Enhanced research via software & web tracking


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How client-based tracking via QD can give insight into your customers software & web usage.

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Enhanced research via software & web tracking

  1. 1. Enhanced research via software & web tracking
  2. 2. Nascent Online Metrics In an informal poll, eMarketer asked industry insiders “What single word or phrase would you use to describe the current state of online advertising measurement?”. The answers to the question were telling...
  3. 3. Opportunity Client-Based Consequently, marktforschung.de identi ed client-based tracking as one of the two top opportunities in online market research in a poll among leading market research agencies.
  4. 4. What is QD? QD allows research agencies to track software usage and web site visits. Participants within a selected target group install a client-based tracker application on their desktop that generates detailed activity data. This data is made available for detailed statistical analysis and trend spotting. Research Agency Customer Panel Usage statistics
  5. 5. The Benefits ‣ Objective All data is derived from automated trackers, so there is no subjective interpretation to disrupt your analysis. QD data is 100% objective. ‣ Unique depth Provide your clients with a unique set of data, with deep insight into the habits of their customers or target audience across sites and over time. ‣ Fast and easy Send participants a generated download link of their personal tracker. After a one-click install, tracking starts and real-time analytics are generated.
  6. 6. Proven Technology Substantial Experience Wakoopa was founded in 2006 and has invested more than 15 man years into its state-of-the-art tracking technology. Scalable Technology The technology was pioneered on wakoopa.com, an online platform of 100,000+ members for sharing applications, web sites and games. Extensive Reference Data Wakoopa has logged nearly 1 billion hours of usage on 250.000 applications. Early adopters add new sites within minutes and keep the database up to date.
  7. 7. Deploy as White Label ‣ Spot trends instantly Consumers move quickly and trends appear ahead of the mainstream. Keeping in touch with consumer trends through a fast and objective mechanism allows your clients to identify and capitalize on these trends. ‣ Improve your analysis Factual data derived from detailed usage data is necessary in order to draw correct conclusions and make predictions about the future with con dence. ‣ Enrich research By utilizing a unique set of data in your reports, you enrich your existing research, survey or data set(s) in a new, highly microscopic way.
  8. 8. Several use cases ‣ Multi-Platform Research Web Overall Usage on Web Track both software applications and web visits 1. Facebook (17.93%) 2. Gmail (10.25%) ‣ Clickstream Analysis 3. YouTube (9.76%) Follow e-business consumers across all sites 4. Google Search (6.73%) 5. Google Reader (5.38%) ‣ Social Media Presence 6. Twitter (4.32%) Throughout the Day with Popular Apps 7. Wikipedia (3.17%) 8. FriendFeed (2.23%) erent popular applications. Application usage trend for di Trace brands and content on social media 9. VKontakte (1.80%) ‣ Authority Analysis 10. MySpace (1.63%) Identify which sources are relevant per topic ‣ Internet Ratings Internet ratings for publishers and media www.wakoopa.com 14 THIS REPORT IS COPYRIGHTED. REPRODUCTION OR DISTRIBUTION IS PROHIBITED WITHOUT PRIOR WRITTEN CONSENT.
  9. 9. Case Study: WIRED ‣ Background: WIRED UK Launch In May 2009, Condé Nast launched the rst local edition of WIRED magazine in the UK with a local editorial team in London. ‣ Objective: Brief Advertisers In September 2009, WIRED UK organized the rst WIRED Intelligence Brie ng to inform advertisers about who WIRED UK readers are. ‣ Fieldwork: QD Tracking WIRED UK tracked web site and application usage of 300 members of the WIRED Reader Panel for two weeks. ‣ Analysis: Trends & Preferences Research agency HMDG analyzed the data and presented a report about online and social media behavior of WIRED readers.
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  11. 11. Receive Instant Feedback
  12. 12. Create Advanced Research For an example of what kind of research QD can produce, see Wakoopa’s quarterly “The State of Apps” report, which is freely available for download.
  13. 13. Go-to-Market Partners ‣ Joint Go-to-Market We are looking for agencies to jointly bring QD to market. Wakoopa supplies the technology. The agency provides research expertise and market reach. ‣ Co-development We will work closely with our go-to-market partners. We will fully support the QD technology in launching projects. The partner will be involved in setting future direction as QD evolves into an even more complete offering. ‣ Early adopter license QD is licensed in a tiered model based on active trackers and time. Early adopters are eligible for unlimited use license at an attractive at fee.
  14. 14. Contact us at info@qdtracking.com a service by