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This is a Presentation of our line of products

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  • DynaFlex Product Presentation

    2. 2. PGA Endorsed Products
    3. 3. COMPANY HISTORY & BACKGROUND • DynaFlex International was founded in 1992 in Southern California with innovation and originality in mind. We started manufacturing a hand full of sporting good items. Our first product was the patented DynaFlex Pro wrist exerciser which positioned us as an innovator in the fitness market with both amateur and professional athletes. The DynaFlex line also became an accredited form of treatment with the Physical Therapy and Medical industries for Carpal Tunnel, Tendinitis, Arthritis, Repetitive Stress Injury, Tennis Elbow, Golf Elbow, Wrist Injury and breaks. The Pro wrist exerciser stood alone, unlike any traditional sports and fitness tools on the market. This key fact of being original and unique has lead to the success of DynaFlex today. DynaFlex now has a sports and fitness line of over 40 different products to offer. For over 17 years we have continued to design, manufacture and distribute a wide range of unique total body fitness products for retail, industrial, business and home markets. PGA Endorsed Products GERRY JAMES VIJAY SINGH PGA TOUR GOLFER PGA CHAMPION & WORLD GOLF HALL OF FAMER
    4. 4. CURRENT AND NEW PRODUCT MARKETS ANDREW SYMONDS AARON ELAM WORLD CHAMPION CRICKET PLAYER PROFESSIONAL GAMER DynaFlex’s newest product innovations are in the Sporting Goods, Military and Medical/ Healthcare industries. With our patented DynaMax Core Trainer, PowerBall Gyro, Body Secrets Massagers and the Arm Shaper we can tap into these markets by providing unique state-of-the- art fitness and therapeutic instruments. The same patented designs and proprietary products also reach into secondary markets including Motocross, Gaming, Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing as well as NASCAR, Indy Racing League, and Formula 1. Recently NASA has utilized DynaFlex products for fitness training in the International Space Station.
    5. 5. NEW PRODUCTS LAUNCHED IN 2009 DynaMax Core Trainer * Best in cutting-edge fitness equipment * Delivers an intense upper body, fat burning, and core training workout in just minutes a day! * Powered by a high speed, 2-axis gyroscopic rotor * Produces up to 200 lbs of dynamic resistance SoniClear Facial Cleansing System * Recognized by the dermatology and esthetician communities * Ultrasonic technology is the key component of a comprehensive quot;skin fitnessquot; program * Ultrasound, will allow deeper penetration of topically applied agents into the skin * Significantly improved aesthetic results Iso-Flex Stress Relieving Squeeze Ball * The Iso-Flex takes your stress away! * Double lined with natural latex for extra durability * Micro beads give a unique and soothing feel Arm Shaper Gyro Exerciser * Reaching speeds of up to 9,000 RPM * 25 lbs of torque resistance * Replaces traditional weight lifting * Effective way to strengthen arms, wrists, forearms, triceps and biceps * Comparable to that of pure resistance lifting Big League Baseball Training DVD Set * Greatest group of Major Leaguers ever assembled * 7 DVDs with over 8 hours of instructional video * High quality video production * Bonus DVD * Entertaining and highly effective instruction techniques
    6. 6. ™ POWERBALL GYRO EXERCISER Physicians and Therapists all over the world are using the PowerBall All Packages include: as a rehabilitation and strength-training tool for many of their patients. Amber PowerBall increases grip strength, range of motion * Instructional Training CD and conditions the arm, elbow, and shoulder muscles. Each unit * Power Starter Cord comes with a life time manufacture warrantee against manufacture * Manufacturer Limited defects. Warranty This package combines our Top-of-the-Line PowerBall gyro with the * Allows insertion of the optional digital Speed Meter amazing PowerDock! The PowerDock will jump start your gyro exerciser and get it up to operating speed in seconds! It also serves as a * Generates 35 lbs of torque (10 lbs more than the Pro Gyro) fantastic and modern looking base to rest your gyro while not in use. * Light weight and convenient size * Led lights generates a high intense glow * The Docking Station activates the gyroscopic Amber Powerball! KYLE “ELAMITEWARRIOR” ELAM 2X PROFESSIONAL GAMING CHAMPION Item # Item # 12000C 12080 Clamshell Package option Docking Station Package option with * 24 units per Case for all models
    7. 7. ™ DYNAFLEX PRO GYRO EXERCISER All Packages include: The PGA endorsed Dynaflex Pro Gyro exerciser is designed exactly * Instructional Training CD like the PowerBall Gyro without the LED lights or the balanced rotor. * Power Starter Cord The Gyro can reach up to 9,000 RPM and creates 25 lbs of torque * Manufacturer Limited resistance to increase grip strength, increase range of motion, and to Warranty condition arm, elbow, and shoulder muscles. The Pro gyro is a great This package combines our entry level Pro gyro with the amazing tool for those looking for a simple yet extremely effective PowerDock! The PowerDock will jump start your gyro exerciser and rehabilitation, strengthening and training tool. get it up to operating speed in seconds! It also serves as a fantastic and modern looking base to rest your gyro while not in use. * The Pro gyro is the entry-level gyro (Speedmeter option not available on this model) * Creates 25lbs of resistance * The Docking Station activates the Pro in seconds! * Reaches speeds up to 9,000 RPM * Tones and shapes the upper body * Used in the prevention and rehabilitation of many repetitive stress injuries See our Gyros in Space! Item # Item # Used in the NASA Fitness Program 10000 10010 Clamshell Package optionwith Docking Station Package option * 24 units per Case for all models
    8. 8. Item # 13000 Clamshell Package option * 24 units per Case for all models
    9. 9. ARM SHAPER GYRO EXERCISER ™ The Arm Shaper Gyro replaces traditional weight lifting and does All Packages include: much of the work for you. Just get your Arm Shaper spinning to * Instructional Training CD generate results comparable to that of pure resistance lifting while * Power Starter Cord barely breaking a sweat. It is a proven and effective way to * Manufacturer Limited strengthen arms, wrists, forearms, triceps and biceps. Warranty * Reaching speeds of up to 9,000 RPM WWW.ARMSHAPER.COM * 25 lbs of torque resistance * Includes free wall chart Item # 13000 Clamshell Package option * 24 units per Case for all models
    10. 10. ™ BODY SECRETS MASSAGE ROLLER All Packages include: The Sports Massager is our newest massager available! A great massage tool for the sports and active person. The patented Body * Instructions Secrets Sports Power Massage Roller is designed to reach deep * Manufacturer Limited tissue while relieving tension and stress without hurting your Warranty hands. * Use top of clothing or on bare skin * Use in the tub or spa * Use with oils and lotions * Maintenance is easy with just a short wash under your faucet * Ultimate massage tool for the home or professional user Item # Item # 30080S Open Tray with Header Card Package 30080BS Clamshell Package option option (12 units per Tray) • 12 units per Case & 60 units per Master Case