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Zazzle: Make New Customers Lifelong Customers with a Targeted Welcome Series


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Discover how Zazzle created a welcome series that is focused on moving new subscribers through the Zazzle customer lifecycle. By educating subscribers about the possibilities that exist on the site, Zazzle’s targeted messaging has led to a more engaged customer.

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Zazzle: Make New Customers Lifelong Customers with a Targeted Welcome Series

  1. 1. Increase Engagementwith a Welcome Series ` Patrick Briggs
  2. 2. Why a Welcome Series Matters• Drives repeat purchases and greater LTV• Paces customer engagement and onboarding process• Communicates brand story and offering breadth
  3. 3. Zazzle’s ProblemInfinite Choice = Infinite Confusion • 20+ BILLION individual items to shop • 100+ product lines to customize and purchase • Community of 300,000+ Sellers to join
  4. 4. Our Challenge Repeat Customer “I’m so proud of you! I just signed up for your email…now what?” - MomTurn interested and first customers into repeat customers without 15 minute calls to my cellphone
  5. 5. 1st Step: Data CollectionKey questions – Who were our best customers? Looked at HV/ LTV customers. – What traits did they exhibit? – How did they become HV customers?
  6. 6. Four Key Segments Emerged• No Order (0) Signs up for Zazzle without placing an order.• Shoppers ($) Finds a product in our marketplace. Limited understanding of Zazzle tools.• Creators/Customizers ($$) Designs products on Zazzle with personal photos and text. Moderate understanding of Zazzle tools.• Sellers ($$$) Creates products to sell in Zazzle’s marketplace. Advanced understanding of Zazzle’s complete toolset and product offering.
  7. 7. 2nd Step: Hypothesize & TestOur if/then hypothesis: Sellers $$$ “If we can convert shoppers to Creators creators and creators to sellers Shoppers then we will drive better retention rates” No Order $Test, test, test! Barriers to Entry
  8. 8. One Welcome Email = “Picard Maneuver” Didn’t Work. Why? – Overwhelming, tried to tell the entire company story… – No single call to action – Not relevant to customer’s actions on the website – Didn’t engage with personality or story
  9. 9. 3rd Step: Be Nimble and Apply Learnings Revised our attack: “Tailor messaging to respect the customer’s first engagement point and type.” No Order Shoppers Creators Day 1: Day 1: Day 1:Welcome Email Welcome Email Welcome Email Day 2: Day 3: Day 3: Shop Email Create Email Sell Email Day 3: Day 5: Day 5: Create Email Sell Email Shop Email Day 6: Sell Email
  10. 10. Welcome Series - Part One • Simple, high energy, welcoming message • Sets customer expectations for emails • Clear, simple call to action
  11. 11. Welcome Series - Part Two • Drives customer to search (find content for anyone) • No excess words. Communicates breadth with simple imagery • Repeated, simple call to action
  12. 12. Welcome Series - Part Three • Emotional example of product use • 1,2,3 messaging conveys ease of product creation • Customer testimonial promotes trust
  13. 13. Welcome Series - Part Four • Imagery and testimonial convey ease and opportunity • Engaging copy drives click through • Multiple calls to action
  14. 14. 4th Step: Continue Testing• We don’t have all the right answers the first or even second time• We’re still testing and optimizing• We expect the total process to take 4-6 months
  15. 15. How Did It Go?22% Increase in revenue 3% Increase in AOS46% 514% Increase in Seller storesIncrease inproducts Increase in 17%created orders
  16. 16. Summary• Use data to discover core customer traits• Hypothesize strategies to move them into the engagement funnel• Be nimble, apply early learnings and optimize• Continue to test and optimize