I must pay attention to author rank... Blueclaw


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Blueclaw Media's Head of Search Mike McDougall looks at the importance of Author Rank and its future development.

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I must pay attention to author rank... Blueclaw

  1. 1. I must pay attention to author rankI must pay attention to author rankI must pay attention to author rankI must pay attention to author rankI must pay attention to author rank An Essay By Mike McDougall – Head of Search @ Blueclaw @mikeymcdougall
  2. 2. Believe the hype?
  3. 3. Author Rank – All Talk?• There have been A LOT of grand statements around Author Rank, the perceived influence it will have on the Google algorithm & the way Content is displayed:• Biggest potential update since Panda & Penguin• Can’t be ignored by journalists, Content creators & marketers• Increased CTRs due to addition of Rich Snippet to SERPs• Reverse the effects of Climate Change & refreeze the Polar Icecaps
  4. 4. POWER TO THE PEOPLE (orauthors?)
  5. 5. Algorithm Changes• Phrases like ‘the people’s algorithm’ have been thrown around• Potentially not the magic bullet that’s going to revolutionise the SERPs• As search professionals important we keep an open mind & don’t leap to conclusions or make sweeping generalisations
  6. 6. Content Creators• Undoubtedly important for bloggers, content creators & search marketers like me!• Benefit for early adopters to get a head-start & gain traction• Established top- level Journalists – will they actually care? (probably not)
  7. 7. Open to manipulation?• As search professionals it’s naïve to think that Author Rank won’t be subject to abuse• Like link profiles, Author rank Profiles will be open to manipulation• This won’t be news to Google – but identifying & counteracting are 2 different things
  8. 8. Rich Snippets – Woohoo!
  9. 9. Rich Snippets & Higher CTRs• Biggest short term influence is potential CTR uplift from rich snippet In Search• Equals more visits to your blogs & sites & more engagement
  10. 10. Author Rank For Brands• Risky Business?• Err on the side of caution• Development of rel=publisher• Work with your Bloggers & Influencers to implement
  11. 11. Author Rank – Risky Biz?• Inherent risks to placing all of your Authorship efforts into an individual & their Google + page – what if they leave?• Not necessarily a sensible move for a brand unless they already have an internal advocate / owner manager – employees come & go• Could create a ‘persona’ but not really in the framework that Author Rank was intended – could be considered manipulation
  12. 12. Proceed with Caution• Brands should plan carefully, assess the risk & & wait for things to develop• Power is with the authors, not the Brands – how can brands leverage without risk?• Ensure staff & agencies are educated & updated• Spread the author rank out between writers!
  13. 13. Rel=publisher
  14. 14. Rel=publisher Tag• Way to link a Brand / Website to a Brand Google+ page• Starting to be integrated into the SERPs – see SEO Moz example below – implemented the rel=publisher tag on their homepage
  15. 15. Bloggers & Influencers
  16. 16. Train ‘em up!• Influencer outreach & community development are becoming big part of Content & Search Strategies• Important to help our key Bloggers & Influences to implement Author Rank – the more power & authority they have the better!• Amplify their voice to benefit your Brand –host a webinar or training breakfast
  17. 17. Chalkboard Takeaways• Don’t be too reactive – we’ve all heard the next big thing in Search• Implement for Rich Snippets & CTR gains• Brands – watch this space for rel=publisher tag & Publisher Rank• Scout Blogger talent & nurture them to increase influence