5+1 Sales Tips for 2013


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5+1 Sales Tips for 2013

  1. 1. Andreas UthmannZurich, January 2013 5+1 Sales Tips for 2013 Copyright 2012 by Blueconomics Business Solutions GmbH
  2. 2. 21. Collaborate, Collaborate, Collaborate Sales is a teamsport. If you don’t manage to orchestrate your internal team and synchronize your messages, how do you want to convince your customer? To build your virtual account team, draw it on paper. You can’t manage the whole account by yourself. Define clear relationship responsi- bilities for each level of your organisation. Show each team member her role as part of the overall sales strategy. Finally make sure to discuss and align objectives and activities in your team. Copyright 2012 by Blueconomics Business Solutions GmbH
  3. 3. 32. Understand the Buying Center Sales is about people. And people buy from people they like. Knowing your buying audience, the influencers and decision-makers, their needs and interests, is key for success in every business. Build your matrix. Analyze your buying network first, «sell» second. Invest into the mission-critical relationships, not just where the sun shines. Copyright 2012 by Blueconomics Business Solutions GmbH
  4. 4. 43. Leverage Social Relationships Never do «cold» calls again. Leverage social media information across the entire sales cycle. Use profile information to identify influencers and decision-makers. Use joint connections to open the doors. Synchronize all social channels in one stream to get the full picture about your contacts. Before any meeting, make sure to screen the latest updates and posts. Copyright 2012 by Blueconomics Business Solutions GmbH
  5. 5. 54. Run Opportunity Reviews Management reviews are good to get the forecast right, but opportunity reviews are there to win. Engage your entire account team in the review process. Reserve a fix time window, week by week. Follow the process: Identify, analyze, act. Discuss, not just document. It’s about collaboration, not reporting. Copyright 2012 by Blueconomics Business Solutions GmbH
  6. 6. 65. Analyze your Wins and Losses Learn from both, success and failure. Have a standard process to capture the learnings. Engage the whole team. Look on how the decision- makers and influencers, their needs, relationships as well as your team and capabilities have evolved over time. Try to not think about competition too much, you can’t change it. Instead, focus on the customer needs and compare to your strenghts and weaknesses. Don’t wait for the final decision. Initiate regular milestone reviews to mitigate risks and avoid suprises. Copyright 2012 by Blueconomics Business Solutions GmbH
  7. 7. 7(6.) Network more, tweet less Social Media puts buyers, not sellers in control. Listen first, engage second. B2B buying decisions are made by complex people networks, not on Facebook. And relationships are built by individual communication and personal meetings, not by posts and tweets. Networking is an investment. Invest into your social capital to win and grow. Copyright 2012 by Blueconomics Business Solutions GmbH
  8. 8. Shake upYour B2BSales.
  9. 9. 9 www.Blueconomics.infoCopyright 2012 by Blueconomics Business Solutions GmbH