Eyewear Free 3 D Tv With Videos


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Eyewear Free 3 D Tv With Videos

  1. 1. The American University In Cairo SCE-BSD Selling today Creating customer valueDesigned and Presented by: Ahmed Kamal Abdel Aziz Team A
  2. 2. Glasses-Free 3D TVToshiba recently unveiled two new 3D TVs which project a 3Dimage without the use of special glasses.The new two 3D TVs are theRegza GL1 series, Regza 20GL1and Regza 12GL1 were unveiledat the Combined Exhibition ofAdvanced Technologies (Ceatec)2010 in Tokyo.
  3. 3. The Product FeaturesRegza 20GL1, a 20-inch flat-panel display with 1,280×720resolution and Regza 12GL1, a12-inch flat-panel display with466×350 resolution, uses autostereoscopic 3D technologywhich include a filter on top ofthe TV that projects the 3Dimage to the viewer.  The stereoscopic 3D technology  No glasses  You can watch our TV from any angle
  4. 4. The Product Benefits Enable you to see in a new different way far more that the normal TV (Enter the new world of 3D view) No more bothering with the headgear (NO need for the special glasses coming with the old visions of 3D TVs) You Can see from any view in the room (walk free)
  5. 5. Detailed overview of the Product Features/ BenefitsThe stereoscopic 3D technologyThis feature is the most important feature because it’s the new technology and thenew way of watching your favored movies & episodes.The 2010 World Cup in South Africa is being filmed in 3D for the first time. Up to25 of the games will be captured using 3D cameras.
  6. 6. Are You Ready For The2010 World Cup In South Africa ?!
  7. 7. Detailed overview of the Product Features/ BenefitsGlasses-Free 3D TVThis feature is the combative edge of our product because no more need forheadgear or any other annoying stuff you get with your traditional 3d TV; Withour product you can watch any movie at any time for any number of viewersbecause you do not related to number of glasses (that came with other TV)
  8. 8. What do you prefer ?!With glasses No glasses Or
  9. 9. Detailed overview of the Product Features/ BenefitsWatch our TV from any angle With our product you can watch the TV from any angle and no need to see from (Square angle) to get the 3d feeling with our product any number of people can watch from any angle and u will get the best view
  10. 10. Product positioningToshiba Regza GL1 series are Eyewear-free 3D,no need for any headgear and can watch from anyangle and for any number. Feel the MOTION
  11. 11. Qualifying Prospects Does the prospect need my product? Does the prospect have the authority to buy my product? Does the prospect have the financial resources to buy my product? Does the prospect have the willingness to buy my product? And by answering those questions, we have efficiency made a perfect segmentation and targeting of our potential customers, which helps us to choose the most suitable prospecting method/way.
  12. 12. Segmentation Our company is targeting customers in two ways and we are focus on the Self-Actualization Segment and we going to target them through:  Life style  Purchasing Power
  13. 13. Segmentation1. Life styleWe will target customers who is spend a lot of timeindoor and really appreciate the good quality of viewing
  14. 14. Segmentation2. Purchasing PowerWe will target customers how can afford the price ofour product (30000 L.E.)
  15. 15. Ways for prospecting Web sites and database Trade shows Advertising & Sales Letters Telemarketing & E-Mail
  16. 16. Ways for prospecting Web sites and databaseWe can use Direct marketing to collect database how those how able to affordour product and then we will contact them .
  17. 17. Ways for prospecting Trade showsWe are going to run trade shows and big conferences to attract the right segmentwe are targeting.
  18. 18. Ways for prospecting Advertising & Sales LettersWe going to do a lot of advertising and send sales letters to who we have in ourdatabase that we collect from the direct marketing.
  19. 19. Ways for prospecting Telemarketing & E-Mail We going to target or potential customers through emails and telemarketing (B2B) depending the database that we have collected from direct marketing.
  20. 20. 3D Pleasure
  21. 21. Thanks For Listening