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LCMC: Gmail tabbed inbox


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Published in: Marketing, Technology, Business
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LCMC: Gmail tabbed inbox

  1. 1. Gmail’s Tabbed Inbox. What’s the Impact? Kara Trivunovic, VP Strategic Services
  2. 2. Consumers Taking to Facebook
  3. 3. On the Docket • The Pros’s and Con’s of Gmail Tabs • How other brands are addressing tabs • Impact of tabs on engagement • Considerations for your program
  4. 4. The Pro’s & Con’s of Gmail Tabs • • • Customer is in a shopping mind-set • View and click activity is pre-qualified • Messages are separated from other inbox clutter • Possible latency in open activity • Requires additional action by the subscriber • Mis-categorization of certain types of content
  5. 5. Subject Line: Friends-With-Benefits Brands Respond • Dedicated messaging with summary instructions • Brings fun tone and context that aligns with brand voice
  6. 6. Brands Respond Subject Line: Don't miss a single message. • Dedicated messaging with paragraph-style “how-to” • Subject line is clear for the recipient
  7. 7. Subject Line: Keeping Tabs on Our Best Guests Brands Respond • Dedicated message with step-by-step instructions • Focused on “best guests” • Includes an offer
  8. 8. Subject Line: Gmail users: Never miss an offer from Gap! Brands Respond • Reference Gmail in subject line • Dedicated message with step-by-step instructions • Includes an offer
  9. 9. Brands Respond • Dedicated message with step-by-step instructions • Includes a pre-header that reads “drag and drop me in to your Primary tab” • Reinforces the “tabs” messaging in the header of subsequent messages
  10. 10. Consumers Respond Report that Tabs have NOT impacted the way they engage with Brand email Percent of Consumers claiming to spend the same amount of time on Brand email Consumers report checking the promotions tab: 20% 15% 19% 46% Multi Times Daily Once per Week Less than Once per Week Less than Weekly
  11. 11. What’s the Impact? • • • According to Return Path: Gmail Tabs Analysis report “Gmail Tabs Don’t Stop Shoppers” Highly engaged email users are reading at a higher rate than before Inbox placement for Medium and Low engaged email users is up since the rollout
  12. 12. What’s the Impact? Decrease in Open Activity CTO activity changes vary dramatically Fluctuations in been have impacted
  13. 13. What To-Do Next • Monitor key engagement metrics for Gmail subscribers • Include dynamic language for in header/footer to address placement concerns • Just keep doing what you’re doing
  14. 14. Questions? THANK YOU.