LCMC: Lifecycle messaging vs marketing automation


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LCMC: Lifecycle messaging vs marketing automation

  1. 1. Lifecycle Messaging and Marketing Automation
  2. 2. Kat Johnson Marketing Manager, Allen Edmonds Sarah Veit Wallis Chief Operating Officer, Indochino
  3. 3. Lifecycle Messaging is Timely, targeted, relevant
  4. 4. Lifecycle Messaging Benefits If you get it right, you achieve • Happier customers • Higher sales • Lower costs
  5. 5. Lifecycle Messaging is Important If you don’t consider the customer’s mindset, you will • Lose the personal touch and the relationship becomes a one way communication. • Lose prospects’ and customers’ interest and engagement. • And spend more money on lower performing campaigns.
  6. 6. How to Approach Lifecycle Messaging
  7. 7. Lifecycle Mapping and Data Engagement Post-purchase Purchase Consideration Reengagement Awareness
  8. 8. Lifecycle Messaging Examples 2nd Order Message: “It’s easy to order again now that we have your measurements” Segment: One-time buyers Results: 2.25x revenue/email sent over segment benchmark How I Wear Essential Gray Message: “This is a versatile suit” Segment: Customers who have not purchased a suit Results: 1.5x revenue/email sent over segment benchmark Reactivation (A/B Test) Message A: $499 for a suit, shirt, tie Message B: 10% off a suit, shirt, tie Segment: Buyers who have not purchased in 9 or more months Results: A: 10x revenue/email sent over segment benchmark B: almost zero result
  9. 9. Marketing Automation How cool would it be if you could make lifecycle messaging happen by itself? You can!
  10. 10. The Batch & Blast You are probably working late... freaking out about deadlines…
  11. 11. Marketing Automation Benefits • Reduce Operating Cost • Better Insights in to What Works • Higher ROI
  12. 12. Marketing Automation Examples Onboarding/Welcome Message Cart Abandonment Message: “Still deciding” Message: “Welcome to Allen Edmonds, The American Original” Segment: Abandoned online cart Results: 20:1 ROI Segment: New subscribers Post Purchase Series Message: “You have the shoes – how about that matching belt” Upsell Matching Belt Purchase Caring for Your Shoes Time for a Recraft X Days X Days X Days Segment: Customers who have purchased a pair of shoes.
  13. 13. Marketing Automation ROI Volume Automated 12% Allen Edmonds: • Send 2+ million messages per month. Promotional 88% • Email channel generates 60% of revenue online and 40% in retail stores. Revenue Automated 32% Promotional 68%
  14. 14. 4 Take-a-ways • • • • Keep it simple for starters. Test, Test, Test. Let the data speak and assist in your plan. You can automate!