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Global E2E Planning Transformation: how bluecrux and Johnson & Johnson got 'Phygital'


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This is the full presentation of Koen Jaspers (partner, bluecrux) & Johan Maes (Senior Director, Johnson & Johnson) on Johnson & Johnson's global E2E Planning Transformation journey, using LightsOutPlanning. Presented at the Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference on Monday June 17, 2019.

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Global E2E Planning Transformation: how bluecrux and Johnson & Johnson got 'Phygital'

  1. 1. Phy•gi•tal A Global E2E Planning Transformation @ Janssen Pharma [convergence of <physical> & <digital> worlds]
  2. 2. Good Morning! Johan Maes Koen Jaspers Sr. Director Global Planning Partner
  3. 3. 1th life sciences company in the Gartner Supply Chain Top 25 #8
  4. 4. 170 Brands 5 ERP Systems Pharma = Complex Business Environment 18.219 Recipes13.692 SKUs 393 Planners 800 Resources33.000 Routes 40.7 B$ Sales
  5. 5. True Global Supply Chain
  6. 6. #NoSynchronization
  7. 7. #GlobalOrchestration
  8. 8. ↑ Maturity Level Site Planning End-To-End Planning Frictionless Planning
  9. 9. Improve Customer Experience Cash Conversion Cycle Efficiency Effectiveness
  10. 10. Our Planning Transformation Journey 2012 2013-2015 2016-2020 >2021 TOBE PROCESS INTERIM SOLUTIONS SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS NEXT WAVES
  11. 11. What does End-To-End really mean? TOBE PROCESS
  12. 12. in-market → first internal production (API) DOWNSTREAM UPSTREAM 1 SUPPLIER API BULK FILL/PACK DELIVER SELL PATIENT
  13. 13. DOWNSTREAM UPSTREAM SUPPLIER API BULK FILL/PACK DELIVER SELL PATIENT 2 patient → internal → supplier <network●of●networks>
  14. 14. 1 Global Planning Concept Design DP-20 Generate base demand – Process decomposition DEMAND PLANNING D W M Q A Daily Weekly Monthly Quarterly Annually Level4SummaryLevel5Level3 Supply Network PlanningDemand Planning Production Planning Inventory Management E2E Planning S&OP Planning DP-10 Define demand planning strategy DP-20 Generate base demand DP-30 Generate event demand DP-40 Validate demand plan DP-20-70 Release base demand DP-20-60 Translate base demand into value DP-20-50 Validate base demand DP-20-40 Translate to weekly forecast granularity for first 3 months DP-20-10 Compile source data M M M M M ▪ Generated base demand (at lowest demand forecasting unit) feeds into event demand planning ▪ Valorize the base demand ▪ Generate and review exception alerts ▪ Check results of analytical models ▪ Review any exceptions that are flagged based on the exception parameters ▪ Translate monthly base demand forecast to weekly granularity for first 3 months DP-20-30 Generate forecast M ▪ Generate forecast based on best analytical model at optimal planning hierarchy ▪ Recalibration of statistical model based on DP-20-50 DP-20-20 Update source data based on event classification M ▪ Exclude data points / periods that misrepresent base demand trends → Automatic outlier detection with OMP ▪ Classify historical demand into “event history” and “base history” ▪ Map demand history for product swaps or rationalization ▪ Collect historical sales data ▪ Compile other objective inputs where applicable (e.g., customer/patient data) ▪ Where applicable, capture trade partners demand ▪ Check availability of master data (e.g., price for value translation)
  15. 15. Scattered IT landscape & master data TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS
  16. 16. Scattered IT & Data Landscape
  17. 17. EXECUTION • Orders • Inventory PLAN ORCHESTRATION • End-to-end planning • Detailed scheduling VIRTUAL TWIN • Actual network flows • Supply chain parameters ‘Augmented’ Technology Framework @ Maturity Stage 5
  18. 18. Global mindset & new ways of working PEOPLE
  19. 19. LongerMPS horizons ↑ agility with ↓ frozen period Switch off XLS From site to E2E brand focus Follow 1global planning cadence ↑ E2E collaboration 1 2 3 4 5 6
  20. 20. Value Creation? Fast Tracks • Virtual twin & planning sensitive parameters • 30% of full target realized upfront • E2E visibilityused across other business functions
  21. 21. Value Creation? Full Solution • Inventory: $ 200+ MM • MAPEimprovement: $ 7 MM • Automation: $ 3 MM • SLOB: $ 12 MM EXECUTION • Orders • Inventory PLAN ORCHESTRATION • End-to-end planning • Detailed scheduling VIRTUAL TWIN • Actual network flows • Supply chain parameters
  22. 22. What’s next? Node-to-node driven Frictionless Planning Network of networks Augmented Analytics Robotics
  23. 23. Want to know more? ✓ Let’s talk at boot 200 ✓ Presentation shared via bluecrux LinkedIn (follow us!) greetings, Johan & Koen