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Com ed 2 prelim exam


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Com Ed 2 Prelim

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Com ed 2 prelim exam

  1. 1. JOJI ILAGAN CAREER CENTER FOUNDATION, INC.Career Institute of Southeast AsiaGov. Chavez St., Davao CityCOM ED 2 – Basic Word Processing W/ PresentationPRELIM EXAMINATION75 PointsJEFF REY A. COMIDOYCom Ed InstructorI. Write the letter of the correct answer. (15 points)1. An application that is used most often and most widely.a. Page layout and design b. Presentation c. Workbook d. Word Processing2. Common feature of word processor that allows to insert sentences or paragraph.a. Delete text b. Copy c. Insert text d. Cut and paste3. It is a feature of word processor that duplicate a section of text.a. Delete text b. Copy c. Insert text d. Cut and paste4. Erase characters, words, lines or pages as easily as cross them out on paper.a. Delete text b. Copy c. Insert text d. Cut and paste5. Word processor feature, that send document to a printer to get hardcopy.a. Print b. Word Wrap c. Search and replace d. Size and Margins6. Word processor automatically moves to the next line when it filled one line with text.a. Word Wrap b. Search and replace c. Size and Margins d. Print7. Feature of word processor that search for a particular word or phrase.a. Search and replace b. Size and Margins c. Print d. Word Wrap8. Define the page set-up.a. Size and Margins b. Print c. Word Wrap d. Search and replace9. The most common word processing application.a. MS PowerPoint b. MS Word c. MS Publisher d. MS Excel10. Microsoft Word version that contains ribbon, quick access toolbar and backstage view.a. 2003 b. 2007 c. 2010 d. DOS11. It features commands, tools, and different kinds of tabs.a. File Menu Tab b. Group Name c. Tabs d. Ribbon12. Various options for saving, opening a file, printing or sharing document are place.a. Ribbon b. Tabs c. File Menu Tab d. Group Name13. A replacement of Microsoft Office logo in 2007.a. Ribbon b. Tabs c. File Menu Tab d. Group Name14. It access common commands like save, undo and redo.a. Tabs b. File Menu Tab c. Quick Access Toolbar d. Ribbon15. Adjust the document with precision.a. Ribbon b. Tabs c. Guides d. RulerII. Enumeration. (2 pts. each)1. Steps in customizing the ribbon of Microsoft Word 2010. (10 pts.)2. Steps in inserting texts. (4 pts.)3. Steps in deleting texts. (6 pts.)4. Steps in selecting texts. (6 pts.)5. Steps in copying and pasting texts. (8 pts.)6. Steps in cutting and pasting texts. (8 pts.)
  2. 2. III. Identification. Identify the parts of Microsoft Word 2010 window. (2 points each)89