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Apache Samza: Reliable Stream Processing Atop Apache Kafka and Hadoop YARN


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Overview of Apache Samza presented to the London HUG, October 22, 2013

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Apache Samza: Reliable Stream Processing Atop Apache Kafka and Hadoop YARN

  1. 1. Apache Samza Reliable Stream Processing Atop Apache Kafka and Hadoop YARN Jakob Homan London HUG
  2. 2. Who I am • Samza for five months • Before that Hadoop, Hive, Giraph • Say hi: @blueboxtraveler
  3. 3. Things we would like to do (better)
  4. 4. Provide timely, relevant updates to your newsfeed
  5. 5. Update search results with new information as it appears
  6. 6. Sculpt metrics and logs into useful shapes
  7. 7. Tools? RPC Samza Response latency Milliseconds to minutes Synchronous Later. Possibly much later.
  8. 8. Frame(work) of reference Storage layer Execution engine Classic Hadoop HDFS Map-Reduce Samza Kafka YARN API map(k, v) => (k,v) reduce(k, list(v)) => (k,v) process(msg(k,v)) => msg(k,v)
  9. 9. Storage layer: Kafka
  10. 10. Apache Kafka • Persistent, reliable, distributed message queue Shiny new logo!
  11. 11. At LinkedIn 10+ billion writes per day 172k messages per second (average) 55+ billion messages per day to real-time consumers
  12. 12. Quick aside… Kafka: First among (pluggable) equals LinkedIn: Espresso and Databus Coming soon? HDFS, ActiveMQ, Amazon SQS
  13. 13. Kafka in four bullet points • Producers send messages to brokers • Messages are key, value pairs • Brokers store messages in topics for consumers • Consumers pull messages from brokers
  14. 14. A Kafka Topic “The ref’s blind!” 534 “Car nicked!” 234 “Very sleepy” 755 534 Topic: StatusUpdateEvent “Nicked a car!” Value: Timestamp, new status, geolocation, etc. Key: User ID of user who updated the status
  15. 15. For our purposes, hash partitioned on the key! Key Message contents Message content Key Message contents Key Message contents Message contents Key Key Message contents Key Message contents Message contents Key Partition 2 Key Partition 1 Key Partition 0 Message contents Key Kafka topics are partitioned Message content
  16. 16. A Samza job • StatusUpdateEvent • NewConnectionEvent • LikeUpdateEvent MyStreamTask implements StreamTask { …………. } Input topics Some code • NewsUpdatePost • UpdatesPerHourMetric Output topics
  17. 17. Execution engine: YARN
  18. 18. What we use YARN for • Distributing our tasks across multiple machines • Letting us know when one has died • Distributing a replacement • Isolating our tasks from each other
  19. 19. YARN: Execution and reliability MyStreamTask:process() Samza TaskRunner: Partition 0 Samza App Master MyStreamTask:process() Samza TaskRunner: Partition 1 Node Manager 1 Node Manager 2 Kafka Broker Kafka Broker Machine 1 Machine 1
  20. 20. Co-partitioning of topics MyStreamTask:process() StatusUpdateEvent, Partition 0 Samza TaskRunner: Partition 0 NewsUpdatePost NewConnectionEvent, Partition 0 An instance of StreamTask is responsible for a specific partition
  21. 21. API: process()
  22. 22. getKey(), getMsg() public interface StreamTask { void process(IncomingMessageEnvelope envelope, MessageCollector collector, TaskCoordinator coordinator ) sendMsg(topic, key, value) } commit(), shutdown()
  23. 23. Awesome feature: State MyStreamTask:process() Samza TaskRunner: Partition 0 Store state • Generic data store interface • Key-value out-of-box – More soon? Bloom filter, lucene, etc. • Restored by Samza upon task crash
  24. 24. (Pseudo)code snippet: Newsfeed • Consume StatusUpdateEvent – Send those updates to all your conmections via the NewsUpdatePost topic • Consume NewConnectionEvent – Maintain state of connections to know who to send to
  25. 25. public class NewsFeed implements StreamTask { void process(envelope, collector, coordinator) { msg = env.getMsg() userId = msg.get(“userID”); if(msg.get(“type”)==STATUS_UPDATE) { foreach(conn: kvStore.get(userId) { collector.send(“NewsUpdatePost”, new Msg(conn, msg.get(“newStatus”)) } } else { newConn = msg.get(“newConnection”) connections = kvStore.get(userId) kvStore.put(userID, connections ++ newConn) }
  26. 26. Current status
  27. 27. Hello, Samza! Up and running in 3 minutes Consume Wikipedia edits live Generate stats on those edits Cool, eh?
  28. 28.
  29. 29. Cheers! • • • • • Quick start: Project homepage: Newbie issues: Detailed Samza and YARN talk: Twitter: @samzastream