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  1. 1. TechnologyThis presentation explores what technology I have used withinthe research, construction, planning and evaluation of mythree products.
  2. 2. • I used skills I gained during Year 12 and developed my understanding of MacBooks which I then used for all stages of my project from research to creation and evaluation.• It was very useful as MacBook’s have programs on them such a iMovie which I used to create my film.
  3. 3. • I used the schools Media departments camera, which are very good for filming during the day and for music videos as they don’t need to record sound, I however had a number of difficulties with it due to the nature of my film.• As I’m filming a short film set at night I had a lot of issues with the camera as it doesn’t film well in low light settings and the microphone is on the front of the camera so picking up good enough quality sound was difficult.
  4. 4. • I used a high quality HD camera for the image for my review which gave me a clear crisp image that was successful. • However I did not have access to this for my poster so had to use a lower quality camera which resulted in a lower quality of image. However this worked to my advantage as it gave my poster an Indie film feel and connoted the genre well.
  5. 5. • I used iMovie to edit my film which was very helpful as the editing functions enabled me to create a professional looking film.• It enabled me to experiment with transitions and effects easily in order to create a product that best appealed to my target audience.• It also enabled me to publish versions if my film straight onto to websites such as Youtube which helped me to get feedback on it.
  6. 6. • I used Photoshop to create my ancillary’s and found it extremely helpful due to the vast number of tools it has that helped me edit my images and use the conventions of posters and reviews.• It was also very easy to save and upload images from it to social networking sites which helped me to get in touch with my target audience for feedback.
  7. 7. • When on my computer at home, a windows machine, I used Windows Movie Maker to edit and upload videos of my talking about my work and audience interviews.• This was also very helpful as it allowed to upload straight to websites again.
  8. 8. • I also used Paint to edit some images when Photoshop wasn’t available.• It was a very useful program but not as easy to use or as successful as Photoshop was.
  9. 9. • I used Microsoft Powerpoint to create presentations about things such as Props and Technology. • I then put it into Slideshare which publishes the presentation online and could easily be embedded into my blog.• Powerpoint helped me present my work in a more creative and visual way.
  10. 10. • I also used Microsoft Word to write myscript on then I again used Slideshare to be able to display it online.
  11. 11. • I used Photobucket to upload images and display them visually online.
  12. 12. • I used the online site Prezi to create visually interesting and dynamic presentations that include numerous features such as films, images and powerpoint presentation.• I can then embed them easily onto my
  13. 13. • For similar reasons I have also used Glogster to create posters that I can upload onto my blog.
  14. 14. • I found that the internet was the most useful technology I used as it enabled me to find images and films to deconstruct and lots of other websites that provided other functions such as Youtube and Prezi. • It enabled me to find out vast amounts of relevant information to do with short films and my ancillaries.• It also enabled me to get in touch with my target audience and get feedback on my products.
  15. 15. • I used social networking sites such as Facebook to get feedback from my audience which I used to shape my products. • It also helped me to organise filming schedules as I could easily get in contact with my cast.
  16. 16. • I used Youtube to find examples of short films that I deconstructed and helped me to understand the conventions of them. • I also used it to upload versions of my film which I then got feedback on.
  17. 17. • One of the most useful websites I’ve used is Blogger. • I’ve used this throughout the whole process of creating my products; for research, planning, creation, feedback and evaluation.• I’ve also used it to get feedback from my target audience as I created polls on it in order to try and decide on certain features of my product that I was unsure on.
  18. 18. • I used emails to get feedback from my teachers and to organise filming with my cast.
  19. 19. • I used a smart phone a lot throughout all stages.• I’ve used it to blog on, send emails, find short films and images to deconstruct, message people, get feedback, take photos and check the weather on the weather app so I can plan filming.
  20. 20. • I’ve used Dafont a lot in the creation of my poster and review as it provides a lot ofdifferent fonts to use and allows me to choose the best font for the reading I want my audience to get.
  21. 21. • I’ve used Wordle to create visually interesting mind maps and presentations.
  22. 22. • I used a number of online magazines such as ‘Film Maker’ to give me ideas and inspiration for my products.
  23. 23. • I used Skype to get feedback from my target audience and to again organise filming with my cast.
  24. 24. • I used a scanner to upload mystoreyboard and put it onto my blog.
  25. 25. • I used Bubbl to create mindmaps online that I then embedded onto my blog.
  26. 26. Throughout this project I’ve used a vast array oftechnology and the technology that’s been the most useful is web 2.0. Web 2.0 includes social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, blogs and video and photo uploading sites such as Youtube and Photobucket.Throughout the process I’ve gained a greater appreciation of how important Web 2.0 is now in today’s media savvyworld. Almost absolutely everyone that is part of my target audience regularly uses Web2.0. My target audience isone of the most targeted by media products as they have one of the largest disposable incomes.
  27. 27. More and more producers and marketers of mediaproducts are utilising Web 2.0 to gain feedback from target audiences, promote products and distribute them. I have done this too and found it incredibly useful. However as useful as Web 2.0 is it has a number ofissues such as market saturation; anyone can make a film or blog and this makes it difficult to promote a product in such a competitive market. However arguably Web 2.0helps independent film and media more than it harms it asit enables those with a smaller budget to reach their target audience which would have been virtually impossible before.Web 2.0 not only helps producers and marketers to reachtheir audience but engages the consumer in the creation of products too.