The power of_wordpress_e_commerce_plugins


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An overview of open source ecommerce solutions: Wordpress plugins. A general run down of PHPurchase, Shopp, and WP E-commerce.

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The power of_wordpress_e_commerce_plugins

  1. 1. The Power of Wordpress Plugins in          E-commerce j Nedra Rezinas, Blue Deer Designs
  2. 2. Who am I? Wordpress, Open Source, and Wordpress plugins from a project manager/consultant point of view Nedra Rezinas, Blue Deer Designs
  3. 3. Why Open Source? More control over templates, code, everything! Easy to move inventory around No monthly fees Prepaid to update software and plugins for security reasons Believe in the Open Source Community You aren't stuck in proprietary software Nedra Rezinas, Blue Deer Designs
  4. 4. Challenges of the Wordpress  E-commerce Plugin It needs to be easy to use/ no crazy learning curve Well-supported It will grow/adapt with the needs of the website Won't kill the other plugins Nedra Rezinas, Blue Deer Designs
  5. 5. Shopp - the Obi One Kenobi of the pluginsQualities/Attributes Easy to Install Solidly supported (Online Help Desk) & Support Credit for purchase All the bells & whistles Support for SSL security With the power of CSS, you can customize any template Most developers prefer it Has a one time fee Nedra Rezinas, Blue Deer Designs
  6. 6. Shopp example - Cool Features Smart Categories are accessible on the homepg to filter out tees that are in stock Featured products cycling through a display on homepg Custom layout of individual product pgs - can also suggest products Cart page is customized All product images are served through Amazon Cloud Front Nedra Rezinas, Blue Deer Designs
  7. 7. PHPurchase - the Luke Skywalker of the plugins Qualities/Attributes Newer plugin/up & coming Create entire catalogue w/ custom variables Dashboard can control orders/discounts/shipping options lots of payment gateways memberships & subscriptions (pro ver.) Support: Forums, videos, contact form & custom dev Has a one single/pro fee Nedra Rezinas, Blue Deer Designs
  8. 8. PHPurchase example - Cool Features Very streamlined Well organized One page check out No need to login Lots of features on product page (video, specs, bookmark it, image gallery) Nedra Rezinas, Blue Deer Designs
  9. 9. WP e-Commerce - the Yoda of the plugins Qualities/Attributes most popular/oldest e- commerce plugin crazy amount of features integrates with Facebook Marketplace Support - Documentation/Forums FREE Premium Upgrade to Gold Cart, etc with fee Nedra Rezinas, Blue Deer Designs WP e-Commerce
  10. 10. WP e-Commerce example - Cool Features Classes are treated as products Integrates well with a Membership plug Can add specials/discounts/promos Nedra Rezinas, Blue Deer Designs
  11. 11. Alternative Wordpress E-commerce Solutions FoxyCart - integrates nicely into WP, can be customized through CSS Volusion or Shopify - 3rd party solution that can be used with WP, through template manipulation Other Plugins: eShop, ShopperPress, Yak, etc. Nedra Rezinas, Blue Deer Designs
  12. 12. Over 500+ E-commerce Solutions..... Now you know about a few that integrate with Wordpress. Pick 1 or 2 and become an expert! Nedra Rezinas, Blue Deer Designs
  13. 13. Want to learn more about e-commerce? I wrote a book "5 Steps to a Successful Online Store" Great overview of choosing a shopping cart, how a merchant account works, and how to market your online store. Nedra Rezinas, Blue Deer Designs Go to for more info Looking for sustainable wind powered web hosting?