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2012: The Year in Social TV, via Bluefin Labs


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As 2012 draws to a close, we wanted to take a look at the shows that drove buzz in social media, the people who tweeted, and the brands that engaged us.

Overall, social TV grew 363% in 2012. There were 874M social media comments about TV telecasts in 2012, compared to 189M in 2011.

Most Social Shows of 2012 – Broadcast TV

- Congrats to FOX, who had the top 3 most social shows of 2012: The X Factor (533K comments on average), Glee, and American Idol.
- ABC also had three shows in the Top 10: The Bachelorette, The Bachelor, and Scandal.

The Top Telecasts of 2012

- The 2012 Grammy Awards set the record – 13.0M Tweets and public Facebook posts – early on in 2012, and no other telecast was able to beat it.
- Coming in at number two is the MTV Video Music Awards, with 12.8M comments.
- Super Bowl XLVI snags third place with 12.2M comments.

Who’s Tweeting and What Shows Are They Tweeting About?

In 2012, deeper analytics and insights started to emerge in the world of social TV. Building on top of 2011, when the initial focus was on measuring volume of social conversation about each TV show, this past year started to demonstrate the true power of social TV analytics. The industry can now see social TV data through various lenses: lifestyle affinity filters and even brand-specific affinity filters.

The infographic shows a flavor of this. See which shows Candy Lovers tend to comment about vs. people who are Organic Food Enthusiasts. Or Movie Goers vs. Reading Enthusiasts. For different groups of people, the top social shows are different.

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