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Pallia holistic & complementary therapies


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Education
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Pallia holistic & complementary therapies

  1. 1. February 15, 2012S. NalzaroHOLISTIC & COMPLEMENTARY THERAPIESHolism (Matzo)- focuses on unity, mutuality, meaning, & the interrelationship of all beings, events, &things - Heal & health- haelan- to be or become wholeHolistic care- believes that people can grow & learn from health, illness, and dying - Promotes ct’s active participation in their own health care, wellness & healing - Uses appropriate interventions in the context of the ct.’s total needs - Works to alleviate ct’s physical signs and symptomsComplementary/Alternative Medicine (CAM)- “individualized diagnosis and treatment of patients; anemphasis on maximizing the body’s inherent healing ability; & treatment of the whole person byaddressing their physical, mental, & spiritual attributes rather than focusing on a specific pathogenicprogress - The physician never ask about them - The respondents did not know they should - There was not enough time during the office visit - They do not think the doctor knows the topic - The doctor was dismissive or has told them not to do itHealing & Dying modalities:1. Centering- quieting mind - Every week, 30mins-1hr2. Relaxation- benefits: decrease BP and HR, increase temp - Decreases anxiety associated with painful situations, easing of muscle tension pain (contractures) - A general sense of intense calmness - Decreases symptoms of depression & stress3. Imagery- art therapy4. Meditation- a better understanding of the self & increased receptivity to insights arising from one’s deeper...5. Sense therapies a. Music therapy- has a power that cannot be expressed in verbal language - Music thanatology
  2. 2. b. Aromatherapy6. Reminiscence & life review- use open ended questions - Ask about life history - Have a summary session7. Journal writing8. Touch- acupressure, body therapy, reflexology, Reiki, massage9. Herbology- phytotherapy or phytomedicine10. Homeopathy- using herbs to treat, cure & prevent illness11. PrayerBenefits of CAM: - Strengthen the body’s defences & healing abilities - Empowerment - Safer & gentler than conventional therapies