales for queueing passengers, with gate delivery and/orairside pick up.   
  16. 16. AppendixOnline Lost PropertyWe provide a fully audit-able online Lost Property system affording access to all airport and airline Lost Propertyreceivers, as well as other interested parties including airport security and police. The system offers advanced report-ing with multiple access levels and uniquely, remote upload via smartphones. Reporting via a host of customisablereports highlights trends and problems and aids repatriation of items of Lost Property, for example via image reports.Image reporting for items such as jewellery and clothing increases item return rates by up to 50%. Crucially, onlineLost Property reduces Lost Property enquiries to the airport by up to 70% and the whole system has doubled thereturn rates at other major transport terminals. We also provide a full auction sorting, lotting, and auction deliverysystem for unclaimed items.www.LostProperty.OrgConfiscated Item passenger return (website launching soon)Assists in reptriation of confiscated items via Post and Courier.www.Post-and-Fly.comAll websites can be white labelled to the airport if desired, and we are happy to work in tandem with tthe airport tocustomise and/or develop our services to deal with specific needs and requirements. We also offer, in association withour partners, other passenger baggage services such as SkyPorter and Trolley Management   
  17. 17. airport concierge hotels G mobile phones G flightsAirport Concierge provides Hotel Reservations and ancillary services including Bus & Train Tickets, Taxi & Limousine Transfers, CarHire, Lounge Access, National & International Tours, Coach & Bus Tours, Sports & Event Tickets, Theatre Tickets, as well as ‘Rent-a-Phone’ Mobile Phone & Wifi Devices and Inbound and Outbound SIM Card sales. Other services including In-Terminal OfficeServices, Flights, and Interflora, as well as Dry Cleaning.The philosophy is to provide a one stop shop for all of the above services drawing on a wide range of suppliers, with live traveland hotel booking, and access to a variety of supplier systems. We believe that airports and rail stations already see the benefitsof consolidating what is often a significant list of suppliers into one lo­ ation, with attendant gains from reduced operational and cmanagement costs. Terminals also benefit from the release of what is often a significant amount of potential retail space, therebyassisting the terminal’s space management policies, and at the same time increasing revenues per square metre across the retailfootprint.Airport Concierge is also backed up by a comprehensive website offering many of our travel related services online. Airport Con-cierge is also able provide general Airport and Tourist Information Services to Terminal operators, offering a cost-effective integrat-ed alternative to Airport and Rail Station Operators own in-house Main Services Duty Free Services • Local Hotels • Duty Free Shop & Collect • International Hotels • Duty Free Home Delivery • City Tours • Duty Free Send a Gift • Flights (sameday) • Duty Free Shop & Ship • Onward travel reservations • Duty Free Lounge Sales • Bus & Coach tickets • Duty Free PRM Sales • Limousine Transfers • Duty Free Pre-Purchase • Car Hire • Duty Free QR Offers • Taxi Transfers • Virtual Duty Free • Train Tickets • Lounge access sales Baggage Services • Duty Free Pre-Purchase • National & Overseas Tours • Package Tours • Baggage Storage/Left Luggage • Rent-a-Phone • Baggage Wrap • SIM cards with top-up revenues • Baggage Shipping • SIM cards for overseas use • Lost & Found Airport & Airline Lost • Data SIMs Property • Post & Fly Confiscated Item Return • Travel Goods Retail • Dry Cleaning (staff & travellers) • Domestic Baggage Delivery • Flowers/Interflora • Office Express services  |    
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