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Annual report 06 07 (2)


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YMCA Youth & Govt Annual Report 07

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Annual report 06 07 (2)

  1. 1. 2006-2007 Annual Report Our Story Continues 2007 Annual Report
  2. 2. 2006-2007 Annual Report Annual Message 2007 was a year of tremendous accomplishments and milestones for the Washington Youth & Government program. Most importantly, this year marked the 60th anniversary of Youth Legislature and the 20th anniversary of Mock Trial. Thanks to the hard work, creativity, volunteer hours, and financial support of many dedicated supporters, we were able to honor these important programs and look back at the impacts they have had on so many young people over the years. The 60/20 Anniversary included an alumni reunion, a Lucy Helm parade of Washington’s elected and youth governors, and a wonderful celebration banquet attended by over 600 students, advisors, alumni, and supporters. Former Chief Justice Robert Utter, a member of the 1947 Youth Legislature, was honorary co-chair of the Anniversary Committee. Joining him in this role were long time state Senator Sid Snyder and Former Secretary of State Ralph Munro. Their witty and inspiring remarks at the banquet were a testament to the impact of Youth & Government programs on our state and its leaders. They also reminded us that even in a rapidly changing world, Youth & Government programs continue to teach and inspire hundreds of Washington State youth each year. Once again this year, thanks to supporters like you, we exceeded our ambitious target for our annual campaign, raising over half the funds needed to operate Youth & Government programs. As you are aware, the programs are operated entirely on contributions and program fees, so your continuing support is critical to our success. This year we also received a financial boost and vote of confidence from the Washington State Legislature. We are proud to report that during the 2007 session, legislators found Youth & Government to be critical to improving the quality of civic education around the state and appropriated
  3. 3. Page $50,000 in the biennium budget to assist Youth Government in meetingthis goal. Over the next two years we will use these funds to developprograms in underserved areas and populations within our state.Youth Government is fortunate to have a group of talented and tirelessvolunteers who participate as members of our Board of Directors. Thisyear, we say goodbye and thank you to several board members whohave provided immeasurable support to the program. Included in thisgroup are Garrison Kurtz who played an instrumental role in supportingour annual campaign over the 5 years he was on the board; and JudgeWilliam Downing, Mock Trial Program Chair through 2006, and this year’srecipient of the Utter Award for distinguished service to youth. Specialthanks also to Pam Curtis-Bjornsen, who steps down after over 15 yearsof board service, including 8 years as Board Chair. Pam has served theprogram since 1981 when she was Washington’s Youth Governor. Herleadership, organization, fundraising skills, good humor, and devotion tothe program will be difficult to replace.Thank you for participating in our anniversary events, volunteering forprogram activities and providing financial and volunteersupport for the continued expansion of the YouthLegislature and Mock Trial programs around the state.We are enclosing a commemorative book from the 60/20Anniversary celebration. We hope you enjoy readingthe story of Youth Government. As the year and ouranniversary celebrations come to a close, we are not closingthe book; we are writing a new chapter. Thank you for beinga part of the YMCA Youth Government story! Lucy Helm Janelle D. Nesbit Janelle D. Nesbit Board Chair Executive Director
  4. 4. 2006-2007 Annual Report 2007-2008 Board of Directors Lucy Helm*, Chair Stuart Elway* Starbucks Corporation Elway Research Enid Layes*, Vice Chair Chris Koenig* Koenig Chevrolet-Subaru Sam Bovard, Treasurer Key Bank Jim Ferrell King County Prosecutor’s Office Jennifer Joly, Secretary Jim Bricker* Joan Yoshitomi, Past Chair PEMCO Financial Services Louis Brotherton, Judge Robert Lewis Mock Trial Representative Clark County Superior Court Erik Ashida, Michael Miles Youth Governor Lawton Printing, Inc Mike Egan* Noah Davis* Microsoft Corporation In Pacta Lawyers, PLLC Don Brevik Dwayne Slate* YMCA of Tacoma-Pierce CountyResponsibility
  5. 5. Page 2007-2008 Advisory Board Sam Reed Secretary of State Sharon Tomiko Santos WA State House of Representatives Scott Washburn, COO/SVP YMCA of Greater Seattle Ralph Munro Former Secretary of State Justice Robert Utter* Washington State Supreme Court, Retired YMCA Youth Government Staff Janelle D. Nesbit, Executive Director Sarah Clinton*, Program Director Kandi Lee, Administrative Coordinator*Alumni of the Youth Legislature or Mock Trial programs
  6. 6. 2006-2007 Annual Report Motto Democracy must be learned by each generation. Vision New generations of ethical and informed, public-minded citizens. Mission Teach Democratic values and skills to youth through hands on experience. Board of Directors Strategic Goals (2007-2009) 1) Increase participation in Youth Government programs with emphasis on geographic, economic and ethnic diversity. 2) Enhance the consistency and quality of local Mock Trial and Youth Legislature programs. 3) Increase and diversify Youth Government financial resources. 4) Ensure the staff and volunteer resources necessary to accomplish Goals 1, 2 and 3. “Democracy is more than being governed by a majority vote. It is a process in government which must be learned and earned by each succeeding generation. Youth cannot inherit democracy. They achieve it as adults provide opportunities and leadership.” -Dr. Earle T. Hawkins, Chair, Maryland Youth Government (1940s)
  7. 7. Page Because of the amazing time that I had at Mock Trial and the State CompetitionI have a much better understanding of the judicial system. This program hasalso brought me closer to many people in my class by working closely withthem in preparing different parts of the trial and watching and cheering themon at state. I am very grateful that I have had this opportunity to representmy school and have an unforgettable experience with my classmates, friends,teachers, and volunteers. Peter Mallahan, student 2007Youth and Government relies on the support of the community. So manypeople have contributed their time, expertise and money to our program allthese years it is only fitting that our delegations learn to be active in their localcommunities. We are taught that community involvement is a life responsibilityand can happen on any scale. Whether it is school or community activities,working fundraisers or giving to them, helping a campaign or running foroffice, there is always room to contribute. It is our privilege, our responsibility,and we believe, our duty. As the motto goes, we believe that, “Democracy must be learned by eachgeneration.” We have a responsibility to learn it, and a responsibility to teachit. YMCA Youth and Government gives us the platform to do both, while givingeveryone involved memories to last a lifetime. Ken Heidi Simpson, alumni 1984 YL Advisors Parents 2007
  8. 8. 2006-2007 Annual Report Mock Trial Program Highlights • 46 teams competed in 6 district competitions around the state • 33 schools were involved in Mock Trial statewide • FOUR teams represented Washington State at two national competitions: National High School Mock Trial Championship Seattle Prep American Mock Trial Invitational University Prep, Eastside Catholic, Franklin • Snohomish County hosted its first district competition in several years • Expanded collaboration with the Washington State Trial Lawyers, WSBA, Young Lawyers and the Washington Judges’ Foundation Inns of Court scholarship winner The Honorable Robert J. Bryan American Inn of Court partnered with YMCA Mock Trial again this year to offer a $1,000 college scholarship to a graduating senior who exemplifies the values of professionalism, ethics, civility, legal skills, and understanding of the YMCA core values – honesty, respect, responsibility, caring, faith and fun. This year’s award recipient was Sofia Noorani from Tri-Cities Prep. Judge Stephanie Arend (left) Jill Stone (center) present Sofia Norrani YMCA Mock Trial - A Story of Service with Inns of Court scholarship The YMCA Mock Trial Program would not be possible without the continued support of Washington’s legal community. Over one hundred attorneys and judges volunteer their time to preside over and rate local and state competitions. Legal professionals throughout the state also volunteer hundreds of hours each year helping students learn courtroom procedures, research case law and develop courtroom strategies. By developing relationships with local attorneys and judges students gain an understanding of our democratic system of government as well as a respect for the judicial process and those who work within it.
  9. 9. Page Mock Trial My Mock Trial Story: Louis Brotherton, student 2007 Mock Trial is not just debate, not just theatre, and not just law. It is a mental battle, fought in a court room, combining elements of theatre, law, debate, and speech. Mock Trial is the single best experience of my High School career. Through Mock Trial I have learned a great deal about trial litigation, gained confidence in my public speaking, and made life long friendships. Participation in Mock Trial is an emotional roller coaster. In my time in the program I have experienced the ecstasy of a state championship and the disappointment and disbelief of a lost round; and as a result I have grown, matured, and witnessed the same growth in my teammates. There is no doubt that when I look back on my time in high school, Mock Trial will be what I remember most fondly. Mock Trial is a fantastic program and it is worth every minute. Special Thanks Thank you to Washington State Supreme Court Justice Jim Johnson for presiding over the Championship Round of the 2007 State Competition!Respect
  10. 10. 2006-2007 Annual Report Youth Legislature Program Highlights • 460 students involved in 29 local programs statewide • Delegates served in 6 legislative chambers • 3 new delegations – including one from Spokane • Addition of District 5 on the Olympic Peninsula • Support of Sid Snyder, Ralph Munro and Justice Utter as honorary co- chairs of the Anniversary Celebration • Anniversary events including: Alumni Reception, Banquet, Procession of Governors and publication of the 60/20 Commemorative Book and video YMCA Youth Legislature - A Story of Dedication For the past 60 years the success of YMCA Youth Legislature has lied in the hands of program volunteers. Nearly half of the delegates attending the 60th session stay with host families around the Olympia area; adult advisors, parents, teachers and YMCA staff members spend hundreds of hours each year teaching delegates the processes of state government. Your time and energy is an investment not only in the futures of individual students, but in that of our state as a whole. The dedicated support of individuals around Washington made it possible for Youth Government to subsidize student participation fees by 40%. Your contributions also made the Youth Government programs accessible to students around the state through $3,324 in individual scholarships. Caring
  11. 11. Page 10 Youth LegislatureLegislation Passed by the 60th Youth LegislatureHB 100 Limiting Allowable Work Hours for Medical ProfessionalsHB 110 Expanding the Definition of Hate CrimesHB 15 Inclusion of Braille Values on Paper MoneyHB 21 Lowering the Age of Mandatory School AttendanceHB 33 Limiting Awards in Medical Malpractice CasesHB 39 Requiring Foreign Language Education in K-12HB46 Ending Affirmative Action for Application into Higher EducationHB 75 Allowing the Hunting of SasquatchHB 93 Definition of Traffic Safety CourseHB 97 Mandatory Hand WashingSB 2 Legalizing HempSB 23 Voting w/o Selecting a PartySB 27 Instant Runoff VotingSB 312 Removing “Under God” from the Pledge of AllegianceSB 32 Cities w/1,000+ Required to Have a Biofuel PumpSB 330 Action in DarfurSB 48 Regarding a Mortician’s Disclosure of Information w/o ConsentSB 5 Unfair Practices of Employers Regarding Sexual Orientation My Youth Legislature Story: Erik Ashida, 61st Youth Governor In 1965, Lyndon Johnson told the graduating class of Howard University “it is the glorious opportunity of this generation to end the one huge wrong of the American Nation and, in so doing, to find America for ourselves, with the same immense thrill of discovery which gripped those who first began to realize that here, at last, was a home for freedom…” These words are still true a generation later. Young peoplediscovering what our country and its institutions mean to them and howthey can contribute continues in the YMCA Youth Legislature Program.The program gives us unparalleled access to the institutions of our stategovernment. It enables us to not only learn about these institutions, but tomake them our own.
  12. 12. 2006-2007 Annual Report 2007 YMCA Youth Government Participants Youth Legislature Delegations Whatcom (YMCA) Southridge High School Monroe (YMCA) Tri-Cities Prep Southeast (YMCA) Port Townsend High School (2) Northshore (YMCA) Central Kitsap High School Sammamish (YMCA) Camas High School Metro Delegation (YMCA) Columbia High School MMEM (YMCA) Evergreen High School Seattle Academy of Heritage High School Arts and Sciences Fort Vancouver High School (3) Bellevue (YMCA) Ridgefield High School Shoreline (YMCA) Hudson’s Bay High School Lakeside Eastside Catholic (2) West Seattle (YMCA) Franklin High School (2) South King (YMCA) International Community School Normandy Park Seattle Academy of Tacoma (YMCA) Arts and Sciences (2) Lakewood (YMCA) Seattle Parks and Recreation Holy Rosary Chief Sealth High School Thurston (YMCA) Roosevelt High School Grays Harbor (YMCA) Liberty High School Olympic Peninsula (YMCA) Mercer Island High School (2) South Puget Sound Renton High School Community College Seattle Prep (3) Heritage High School University Prep (3) Mt. View High School Archbishop Murphy (3) Stevenson High School Marysville-Pilchuck High School Dayton High School Meadowdale High School Walla Walla High School The River Academy Bickleton Mount Spokane High School Yakima (YMCA) Meridian High School Spokane (YMCA) Windward High School Lynden High School Mock Trial Teams Kennewick High School (# of teams if greater than 1) Richland High School
  13. 13. Page 12 Conference on National Affairs My CONA Story: Alex Mech, student 2007 Five hundred teens from all over the US represent their Youth Government programs, their states, and their beliefs. Even with the tremendous differences we have, we still come together every year in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina to share our common passion for democracy and our common identity as Americans. It is this collaborative experience which puts in our hearts an even deeper appreciation of freedom, leads us to gain the famous “Blue Ridge Spirit,” and bonds us together, creating friendships that last a lifetime.2007 Washington DelegationOver the 4th of July, seven students from the Washington Youth GovernmentProgram represented our state at the 40th Annual YMCA Youth Conferenceon National Affairs in Black Mountain, NC. Students wrote proposals onissues ranging from the regulation of dietary supplements to creating a systemof proportional representation in the US House of Representatives. TheWashington Delegation was recognized with the honor of Premier Delegation forthe third year in a row! Honesty
  14. 14. 2006-2007 Annual Report Percentage ofYour Support Percentage of Student Fees Supported Your In 2007 Student Fees Supported Counted! Percentage Your Contributions in Students paid byYour Contributions in 2007 Contributions by of Student Fees Supported Your Your 2007 Contributions Students paid Students paid by Your Contributions in 2007 Contributions 40% 60% Your contribution reduced student fees by: 40% 60% 40% per student in Youth Legislature • $159 60% Your Support of Student Fees • $158 per student in Mock Trial 40% 60% Total costs per student in 2007 were: 1 2 • $359 per Youth Legislature delegate • $198 per Mock Trial participant 1subsidized by contributions 2 1 2paid by students 2007 participation: • 460 students participated in the 60th Session • 556 students participated in the Mock Trial Program Mary Pryor and fellow advisor James Rosensweig 2007 student fees: • $200 for Youth Legislature • $30 + team fees for Mock Trial Distircts • $30 + team fees for Mock Trial State Watching the students work on bills and listening to their endless debates is a reminder of why I became a teacher in the first place. Youth Government has had a lasting, positive effect on our students. - Mary Pryor, Dayton HS teacher and YL advisor (2007)Fun!
  15. 15. Page 14 2006-2007 Financial SummaryPublic Support and RevenuesContributions $140,000Grants $35,600Participant Fees $113,500Endowment Spending Allowance $3,824All other income (special events, training workshops, inner-assoc. transfers) $11,500Total Support and Revenues $304,424ExpensesSalaries (2.5 FTE) $126,320Program Supplies* $17,500Telephone $4,500Postage $6,750Rent $5,940Equipment $500Printing $17,500Training $1,500Travel $4,500Operations expenses (service fees, volunteer committee expenses, org. dues) $26,094Subsidized program expenses* (Youth Leg, Mock Trial CONA) $79,896Individual need scholarships and program fee awards ** $3,324Reserves $10,000Total Expenses $304,424*subsidized through annual support, foundations, grants and sponsorships**Scholarships and Direct Individual Program Awards (Mock Trial, Youth Leg, and CONA)Assets 2006-07EndowmentsGeneral YG Endowment $41,401.22Foster Scholarship $3,746.81Bill Sieverling Youth Gov $51,772.29Reserve Account Balance $92,846.03This reserve fund is made up of funds that Youth Government brought when it left Y-USA,plus funds set aside each month from it’s operations. It has been decreased with a deficit, andincreased with a surplus.Year-end Balance 2006 $96,920.32
  16. 16. 2006-2007 Annual Report Robert F. Utter Award Judge William Downing: Recipient of the 2006 Robert F. Utter Award Each year YMCA Youth Government recognizes one individual in the state of Washington for ethical leadership, commitment to the ideals of democracy, civic responsibility and service to the community by presenting them with the Robert F. Utter Award. This year’s recipient of the Utter Award was Judge William Downing of the King County Superior Court. Judge Downing began working with the Mock Trial Judge William Downing, program after being appointed to the Superior Court by King County Governor Booth Gardner in 1989. Since then he has Superior Court served on the Board of Directors as Program Chair, written and edited several mock cases, and organized the King County District Competition. In addition to Mock Trial, Judge Downing is involved in the Bench-Bar-Press Committee and the WA Pattern Jury Instruction Committee. In an interview taken after being presented with the 2005 Washington State Trial Lawyer’s Association Judge of the Year Award, Downing said he is involved with these programs in an effort to “de-mystify the law...and get information about the justice system to people who are primarily outside of it.” Judge Downing is known statewide for his professionalism and dedication. YMCA Youth Government thanks Judge Downing for his work and commitment to the legal education of Washington citizens. Judge Downing has always been a bright star in whatever he chose to do. The YMCA Youth Government Program has been fortunate to be the recipient of his dedication and industry in their Mock Trial program since 1989. The participants have had the benefit of a splendid role model in their work with him, which in turn serves as a catalyst for encouraging adoption of his values in their choice of a career. I am honored to have my name associated with Judge Downing and thank him for his involvement in this worthwhile program. Justice Robert F. Utter Washington State Supreme Court, Retired
  17. 17. Page 16 What’s Your Youth Government Story?The Story ContinuesThe stories here would not be possible without the continued support ofindividuals and organizations who value the democratic future of WashingtonState. 40% of Youth Government’s annual operating budget is collectedthrough our annual fundraising campaign each fall. We look forward tocontinuing our community partnerships over the next year.2007-2008 Student feesYouth Leg Participation fee $200Mock Trial District fees $30 per student + team costsMock Trial State fees $30 per student + team costs2007-08 BudgetProposed Youth Leg and Mock Trial Operating Budget $308,424Estimated program fees $116,000Anticipated foundation/sponsorships/special events $77,424Need for additional support $115,000Faith
  18. 18. 2006-2007 Annual Report Opportunities for Support CONA was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I have truly grown as a person and have learned a lot about myself. Rachel Leavitt-Baron, student (2007) Leadership Giving Levels Ambassador - $10,000+ Founder - $5,000 - $9,999 Benefactor – $2,500 - $4,999 Champion - $1,500 - $2,499 Governor’s Cabinet/Amicus Circle - $1,000 - $1,499 Builder Giving Levels Sustainer - $500 - $999 Friends - $250 - $499 Supporters - up to $249 Be a part of the next chapter... Write your own page in the history of YMCA Youth Government. Below are a variety of ways you can support the future of our democracy by getting involved! • Volunteer with a local YMCA or school program • Participate in program committee meetings • Judge students during regional or state Mock Trial competitions • Provide expertise during statewide training events • Offer to host Youth Legislature delegates during session in Olympia • Guide the future of the organization as a member of the Board of Directors • Sustain programs through an individual or corporate contribution • Make an in-kind donation of program materials, food, meeting space or merchandise
  19. 19. Page 18Join YMCA Youth Government in buildinga brighter future forWashington!
  20. 20. 2006-2007 Annual Report YMCA Youth Government PO Box 193 Olympia, WA 98507 (360) 357-3475