How to download online movie, download streaming movie?


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Want to download online movie, download streaming movie? Wondershare streaming video recorder is the best choice to free download online movie.

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  • I've been using Acethinker Video Downloader Online for many years. It is a cloud based software to download streaming videos from websites without install any software in your computer. Simple and free, with no advertising or malware of any kind.
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How to download online movie, download streaming movie?

  1. 1. How to download online movie, download streaming movie?<br />Now there are many movies and videos to watch online. For instance, Netflix provides streaming movies on its official website. Netflix customers can instantly watch the rented movies before receiving DVDs by mail. Cinemanow and Movieflix are popular online movie sites.<br />Some movies are free, but some will come at a price. For the charged streaming movie, it may has some limitations, such as you cannot download streaming movie to you hard disk, you must watch the streaming movies during a month since it was rented, or it is invalid.<br />Do you want to watch streaming movies times and times again without time limitation? If yes, why not download online movie, download streaming movie to your local computer.<br />Wondershare Streaming Video Recorder is a professional application to free download online movie, download streaming movie at will. This Streaming Video Recorder works with a sensitive sniffer to detect any streaming movies which are playing, analyze the real URL and then download the streaming movie through this URL.<br />How to download online movie, download streaming movie?<br />This simple guide will introduce how to download online movie, download streaming movies. In fact, it only needs three steps.<br />Step1: Download and install Wondershare Streaming Video Recorder.<br />Download URL:<br />Step2: Launch Streaming Video recorder. And make sure the sniffer is running.<br />Generally, the sniffer is running by default. But you’d better double check it, or streaming video recorder cannot detect any streaming movie automatically.<br />Then open a movie website like:<br />Step3: Click " Record" to download streaming movie which is playing.<br />When the streaming movie is playing, Streaming Video Recorder will pop up a message window which inquires you whether download current streaming movie or skip it.<br />Tips:Convert the streaming movie to mp4, avi, wmv.<br />Videos saved in google maybe in asf, avi, flv,m4v,mov, sometime, it is not the right format you need for your iphone, iPod or other portable player. Add videos to converting list, and choose any video and audio format you need.<br />Click " Browse" to view the recorded and converted videos.<br />From: Download streaming movie<br />About Wondershare<br />Established in the year of 2003, Wondershare is dedicated to developing innovative multimedia applications for both individual users and business users. Our company name " Wondershare" shows our philosophy - to share our creativity with the world, and bring fun, ease and professionalism to our users. <br />Wondershare strength lies in the in-depth knowledge of digital photo manipulation. We own a number of authorized digital video and audio technologies. In four years, we have boosted our product line from photo software to a series of multimedia software titles.<br />