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LCMC: Email and mobile roi


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LCMC: Email and mobile roi

  1. 1. Email and Mobile – A Match Made for ROI John Pisarek Manager, Channel Development Genesys |SoundBite Communications
  2. 2. Agenda • • • • • Introduction Overview of Email and Mobile Marketing Poll Why mobile? Solutions – – – – SMS and Email Coupons Alerts Cross- Channel Surveys • Summary
  3. 3. About Genesys • • • • Leading provider of customer experience solutions Mobile Marketing, Customer Care, Collections, Contact Center Top 50 global software company with presence in 80 countries 2,000+ customers in 20+ industries (over 40% of the Fortune 500)
  4. 4. Text “QUESTION” to 99222 to Enter the Starbucks Gift card Giveaway
  5. 5. LIVE TRIVIA What percentage of emails are read on a mobile phone? 1. 23% 2. 47% 3. 66% 4. 84% Text A, B, C, or D to 99222
  6. 6. LIVE TRIVIA What percentage of emails are read on a mobile phone? 1. 23% 2. 47% 3. 66% 4. 84% Text A, B, C, or D to 99222
  7. 7. Overview of Email and SMS Marketing • • • • Email There are more than 3.6 billion email accounts Email ad revenue reached $156 million in 2012 95% of online consumers use email 91% of consumers reported checking their email at least once a day Source: Interactive Advertising Bureau via (2013) • • • • Mobile There are 7.1 billion cell phones Mobile Ad revenues to reach $12.8 billion in 2013 66% of Gmail opens occur on mobile devices Average Smartphone users check their phone 200 times a day
  8. 8. More Mobile Trends • Daily we spend 9 minutes on email via a mobile device, that is 7,6% of the total 119 minutes we use our phone per day. Source: O2 – “Mobile life report” UK (2013) • More email is read on Mobile than on a desktop email client Stats say 47% of email is now opened on a mobile device Source: Litmus Email Analytics” (Aug 2013) • The number of mobile e-mail users is predicted to grow 28% in 2014 and 23% in 2015 Source: The Radicati Group “Email Statistics Report, 2013-2017″
  9. 9. Why Mobile?
  10. 10. Mobile: A Transformative Force “There is a seismic change in consumer behavior, and the level of investment capability in these new platforms, especially mobile, is mission-critical to our companies. It can’t be an after-thought – that capability needs a front seat at the table.” Howard Schultz Chairman/President of Starbucks 12
  11. 11. Mobile: A Transformative Force "Put your best people on mobile." Eric Schmidt CEO/Google 13
  12. 12. 70:20:10 Rule by Coca Cola • SMS is priority number 1 because only SMS reaches anyone. • At MMA Forum New York in October 2011 Coke gave it’s rule for mobile advertising spending: • Put 70% on mobile messaging • Put 20% on mobile web • Put only 10% on mobile apps • Source: Coca Cola presentations, May & October 2011
  13. 13. Smartphones Will Dominate Mobile 2014 2015 2016 N. America 62.0% 68.0% 73.0% U.S. 62.5% 68.8% 74.1% Canada 56.5% 59.5% 62.0% 15
  14. 14. 16
  15. 15. Speed of SMS Texting Mobile Marketing Report 2012 finds: • 97% of SMS messages sent are read Source: Digital Marketing Association • 97% of SMS text messages are read within 5 seconds Source: Ofcom • SMS texts have average response rate of 26% Source: Mobile Data Association
  16. 16. Compulsive? 150 Times Per Day • T-Mobile USA CEO Philipp Humm said at CTIA in 2012 that mobile phone owners "pick up their phone 150 times per day". That once every 6 and half minutes of every hour of every day Source: Mashable 8 May 2012 • For smartphones its already up to 200 times per day as reported by the Guardian (every 5 minutes) Source: The Guardian 26 June 2012 • 44% globally say the mobile is the first thing they see in the morning when they wake up, and the last thing they see at night before they fall asleep • 50.8% say the email is the first thing they check online Source: Time 22 Aug 2012
  17. 17. Nomophobia fear of no connection • Nomophobia first diagnosed in 2008 and is the fear of being without a mobile phone contact or connection • A survey of 1,000 employed adults by SecurEnvoy found 66% fear losing their mobile phone. • 49% of adults have become upset at partner for spying on phone • 41% of mobile phone users have set a PIN code and 10% encrypt their phones to secure them Source: The Telegraph 16 Feb 2012
  18. 18. Gap in Consumer & Business SMS • Textmarketing survey of 1,368 consumers finds dramatic gap between what consumers want, and what businesses offer via SMS text messaging: • 89% would like to receive delivery notices via SMS, but only 26% have received any (gap 63%) • 84% would like appointment reminders via SMS but only 29% have received any (gap 55%) • 68% would like SMS offers or discounts from brands they purchased from in past 3 months - yet only 12% had received any (gap 56%) • 61% would like to receive order confirmations via SMS yet only 16% have received any (gap 55%) %) Source: Textmarketing survey Oct 2012
  20. 20. Solutions Text to Email Sign-Up -Allow your customers to sign up for your email alerts through SMS -No time wasted at POS -Instant communication and interaction
  21. 21. Solutions Sweepstakes & Promotions - Incentivize your customers to join your email club w/ rewards and coupons -Winners can be instantly contacted and texted with reward and/or coupon
  22. 22. PacSun Uses Incentives to Boost Email Sign Ups Through SMS • • • Opportunity: Pacific Sunwear wanted a new way to increase their capture rate of email address Solution: Using SMS, users texted the keyword advertised in the dressing rooms to receive an instant reward. They were then asked for their email address to be entered into the Grand PacSun Sweepstakes Results: – 7 day campaign featured CTAs only in dressing rooms – Over 25K users texted in to receive their instant reward – Over 8K gave their email address to enter the Grand Sweepstakes
  23. 23. Chuck E. Cheese’s Increases Email Sign Ups Through the Mobile Channel • • • Opportunity: Chuck E. Cheese’s sought a new way to engage its next generation of parent customers and promote brand loyalty. Solution: Automated mobile sign up to improve upon handwritten sign up forms for promotional Chuck-E-Club. Results: – Saves time an increases accuracy – Enables the chain to send consumers an instant coupon via email instead of weeks later – Email open rates from these subscribers are 10-20% higher and coupon clicks are 8-10% higher than other subscribers. Ryan Linders – Director of Marketing “Our top priority is to ensure simplicity of the in-store sign-up process for our moms and dads with young kids. The double-digit increases in open rate and clickthrough is icing on the cake”
  25. 25. Mobile Coupons Mobile coupons get 10 times the redemption rate of traditional coupons. • Deliver the right offer at the right time • Generic codes offer widespread usage while personalized codes offer security and detailed measurement • Alphanumeric, 1D, 2D, or QR bar codes • Maximize transaction with targeted offers • Integrate with POS and CRM Source: MMA
  26. 26. Mobile Coupons: What You Need to Know The most frequently redeemed coupon categories: 53 million U.S. mobile coupon users predicted for 2014 Grocery Retail Food/Drink Consumers Prefer SMS-Based Coupons 30% 28% SMS-Based 42% Barcode Scan Push Notifications 28 Sources: eMarketer, Dec 2012 and RadiumOne Report, Feb 2013
  27. 27. GetGo Stores Increase Shopping Trips and Sales Through Mobile Offer Opportunity: Opportunity to drive foot traffic at a specific time into Giant Eagle GetGo convenience stores to increase purchase frequency. Solution: We created a mobile program promoted through signage in the Deli. Consumers were invited text “MEALS” to a shortcode for exclusive deli offers each week. The SMS message was sent at 3pm on weekdays for an offer valid only between 5-6pm that day. Results: – Opt-in rate of 200 new consumers per store per month – 10% redemption rate – in less than 3 hours! – Each consumer spent $30.00 while getting the free item – GetGo saw $15 in incremental sales for each $1 spent on the program
  28. 28. Solutions for Alerts
  29. 29. Examples of Proactive Communications Broad range of scenarios across departments and industries Financial Services • On-boarding • Credit card fraud • Payment reminders and notifications Collections • Billing reminders • Expedite payments • Fraud management Health Care • Appointment remind • Prescription renew • Disease management Retail • Sales alerts • Product recalls • Order confirmations and delivery notifications Telecom • Minutes used • Payment reminders • Notifications Utilities • Service confirmation • Outage status • Crew callout IMPROVE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION REDUCE COSTS INCREASE REVENUE -- Source: Frost & Sullivan; “Proactive Customer Communications”
  30. 30. Proactive Alerts and Notifications Delivery Confirmation Sears: Your delivery is scheduled for 2pm on 10/11/13. Reply YES to confirm Examples: • Service interruptions • Going over plan, consider upgrading (minutes, texts, etc) • Upcoming warranty or “points” expiration • Upgrade your phone eligibility • Product recall • Network upgrades • Approval status • Certification/Training reminder 33
  31. 31. SMS Polls, Voting & Trivia • • • • Call-to-action in TV, print, radio, web, or outdoor ads Consumers text a keyword to your short code to participate Adds a fun, interactive element to marketing messages Tie in opt-in request or mobile coupon at the end Vote for Man of the Match! Text MOTM to 99222. 35
  32. 32. Product Recall Notifications “This is a pre-recorded call from Marvelous Markets with important information about a recall on pet food. Our Loyalty Card records show that you purchased one of the products in the past 3 months…” • Cost-effectively contact targeted customers in 24 hours or less during critical product recall alerts • On-demand platform offers scalability and capacity to reach millions of customers without delay • Multi-channel solution to contact customers in their preferred method: Voice, Email or SMS • Leverage SoundBite’s inbound IVR services or direct customers to your IVR or contact center • Proven solution used by dozens of grocers and retail chains nationwide 36
  34. 34. Surveys Gain Valuable Feedback Use SMS or mobile web to conduct the survey. Identify detractors and instantly connect them with Customer Support to address problems. 38
  35. 35. The Link Between Experience & Loyalty JetBlue stated that a customer who is a PROMOTER is worth $33 above the average value of its customers, while a DETRACTOR is worth $104 below average. 39 Source: Customer Experience Matter Blog, CX Insights from Marriott and JetBlue, Nov. 2011
  36. 36. Questions?
  37. 37. THANK YOU