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Lesson 3 migration part 1


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Lesson 3 migration part 1

  1. 1. Access Geography Unit 2 Lesson 3: Population Changes due to Migration
  2. 2. Learning Objectives: • Quick review of ideas surrounding population growth from last lesson • Migration definitions • Push and Pull factors • Linking migration to Population density and development
  3. 3. What do you think these two maps show?
  4. 4. Migration definition Without looking at your notes In Pairs see if you can remember the perfect definition for migration We need to be aware that migration affects the distribution of people over a given area as well as the total population of a region and the population structure of a country or city
  5. 5. terminology check … • Migration (according to the UN) – Population moves from one administrative region to another – The movement normally results in a permanent change of residence (i.e. for at least a year) • Circulation – All other people movements from shopping trips, commuters, holidays, students living away at university Read the section on the sheet and answer the questions alongside
  6. 6. Migration motives • Voluntary better life • Involuntary or Forced – (contentious terms) e.g. •Slave trade •Human trafficking •Ethnic Cleansing See how many different examples of migration you can think of, write a list
  7. 7. Types of migration • Time – Seasonal – Semi permanent – Permanent • Space o Local o Regional o National o International Intra-national
  8. 8. Migration timescales Short Long Daily Short term Seasonal Semi permanent Permanent Can you think of some example of these?
  9. 9. Causes of Migration • Forced • Religious • Economic • Social • Natural • Organised
  10. 10. Definitions • Push factors • Pull factors
  11. 11. Push pull factor Cards • Cab you sort the cards in to Push or Pull factors? Extension: Can you further sort them into other categories?
  12. 12. Main sources of migrants
  13. 13. Main destinations of migrants
  14. 14. Title 3.2cms 3.2cms this represents a movement of 6.65 million people
  15. 15. Worldwide to USA illegal immigration figures 2009 Country of origin Raw number Percent of total Mexico 6,650,000 62 El Salvador 530,000 5 Guatemala 480,000 4 Honduras 320,000 3 Philippines 270,000 2 India 200,000 2