Does Hybrid Cloud Work? 5 Success Stories with VMware Hybrid Clouds


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Does hybrid cloud work? 5 success stories using a VMware vCloud-based cloud solution. Learn how to successfully implement a hybrid cloud strategy while capitalizing on your existing vSphere and VMware technology.

What you'll learn:
- How to place your workload between public, private, and non-cloud for optimal efficiency.
- Hear hybrid cloud success stories on identifying the need and implementing a solution.
- How to make your hybrid cloud strategy work for you to save you money.

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Does Hybrid Cloud Work? 5 Success Stories with VMware Hybrid Clouds

  1. 1. Does Hybrid Cloud Work? Five Stories of Successwith VMware-Based Hybrid Clouds
  2. 2. Let’s Get Acquainted Jake Robinson Bryan Bond Solutions Architect Senior Systems Engineer Bluelock eMeter, a Siemens CompanyModerator: Alicia Gaba, Marketing Manager at Bluelock 2
  3. 3. Why Hybrid?“Our Bluelock Virtual Datacenters look and act like anextension of our own datacenter, and while the costsavings have been beneficial, the development teamhas more flexibility than ever and that means we cancreate new options for our customers in the future.We couldn’t be happier with the results of thisrelationship.” - Bryan BondSenior systems administrator, Siemens (eMeter)
  4. 4. Primer 1Hybrid cloud consumers Application owners, Infrastructure Ownersand Finding A Path to Cloud
  5. 5. Needs are different Role: Infrastructure Owner (IT) Objective: Efficiency Challenges: – Pressured to be all things to all people – Conflicting priorities – Lack of resources – World is changing Role: Application owner (Business unit) Objective: Agility Challenges: – Not always a priority to IT – Lack of control – No visibility into technology costs – Needs are always changing
  6. 6. We See Three Approaches to Building Cloud Infrastructures1 Walk before Follows Virtualization Journey path…first target you run low-hanging fruit and evolve from there…2 Pick a Build out cloud infrastructure to serve a specific Project project or effort3 Re-think Transform entire infrastructure to a Cloud in everything one shot
  7. 7. Primer 2Hybrid Cloud Architectures Horizontal and Vertical
  8. 8. Hybrid CloudHorizontal workload placementPrivate Cloud Public Cloud Secure
  9. 9. Hybrid CloudVertical workload placement options SaaS SaaS
  10. 10. How apps are moving around
  11. 11. Success Story #1 |DevCentral
  12. 12. DevCentral Cloud Architecture
  13. 13. Virtual Datacenter Models Commit Burst Quality Service Service Quality Burst 5100 Commit 5125 5200 5000 2000
  14. 14. Working together Business Unit Enterprise IT• Lorem ipsum dolor sit • Placerat et libero. amet, consectetur Pellentesque habitant adipiscing elit • Ut in felis vitae orci mattis• Praesent quis consectetur mi • Quisque eget ligula at nisi Agility Control elementum pretiu• Etiam nisi nunc, rutrum et iaculis
  15. 15. Success Story #2 US based globalconsumer electronics manufacturer
  16. 16. Management of multiple clouds CONTROL PANEL PRIVATE CLOUD PUBLIC CLOUD NON-CLOUD
  17. 17. Hybrid Cloud Management Tools vCloud Director
  19. 19. TCO: Cost as a Consideration (Chargeback/Showback) “Cost by Resource” Images from Bluelock Portfolio™
  20. 20. Making cost visible changes behavior! “Cost by Application” Images from Bluelock Portfolio™
  21. 21. Being extremely efficient Manage Virtual Datacenter 1
  22. 22. Avoiding a bad user experience Manage Virtual Datacenter 1
  23. 23. Success Story #3 “Buying time”(Fortune 500 Retail Grocery Chain) Best produce aisle, ever!
  24. 24. Migration between clouds Boomerang phenomena! CONTROL PANELPRIVATE CLOUD PUBLIC CLOUD NON-CLOUD
  25. 25. Success Story #4 “Lowering risk”Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical CompanyKeeping you alive and happy!
  26. 26. Lifetime of a workloadScenario 1- Successful application- It takes off & investments/usagecontinue at a rapid paceScenario 2- Application is developed & continuesto be needed but no incrementalinvestments are neededScenario 3- Application is developed but futureinvestment not continued because ofchange in business priorities orcancellation of project
  27. 27. Success Story #5
  28. 28. About• eMeter is the leader in energy information management• eMeters suite of applications provide the fastest path to turning meter data into usable information for business units and customers.• In January 2012, Siemens added eMeter Corporation to the Smart Grid Division of the Siemens Infrastructure & Cities Sector, creating eMeter, A Siemens Business.
  29. 29. eMeter’s Cloud Initiative• eMeter needed to provide around the clock development and testing – Allow teams around the world to utilize a common infrastructure – Offer scalable infrastructure to meet customer needs – Needed to be based on VMware’s cloud architecture and technology• Looked at public cloud to simplify IT operations and provide high security• Initiative has now grown to serve training courses in a hybrid cloud environment
  30. 30. Why Bluelock?• Experienced leader in the vCloud space – VMware vCloud® Datacenter Service Provider – At the time, they were positioned as a “Leader” in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud IaaS (Dec 2011) – Highly knowledgeable & experienced in vCloud Director for public and hybrid cloud• Bluelock offered proper security accreditations and strong physical security & met eMeter’s need for control over security devices, alerts and audits• Acted as a partner and advisor, not just an infrastructure provider
  31. 31. Cloud Deployment Technologies• Began with Proof-of-concept environment• eMeter is now deployed on 2 Bluelock Virtual Datacenters – Test/dev VDC – Training course VDC• Use vCloud Director to manage the cloud infrastructure resources• Bluelock Portfolio™ – Enables visibility into current and planned usage, cost and analysis data
  32. 32. Benefits of VMware Hybrid Cloud• Improved user experience and better performance• Increased flexibility for development team and training courses• Significant savings on capital outlay• Access to new deployment options for customers• Less worries about security
  33. 33. So, now what?• What do you do with these stories of success?• Where do you begin your successful hybrid cloud journey? 33
  34. 34. Thank You for Your TimePlease join us for our next webinar “How to Plan Your 2013Budget with Cloud in Mind” November 29, 2012 1 p.m. ET/ 10 a.m. PT Find Jake on Twitter Registration is open now. @JakeRobinson 34