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Fast dse & ergonomics


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Fast dse & ergonomics

  1. 1. DSE
  2. 2. What is display screenequipment ? graphic display screenAny alphanumeric or regardless of the display process involved. Covers both conventional (cathode ray tube) display screens and other display processes
  3. 3. DSE – the risks.. Allegations of contracting epilepsy and facial dermatitis, exposure to electromagnetic radiation and adverse affects on pregnant workers have proved unfounded
  4. 4. Visual fatigueExcessive amounts of time working at aScreen without a break can result in visualfatigue
  5. 5. Postural fatigueNeck, back and shoulder pains arising fromAdoption of constrained postures at key board.
  6. 6. Other forms of operational stressNoiseHeatLighting
  7. 7. Work-related upper limb disordersEpicondylitis Tendenitis Dupuytren’s Peritendenitis Contracture Carpel tunnel syndrome Tenosynovitis Writers cramp
  8. 8. Measures to prevent RSIImprove workstation designAdjustment of work loadsWrist supports / barsOccupational healthTraining & Supervision
  9. 9. Health & safety (DSE) Regulations1992Important definitions:Display screen equipmentOperatorUserWorkstation
  10. 10. Exemptions:Drivers’ cabsDSE on board transportDSE for public useCalculators, cash registersWindow typewriters
  11. 11. Regulation 2Workstation risk analysesRegulation 4Daily work routineRegulation 5Eyes and eyesightRegulation 6Provision of trainingRegulation 7Provision of information
  12. 12. Workstation Risk Analysis
  13. 13. EquipmentDisplay screenKeyboardWork desk or workWork chair
  14. 14. Environment space requirementsWorkstation layoutLightingReflection & glareSeating & postureNoiseHeatRadiationHumidity
  15. 15. Interface between computer &operator / user