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How to find new customers: Talk to more people


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Business people all over the world are looking for new and alternative ways to market themselves and their businesses.

By going back to good old-fashioned small talk and saying hello to people we don't currently know, more business opportunities and business connections will arise.

People buy from people they know, like and trust, so get to know more people!

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How to find new customers: Talk to more people

  1. People are always searching for new ways to find customers…..
  2. Well, the only way you’ll find them is by talking to more people.
  3. You need to get out from behind your desk …
  4. and start a conversation.
  5. But people will think you are weird if you just walk up to them and start talking…
  6. “You’re weird, what’s that about your dog?”
  7. So start by finding something in common, it’s much easier and far more natural.
  8. Work colleagues will chat
  9. Smokers will chat
  10. Same interest groups will chat
  11. But too many people don’t see the opportunities all around them because…
  12. they are too busy with other things like…
  13. fiddling with their smartphone …
  14. or are busy plugged in….
  15. to notice who is nearby.
  16. You just never know who you are sat next to…
  17. on the train …
  18. in the coffee shop …
  19. at the match …
  20. So find some commonality in the situation and say something like …
  21. “great shot, I’ve not seen you here before, do you come often?”
  22. “boy I’m ready for my latte today”
  23. “Is it a good book?”
  24. Now go out and find someone new to talk to.
  25. Oops, I said talk to ….
  26. • Get out to more places • Aim to speak to 5 new people each day • Mix your destinations up a little • Find the commonality • And start with Hello 
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