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How to Implement Disaster Recovery in the Cloud


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Learn how disaster recovery in the cloud makes DR easy, efficient and affordable. Cloud-based Recovery-as-a-Service is the latest in disaster recovery technology. Recovery-as-a-Service (RaaS) is the ideal on-ramp to cloud to solve your need to recover quickly, easily and efficiently after a disaster strikes.

Learn how four companies architected their RaaS solutions and protected entire applications in the cloud while reducing costs.

- Protect and recover applications quickly
- Lower costs while improving RTO and RPOs
- Implement easy and affordable testing
- Recover into an enterprise-grade cloud environment
- Reduce downtime and business risk

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How to Implement Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

  1. 1. @Bluelock | www.bluelock.comRecovery in the CloudHOW TO IMPLEMENT A DRSTRATEGY THAT WORKS@Bluelock |
  2. 2. @Bluelock | www.bluelock.comMeet the PresenterPat O’DayChief Technology OfficerBluelock@ODayP
  3. 3. @Bluelock | |•  Why DR in the Cloud?•  How to Implement RaaS•  Use Cases for RaaS•  Q&ATopics Covered
  4. 4. @Bluelock | www.bluelock.comAbout Bluelock•  Leading cloud IaaS and RaaS provider since2006, based fully on VMware•  Strong and proven service mentality–  Track record of successfully serving clientswith variety of enterprise cloud use cases•  Strategic VMware partner•  Customer-focused innovation–  Listen to customer needs andall R&D is focused on the cloud
  5. 5. @Bluelock | www.bluelock.comBluelock DifferentiatorsVMware FocusSecure, compatible and familiarVisibility and TransparencyBetter decisions, manage riskStratified Delivery ModelsBest fit for each workload-  Evolution Platform options-  Managed Services-  Support tiering-  Bluelock Portfolio™-  Predictive algorithms-  Encourage better behaviorVirtual DatacentersSecurity, with agility and control-  Business unit autonomy-  Resource re-allocation-  Centralized governance-  vCloud Datacenter Provider-  Strong strategic alignment-  100% pure and focused
  6. 6. @Bluelock | www.bluelock.comBluelockVirtualDatacentersArchitectureHow RaaS fits inSub-BrandVariationsSub-BrandsParentBrandMasterBrandBluelockBluelockVirtualDatacenters5-Series50005100512552002-Series 20004-Series(RaaS)400445044508
  7. 7. @Bluelock | www.bluelock.comWHY DR IN THE CLOUD?WHY NOW?
  8. 8. @Bluelock | www.bluelock.comYour Risk and Impact Has Changed•  Disasters (natural and man-made) are increasing•  Businesses are becoming more reliant ontechnology, making IT more important than ever05010015020025030019531956195919621965196819711974197719801983198619891992199519982001200420072010FEMA Declared Disasters(1953-2012)Source:
  9. 9. @Bluelock | www.bluelock.comCloud is More Prevalent Than EverAccording to Gartner, IaaS is forecast togrow at a CAGR of 37.8% through 2017Gartner Forecast Overview: Public Cloud Services, Worldwide, 1Q13 Update. 03 May 2013.TOP 5 MOTIVATORS FOR ADOPTING CLOUDSource: IBM
  10. 10. @Bluelock | www.bluelock.comImprovements inReplication Technology•  Low Barriers to Entry•  Improved Recovery Quality•  Testability, Ease of Use•  SAN Agnostic•  100% Software-based•  Application-aware…
  11. 11. @Bluelock | www.bluelock.comApplication Recovery•  Virtual ProtectionGroups (VPG)•  RTO and RPO•  Consistency•  Boot Order•  Recovery Points
  12. 12. @Bluelock | www.bluelock.comChoose Your Recovery Point•  You are not limited to recovering from just the latest instance•  Choose from recovery points prior to the disaster, allowingpeace of mind that you’ll bring back your workload from anon-corrupted state
  13. 13. @Bluelock | www.bluelock.comZero Footprint, Extremely Efficient•  Replicates at thehypervisor level:–  No agent installation orrebooting of applicationsto get up and running–  No rework of theapplication requiredDon’t force your app to fit the DR.Choose DR that fits the app.
  14. 14. @Bluelock | www.bluelock.comWhat’s Stopping You?•  If the world is a scarier place and you’re moreat risk and new DR solutions are morecompelling—why aren’t you doing this?– Not a priority– DR is too expensive– Connecting to the cloud is complex– Cloud is still scary– Not in our skill set to plan and manage DR
  15. 15. @Bluelock | www.bluelock.comHOW TO IMPLEMENT A DRSTRATEGY THAT WORKS
  16. 16. @Bluelock | www.bluelock.comTo-Cloud
  17. 17. @Bluelock | www.bluelock.comTo-Cloud RaaS Use Case #1:Education•  Did not have a cloud strategy, RaaS was firstforay into cloud–  Keeping existing datacenter for most workloads•  High-risk location for hurricanes•  Needed aggressive RTO/RPO forproduction apps•  Couldn’t fit DR into budget based ontraditional warm-site model; highly costsensitive
  18. 18. @Bluelock | www.bluelock.comTo-Cloud RaaS Use Case #2:Financial and Healthcare•  Compliance-sensitive workloads•  Was backing up to cloud but moved toRaaS for better application protection– Needed RaaS to backup cloud assets, withautomation (efficiency)•  More aggressive RTO/RPO to returnproduction apps to service quickly,meet requirements
  19. 19. @Bluelock | www.bluelock.comIn-Cloud
  20. 20. @Bluelock | www.bluelock.comIn-Cloud RaaS Use Case #1:Software•  Production SaaS app currently running inthe cloud•  Needed to protect the application fromdisruption because it’s a primary revenuesource•  DR was expensive, but RaaS offered thevalue and efficient pricing that madeprotection possible
  21. 21. @Bluelock | www.bluelock.comIn-Cloud RaaS Use Case #2:Technology•  Production SaaS app hosted in the cloud•  Concerns over data corruption (SQL andsoftware updates)•  Protected by consistency groups andrecovery points•  Easy testing—it had to work!
  22. 22. @Bluelock | www.bluelock.comFrom-Cloud RaaS
  23. 23. @Bluelock | www.bluelock.comAchieve a More Effective DR Footprint
  24. 24. @Bluelock | www.bluelock.comAchieve a More Effective DR FootprintEARTHQUAKE
  25. 25. @Bluelock | www.bluelock.comAchieve a More Effective DR FootprintHURRICANE
  26. 26. @Bluelock | www.bluelock.comAchieve a More Effective DR FootprintBROWN OUT
  27. 27. @Bluelock | www.bluelock.comAchieve a More Effective DR FootprintDATA CORRUPTION
  28. 28. @Bluelock | www.bluelock.comDisrupting Existing DR SolutionsCold Site Comparison RTO RPO Relative CostTraditional “Cold site” Approach days 24 hours 25%Bluelock RaaS(In-Cloud or To-Cloud)≤8 hours ≤4 hours 35%Way Better! SimilarWarm Site Comparison RTO RPO Relative CostTraditional “Warm site” Approach ≤4 hours 30 minutes 95%Bluelock 4004 VDC (To-Cloud) ≤4 hours 30 minutes 40%Similar Way Better!
  29. 29. @Bluelock | www.bluelock.comBudgeting for RaaS•  During replication:– 100% of storage cost– 100% of replication network traffic– 20% of CPU– 20% RAM– Pay-as-you-go software licenses•  During testing/failover:
  30. 30. @Bluelock | www.bluelock.comComparing Recovery and Testing CostsDR INFRASTRUCTURE COST
  31. 31. @Bluelock | www.bluelock.comComparing Recovery and Testing CostsDR INFRASTRUCTURE COST
  32. 32. @Bluelock | www.bluelock.comComparing Recovery and Testing CostsTOTAL DR COST
  33. 33. @Bluelock | www.bluelock.comComparing Recovery and Testing CostsTOTAL DR COST
  34. 34. @Bluelock | www.bluelock.comUnderstand RaaS CostsBluelock Portfolio
  35. 35. @Bluelock | www.bluelock.comTimeframes for interim milestones are for illustration only and will depend on customer specific criteria.RaaS PlanningWeek 1 Month 6Week 4 Week 8 Month 3ImplementationReviewKickoff call withProfessional Services (1hr)Implementation objectivescompleteProfessionalServices YearEnd ReviewCustomer receives welcomepack and RaaS QuestionnaireEngagementCreation of client specific‘Recovery Runbook’Implementation/LoginAccess Granted 1stRecovery TestCustomer OperationalFull Access to Portfolio, Bluelock SupportCustomer engagesBluelock when ready2ndRecovery Test
  36. 36. @Bluelock | www.bluelock.comTesting and DeclarationSelf-service or Managed Service
  37. 37. @Bluelock | www.bluelock.comFailback•  Declaration– Full production workload brought online inremote datacenter•  Reverse Replication and Failback– Only changes are replicated back to primarysite– Scheduled and coordinated return to primarydatacenter
  38. 38. @Bluelock | www.bluelock.comApplication Recovery AssessmentInterested in a complimentaryApplication Recovery Assessment?– Weigh the risk level of applications againstthe value of the cost of continuityRequest your assessment today– Contact– Call 888-402-2583 (BLUE)
  39. 39. @Bluelock | www.bluelock.comConnect with BluelockQuestions, comments or want more detail onDR in the cloud? Connect with Bluelock!@Bluelock/BluelockLLC/BluelockLLC