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Darren Visual Cv 2011


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Darren Visual Cv 2011

  1. 1. Darren Choo’s Visual CV 2011 Meet Darren
  2. 2. Some Basics Married 2 kids Degree: Business Admin
  3. 3. I live in Singapore ...a city where east meets west… And old meets new…
  4. 4. When I was little, I alwayswanted to be a scientist…
  5. 5. My Experiences… 1993 1995 1999 2002 2008 2009 2010 2011 Radio Media Media Market MR, Data MR & MR, MR, Social Sales Syndicated & Research warehouse, Churn Loyalty, Media & Research customised (MR) Analytics & Mgt CRM & Innovation Support Campaign CLM Mgt
  6. 6. Right now I am most interested in…
  7. 7. I am driven by … Actionable Insights Strategic Business Issues Customer Journeys
  8. 8. I enjoy speaking and sharing ideas…2003 - Presented in a KL Seminar on Consumer Insights organized by IQPC2004 – Presented in a Consumer Insights seminar in Singapore organised by Marcus Evans (best speaker)2005 – Presented in a Consumer Insights seminar in Singapore organised by IQPC2007 – Presented at Marketing Analytics 2007 Conference by K2B2009 – Presented at Global Markets Intelligence and Insights by Marcus Evans2011 – Presented at Asia Insight Seminar on Innovation
  9. 9. What others said about me…Source: Linkedin RecommendationsContact me via Linkedin or email