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On Demand Webinar: How to Respond When the "Big Three" Make Changes


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If you’re like most email marketers, at least 20% of your subscribers are engaging with your brand via Gmail, Yahoo!, or Hotmail/ So when the “big three” make changes—and they’re doing so increasingly these days—how should you respond?

This webinar presented by Kara Trivunovic, BlueHornet VP of Strategic Services, provides an overview of recent changes in web-based email platforms and a look at what could be next. Kara will share:

- A 60-second primer on the history of web-based email
- Challenges and opportunities associated with recent changes, like Gmail’s tabbed inbox and Yahoo! address recycling
- An evaluation framework for deciding when to act and what to do
- Tactics for maintaining and increasing engagement with subscribers who use the big three

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