Visual composition slideshow/ jacob kohinsky


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Visual composition slideshow/ jacob kohinsky

  1. 1. lineLines are used to make people follow them to the topic
  2. 2. Shape(2d)Used to organize information
  3. 3. Form(3d)• Form gives reality and the possibility to moveor hold the object
  4. 4. color• People respond differentially to differentcolors warm colors; red, yellow, orange, givethe imitation of light and heat while as coldcolors; blue, green, browns give the illusion ofice, earth or rock
  5. 5. texture• It is visual or tactile surface characteristics of apiece
  6. 6. Depth(perspective)• To make things seem to have deep spacewithin an object or lack of deep space
  7. 7. light• To make an object more sinister or angelic bypositioning a light around an object using itsshadows to make something appear softer ordeadlier
  8. 8. Direction(motion)• To use motion to depict life or speed in whichthe figure or object would have in real life
  9. 9. Mass(visual weight)• To give a piece physical mass, or dimensions
  10. 10. Tone(black and white)• To give brightness or darkness to enhancevisual on color
  11. 11. value• How much light or black and white yourwilling to use to create your focal point
  12. 12. Space(positive and negative)• To give an object a area or space in which ittakes up as well as a background to enhanceor diminish a object
  13. 13. Emphasis• Makes most important piece stand out
  14. 14. Proportion(scale)• The relative size between objects
  15. 15. Repetition(rhythm)• To repeat a style or picture to cause illusionsor a similarity
  16. 16. unity• To make objects seem to be related
  17. 17. contrast• To show difference by making objectsopposites seem obvious
  18. 18. harmony• Combining similar objects and making themseem to be as they should
  19. 19. proximity• Placing objects close together by makingthose who are similar and those you aredifferent seem farer
  20. 20. variety• Using multiple designs to make your imagemore visually appealing