Red Door Interactive: California Avocado Commission's Email Persona Program


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Personas go beyond basic segmentation practices by digging into the “why” behind subscriber behaviors and preferences. Personas demonstrate unique habits, attitudes, and behaviors and communicate across multiple channels. In this session, the California Avocado Commission and their agency, Red Door Interactive, will discuss how to create personas, and how you can use them to affect your messaging and, ultimately, your bottom line.

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Red Door Interactive: California Avocado Commission's Email Persona Program

  1. 1. `
  2. 2. From the Grove to Your Inbox: California Avocado Commission’s ` Persona Program
  3. 3. S peakers• Brett J ohnson • Red Door InteractiveS enior S trategist @reddoor@brettrossj •~70 full time employees •Offices in S an Diego, Carlsbad & Denver• Pilar Bower •10th AnniversaryS r. Email Marketing S trategist •Brand • Expert Recommendations@pilarbower • Transparent Return on Objective (ROO) • Proactive Communications
  4. 4. RDI Core Values INS PIRE  EXCE ED S HARE  100% J ERK FREE EVOLVE Maintain a Great Place to Work• Align teams with clear vision, mission, and values• Communicate with openness and trust• S trong employee retention and development• Hire great people to develop key emerging service areas• Develop management skills, knowledge, and proficiency• Use technology to improve communication• Financial stability
  5. 5. Partial Client List
  6. 6. California Avocado Commission• Created in 1978, the California Avocado Commission strives to increase demand for California Avocados through advertising, promotion and public relations, and engages in related industry activities that benefit the states nearly 5,000 avocado growers.• The California Avocado Commission serves as the official information source for California Avocados and the California Avocado industry.•• F• @CA_Avocados•
  7. 7. Overarching Business GoalS tated business objectives are all direct drivers of the overarching goal ofoptimizing value by positioning avocados as a premium product. Premium Product Increase Demand Enhance Leadership Increase Value
  8. 8. CAC – Current Email Program• Monthly recipe newsletter• Consistent template – Easily editable images & text • No segmentation – All subscribers receive the same content• Themes, content modules• F eatured recipes – Guacamole of the Month
  9. 9. CAC – Current Email Program
  10. 10. Why We Do PersonasIdentify groups not known to businessDetermine the triggers that influence behaviorsProvide the consumer voice in team developmentPrioritize development and communication Proprietary. Confidential information & ideation owned by Red Door Interactive 10
  11. 11. Personas Are Behaviorsmarket segments online behaviors persona Erin Ex. S ophisticated Naturalists Marti Perry Ex. Optimistic Cooks Proprietary. Confidential information & ideation owned by Red Door Interactive 11
  12. 12. Marry Business Objectives With Consumer Needs OnlineOur Objectives in This PhaseUnderstand Understand Identify Assets Learn from Listen toBusiness Goals Consumers and Resources Insights GuidanceS o We CanAlign Contribute Determine the Design Track ChangingS trategically Insights Triggers Interactive Attitudes Platform Proprietary. Confidential information & ideation owned by Red Door Interactive 12
  13. 13. Our Persona Process Understand audience needs, goals, expectations, preferences and online behaviors Existing California Avocado Commission Persona Interviews Third-Party Research Research Build a consolidated and actionable audience profile Online User Personas Deliver Relevant Online E xperiences to Audiences User S cenarios/Features and Functions Priority and Value Messaging and Timing Media Vehicles Test Plans Proprietary. Confidential information & ideation owned by Red Door Interactive 13
  14. 14. Talking With Your Audience• Qualitative and Quantitative • S uper Heavy – 12• 29 Interviews • Heavy – 9• 1 on 1 conversations • Medium – 5• 45 – 60 minutes each • Light – 3• 20 Women • California• 9 Men • Arizona• 100% online 5+ hrs/wk • Utah • Colorado• Age 25-54 (21) • Washington• Age 55+ (08) • Oregon • 59% S martphone Users Proprietary. Confidential information & ideation owned by Red Door Interactive 14
  15. 15. Overarching Persona Themes• “What the Kids Want”• Google S earch dominates• Tablets haven’t hit like smartphones• More Recipe alerts! Please!• No Recipe Videos . . . Unless they’re a quick specialty cooking method.• Most people had not visited your competitor’s website• Parents were cited as the #1 way people were introduced to avocados• Introducing kids at a young age seemed to lead to a lifelong affinity
  16. 16. Creating An Audience S chematic: Target Mapping CaliforniaAvocado.comUser Group Curious THE NATURAL Craving TA-DA! Harmony S EAS ONED S ophisticated Traditionalist/S egment Optimistic Cooks Naturalists Live for TodayUser S tate Keep it healthy F ast, fresh, variety Take it easy Makes same stuff Organic & On A Creating newDimensionalized repeatedly. . . then Budget favorites, fast goes out to eat I plan & budget so we Pre- or post- shoppingUser Response What sounds good? can eat organic recipes help meBrand Give me wholesome Would buy more if Trusts quality andRelationship food less expensive nutritional value 16 Proprietary. Confidential information & ideation owned by Red Door Interactive
  17. 17. Persona Needs and Attitudes Taking action on needs , pers onalities , habits and channels • “With all the dietary restrictions in our family I’m thankful avocados can be eaten by everyone. I would do organics all the time if I could afford them. I trust them more than organics from Mexico or Chile. You never know what is in there. For now I’ll keep looking for ways to save.”E RIN“I love making unique foods for my family and friends on a daily basis. Andyou’ll seldom see me head out the door for a get together without a newdish in hand. J ust about every day I’ll look for something new to create,usually starting with my inbox. ” MARTI • “Avocados go hand-in-hand with my California heritage. It’s why I have an interest in California agriculture. What’s happening with the water, the weather and the chemicals in the soil. It’s good to be educated about what you eat. I tell my kids that all the time . . . And I think they’re getting it.”PERRY 17
  18. 18. Channels & Messaging Erin Marti PerryCooking Simple, healthy, natural New, creative recipes Same ol’ Same ol’ Sacrifices to eat organic or Healthy, in season andHealth/Nutrition Splurging has its benefits natural local are worth the cost Diet-specific recipes at leastEmail New recipes daily California agriculture news once/week Sports, the bank and RedSMS Sales and promotions Only for bills Box Facebook daily & on the go, Recipes via email, sports, Visits brand pages basedSocial Networks Pinterest, follows Twitter for games and texting family for information in deals and sharing recipes & friends Facebook. Light use. Price checking, lists, couponsMobile Recipes, sports, games News, weather, email and nutrition Sunset, Good Cooking Light, Sunset,Magazines Vegetarian Times Housekeeping, Home, Southern Living Cooks Country Food Network, America’s Test Food Network if the wife isTV Food Network heavily Kitchen watching America’s Test Kitchen, Food Network, AllRecipes, AllRecipes, Food Network,Recipe Websites AllRecipes, EatBetterAmerica Cooking Light, CAAlmonds
  19. 19. Increasing Purchase Frequency Non- organicsE rin Breakfast & Lunch RecipesMarti S ides & S preadsPerry Light Medium Heavy S uper Heavy
  20. 20. CAC – Future E mail Program• Profile Center– S elf-select Persona segmentation– Detailed demographic information to apply to Personas– Preferences: Desired frequency, Types of content• Welcome S eries– Customized based on opt in touchpoint (website, mobile, social, contest, offline event)• Needs Based Content– Additional communication types besides monthly newsletter– Tailored subject matter (recipes, dietary preferences, nutrition, agriculture)– Dynamic content (E x: Automated daily recipes)• Behavioral segmentation– Mobile friendly templates– Channel preference– Responsive design• A/B testing on template design types and content
  21. 21. Email S ign up page:•Asking the right questions to allow yoursubscribers to segment themselves into Personabuckets for future targeted messaging
  22. 22. Rubio’s Personas – Voice of CustomerRubio’s was in the rebranding process and neededto know how to better connect with their targetsegments digitally.Goal:•Find the online alignment between consumer needsand business goalsTactics:•Interview 32 consumers within target segments•Identify behavioral and attitudinal themes•Formulate objectives, strategies and tactics thatinfluence behaviorsResults:•Rubio’s expressly requested all agency partners tomap their campaign ideas and implementations backto the personas and the associated objectives, andstrategies
  23. 23. Questions? `