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      The controvsrsy           the pcrsonality
     The controversy ...
     Thc lslamic view        Jcsus lics bctwecntwo cxtrems. The Jcws, who
     The Islamic vie...
       Whcn Mary bccameIa womrn, thc Holy Spirit (the Archan...
Thatis Jesus, son of Mary, in word of truth, concerning which they are
    That Jesus, son ofMary,                oftruth,...
He will .ssuredly muster them to Him, .11 of them.
Ha will issuradly mustcr thcm                dl   them.
Jesuswas a link in a long chain of prophets and messengcrs
     Jesus was a link in a long chain of prophets and messenger...
and II witt put My words in his mouth, and he shall spaat tothem all that II
and will put My words in hismouth" and he sha...
message. This explains the second characteristic.
      mcssagc.This explains thc sccond characteristic-

2.    Only Pr...
Youhave scnt down, and we followthe Messenger. lnscribe us therefore
You have sent down, and we follow the Messenger. Insc...
      After rcading this prescntation a believing Christian might ...
politicel purpolcs. Litcrally, hundreds of gorpelc and religious writinp
      political purposes. Literally,           of...
9         concept thc Trinity is            coursc, available cven thc prcsent
      The concept of the Trinity is not...
      Thc religious vicws concerning Cod, the Bible, and Man's rclation...
d)    The instinct of many peoplc (some of whom think they are Christians)
      The instinct of many people (some of w...
     Dcspitc thescfactors, and some others which II did not mention, t...
M. M. Pi...
     Thc lrlamic rocount Jccur'r           and mislion ir quitc rcaronebleand puts
    The Isl...
CHRISTIANS                     THE SON     GOD?
Dear sir,
Dcer rir,...
Christianity, was a Hellenized Jew, who never saw or met Jesus during his
Christienrty, wrs   Hellcnizcd Jcw,             ...
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  1. 1. TheTruthAbout BY Dr. ManehHammad al-Johani Tb CooFEflyc For f Cdd|# b Oicr Cdt nlyldi.rJ.lbrA||. F|sl oto.l.Dd Tel.: 2dm28. . 2SfieaEt POBor 5l5U English 82
  3. 3. PREFACE PREFAGE The controvsrsy the pcrsonality The controversy about the personality of Jesus Christ is the major Jcsus is thc lifference between Islam and Christianity. This difference keeps the followers lifferencc betwecn and differcnce keepsthe followers .r the two religions apart. Muslims look at Jesus Christ as a great Prophet of lf thc religions Jesus as a grcat :Iod and love and respect him as much as they love and respect Abraham, iod and love and respcct as much as thcy love and respcct ~oses and Muhammad. Christians on the other hand consider Jesus as God or Vloses and Christians thc othcr hand considcr Jcsusas ,on .on of God. a concept that Muslims cannot accept. Islam teaches that Jesus God, a conccpt acsept. teachcs Jesus lever made such a claim for himself. As a matter of fact all the cardinal rcver made such a himsclf. a mattcr fact loctrines of Christianity that are rejected by Islam center around the loctrines are rejected center the .ersonality of Jesus. Specifically these are: rcrsonality Jesus. Specifically these arc: . The Trinity Trinity ~'. The Divinity of Jesus !..The Jesus ~. The Divine Sonship of Christ l. Sonship k Original Sin. and f. Sin, and i. Atonement. f. Atonement. It is clear that all these dogmas are the result of over-exhalting Jesus Christ is clcar thcsedogmasare the rcsult over-exhaltingJesusChrist rbove wants bc. Thesediffercncesfocusing personality lbove what God wants him to be. These differences focusing on the personality )f Jesus have overshadowed the many similaritic:s between Christianity and rf Jesus haye overshadowcdthe many similaritics between Christianity and slam. Some examples are the moral system and the emphasis on humane slam. Some examples are the moral system and the emphasis humane )rinciples. They have even over-shadowed the beliefs that Muslims associate rrinciples. have even over-shadowed the beliefs Muslims associatc vith Jesus Christ such as the Virgin Birth of Jesus, being able to speak in the vith Jesus such as the Jesus,being able spcak the ;radle, :radle, performing miracles, and the second coming of Jesus Christ. miracles,and the second coming JesusChrist. articles prcsenting The following two articles aim at presenting a true picture of Jesus in Islam picture Jcsus lslam .nd explaining why the Christians deviated from his original teachings. The first ,nd explaining the Christiansdcviated his original teachings. Thc first Irticle also indicates that many scholars and thinkers, who are still within the rrticle also indicatcs many scholarsand thinkers, are the Christianity,arc gradually coming old of Christianity, are gradually coming to agree with the Islamic points of agrce the lslamic points 'iew about Jesus, many cases 'iew about Jesus, in many cases without realizing it. This corresponds to my realizing corresponds onviction that the more scientific and biblical studies advance, the more they the more scientificand biblical studiesadvance,the morc they vill agree Islam. other words,thc Islamic viii agree with Islam. In other words, the Islamic truth is more evident with the is more evident the )assage time. the lassage of time. God in the Holy Quran hints to this in the following verse: Quran hints the verse: We shall show them Our signs in the horizons and in themselves, till it shall show signs horizons and in themselves, s clear to them that it is the truth. (41:531 them it (41 :53) lt. J. M.J.
  4. 4. It{TFODUCTIOTU INTRODUCTION Thc lslamic view Jcsus lics bctwecntwo cxtrems. The Jcws, who The Islamic view of Jesus lies between two extremes. The Jews, who rcjcctedJcsusas a Prophet God, calledhim an impostor.The Christianson rejected Jesus as a Prophet of God., called him an impostor. The Christians on the other hand, considerhim to bc the son God and wonhip him as such. the other hand, consider him to be the son of God and worship him as such. Islamconsidcrs Jesus onc thc grcat Prophets God and respccts as as him Islam considers Jesus as one of the great Prophets of God and respects him as much as Abraham, Mosesand Muhammad.This is in conformity with the much as Abraham, Moses and Muhammad. This is in conformity with the Islamicpoint of vicw thc oncness God,theoncncss Divineguidancc, and Islamic point ofview of the oneness of God, the oneness of Divine guidance, and the complimcntary role thc subscqucnt mcssages God'smcsscngcrs. the complimentary role of the subsequent messages of God's messengers. The Thc csscnce lslam,whichis thc willingsubmission the to God,wls revealcd essence of Islam, which is the willing submission to the will of God, was revealed to Adam who passed on to his chidlrcn. followingrevelations Noah, to Adam who passed it on to his chidlren. All fohowing revelations to Noah, to Abraham,Moses, Jesus and finally Muhammadwerein conformitywith that Abraham, Moses, Jesus and finally Muhammad were in conformity with that messagc addition somcelaboration definetherelationbetween man and message in addition to some elaboration to define the relation between man and God, man and man, man and his environment, and live.according God's God, man and man, man and his environment, and to live.according to God's instructions. Thus, any contradiction among revealed r~ligions is viewed by instruc'tions. Thus, any contradictionamong rcvealcdreligionsis viewcdby Islam as a man-madc elcmentintroduced into thcscreligions. The position Islam as a man-made element introduced into these religions. The position of Jesus the threemajor religions: Judaism, Christianityand Islam,shouldnot Jesus in the three major religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam, should not be an cxoeption. be an exception. Although the Qur'an docsnot prcscnta dctailedlife-account Jcsus, Although the Qur'an does not present a detailed life-account of Jesus, it highlightsthe important aspccts his birth, his mission,his asccnsion highlights the important aspects of his birth, his mission, his ascension to to heaven and passess judgcmcntson the Christian beliefs concerning him. hcaven and passessjudgements on thc Christianbcliefsconcerning him. MARY The Qura'nicaccount Jesus startswith the conception his mother, The Qura'nic account of Jesus starts with the conception of his mother, Mary. Thc wife Imran, Mary's mother,vowedto dedicate child to the hcr Mary. The wife of Imran, Mary's mother, vowed to dedicate her child to the scrvice God the temple.Zacharia,who took charge Mary, used find service of God in the temple. Zacharia, who took charge of Mary, used to fiRd food with Mary. Whenheasked howshcgot she hcr that wasfrom food with Mary, When he asked her how she got it she answered that it was from answercd God. The Quranicverscs read: God, The Quranic verses read: When 'Lord, you, dedication, lmran said. have When the wife of Imran said, 'Lord, I have vowedto you, in dedication, within womb. Pleaseaccept mq yott are the what is within my womb. Please accept it from me, you are the Hearer and shegave hirth 'Lord,l Knowe,', And when she gave birth to her she said, 'Lord, I have given birth Knower'. And she said, havegiven ta her, female... And have namcd her dnd commend to her, a female... And I have named her Mary and commend her to You toYou seed, protacttham the accursedSatan.' Lord received with her seed, to protect them from the accursedSatan. ' Her Lordreceived the child with gracious favour, and by His goodness she grew up comely, favour, goodnasssDa comely, charge of hel Whenever Zacharia Zacharis taking charge of her. Whenever Zacharia went to her in the Zacharia senctuary, provisioned 'Mary', said, 'how comes this sanctuary, he found her provisioned.. 'Mary', he said, 'how comas this to 'From youT 'From God', sha answa red. Truly Godprovisions for whomsoever He you?' God, she answered. Truly God provisions whomsoevar will without reckoning. (3:35-71 will without reckoning. (3:35·7) - 5 s_ _-
  5. 5. GLAD TIDINGS AND JESUS'S BIRTH GLAD TIDINGS AND JESUS·S BIRTH Whcn Mary bccameIa womrn, thc Holy Spirit (the Archangcl Gabricl) When Mary became woman, the Holy Spirit (the Archangel Gabriel) appcaredto her as ra mrn bringing her the ncwsof a son.We readthe following appeared to her as man bringing her the news of a son. We read the following dialoguein thc Qur'an bctwecnMary and thc angcls: dialogue in the Qur'an between Mary and the angels: 'MEry, God gives you good Whan the angels said, ·Mary. God gives Yougood tidings of a Word When dngels said, of a Word from Him whose name is A'fsssre Jesus. son of MarY;high honoured shall from Him whose iamers Messiah Jesus, son ofMary; high honouredshall h he he in this world and thd next. near stationed to God. He shall speak to he be in world and the next, near stationed to God. He shall speak to cradle. and of age.and righteoushe shall be.''Lord', saidMary' man in the cradle,and of age. and righteous he shallbe. • ·Lord·. saidMary. men in 'how shatt have a son seeing no mortal has touched me?· 'Even so' he ·how shall II have a son seeing no mortal has touched me7 ·Even so· he said. 'God creates what He will.'• When He decrees a thing He does but say said,·God creates will. decrees does sa| u to it. "Be"n and it is.' (3:45-7) to it, uBe • and it is.'(3:45'4 Mary conccivcd child miraculopsly retircdto a distantplacewhere conceived the the miraculoJ,lsly and retired and distant place wherc shcawaitedhcr dclivery.The Qur'anin a chapter she awaited her delivery. The Qur'an chapter entitled'Mary'tellsus how entitled 'Mary' tells us how Mary felt and what the Jcwstold her when shebrought the child home: felt and what the Jews her when she brought the child home: She concaived him and withdrew with him to a distant place. And the Sheconceived him withdrew with him place. And birthpangs surprised her bY the trunk of the palm-tree.She said. ·would I birthpangssurprised by the trunk the palm-tree. She said,'would had died before this. and become a thing forgotten.' The one from below had hefore this, hecome forgotten. • The 'Do her cal:~d to hp.... ·00 not grieve; see, your Lord hasset below you I rivulet tal!.td he,, see. Lordhas set a and shake you thepalmtrunk, there shallcometumbling upon and shake toward you the palmtrunk, and there shall come tumbling upon you dateslresh ripe. Eattherefore. drink, and be comforted;and if you dates fresh and ripe. Eat therefore, and drink. andbe comforted; andif mortal, say,"l have vowed All'Merciful fast, you should see any mortal. say, "1 have vowed to the All-Merciful a fast, you should see today wilt not speak any man." Then shebrought and today I will not speak to any man. " Then she brought the child to her 'Mdry, you have surely folk carrying him; and they said. 'Mary. you have surely committed a folk they said, monstrous thing. Aaron, Your was not wicked man, monstrous thing. Sister of Aaron, your father was not a wicked man, nor was your mother a woman unchaste. • Mary pointed to the child; but they was your mother a woman unchaste.' pointed to the child; they 'How shall we speak to one who is still in the cradle. a little child?' He said, 'How shattwe speakto one who is stitlinthe cradle,a little child?'He said, 'Lo. am God's servant;God hasgiven me the Bookand made me a said. 'Lo, II am God's servant; God has given me the Book and made me a said, Prophet.Blessed hasmade me, wherever may be;and He hasenioined Prophet. Blessed He has made me, wherever II may be; andHe has enjoined Ha me to pray, and to give the alms, so long as live, and likewiseto cherish me to pray. and to give the alms, so long as II live. and likewise to cherish my mother; He has not made me arrogant or wicked. Peace he upon me, my mother; He has not made me arrogant or wicked Peace be upon me, th,edaV was born, and the day die, and the day am raised up alive-' the day II was born, and the day II die. and the day II am raised up alive.' (19:22-23) (l9:22'23) NOT THE SON OF GOD NOT THE SON OF GOD In the same chapter, following the above quotation, God assured In the same chapter, following the above quotation, God assured Muhammadand the wholeworld that what wasmentioned aboveis fhe truth Muhammad and the whole world that what was mentioned above is the truth might not bclicve Jcsus not thc sonof it. is about Jesus although the Christians might not believe it. Jesus is not the son of about Jesus althoughthe Christians God. Hc was,obviouslyenough,the son of Mary. The verses continue: God. He was, obviously enough, the son of Mary. The verses continue: -6-
  6. 6. Thatis Jesus, son of Mary, in word of truth, concerning which they are That Jesus, son ofMary, oftruth, doubting. lt is not for God to take a son unto Him, Glory be to Himl When He doubting. It Godto take Him. Himl decrees a thing, He but says to it "8e", and it is. (l9:34-Sl decrees thing. but says "Be", is. (19:34-5) After this strong statementabout thc nature of Jesus,God directed this strong statement about the nature Jesus, God directed Muhammad call the Christians a fair dcal:to worshipthe one God: Muhammad to call the Christians to fair deal: worship the one God: Surely God is my Lord, andyour Lord, so sarveHim. Ihis rs the straight Surely Lard,and your Lord, serve Him. This is straight path. f l9:36) path. (19:36) The rejection of the idea God having son is reported laterin thc samc The rejection the idcaof God havinga sonis rcported later the same chapter with even stronger words: chaptcrwith cvcnstrong€r words: 'The All-merciful And they say, 'The All-merciful has taken unto Himself a son.' You And say, taken son.' You have indeed advancedsomething hideous. The heavens dre well nigh rent advanced hideous. The heavensare of it and the earth split asunder, and the mountains well nigh fall down the split asunder, the mountains crashing for that they have attributed to the All-merciful a son: and it crashing that they have the son: behoves not the All-merciful to take a son. None is there in the heavens behoves the All-merciful take son.None there heavens earth comes the as servant.(l9:88-931 and earth but he comes to the All-merciful as a servant. (19:88-93) The Qur'an recognizes fact that Jesus the had no humanfather but this The Qur'an recognizes the fact that Jesus had no human father but this docs not make him the son God God Himself.By this criterionAdam does not make him the son of God or God Himself. By this criterion Adam would havebeen more entitled be the son God because he had neithcra he would have beenmore entitled to be the son of God because had neither a fathernor a mother. So,the Qur'an draws attention themiraculous to creation father nor a mother. So, the Qur'an draws attention to the miraculous creation of both in the following verse: both the followingverse: likenesso/ Jesus, God's sight, r'sas likeness;He Truly the likeness of Jesus, in God's sight. is as Adam's likeness: He fruly him, "8e", was. (3:59) created him of dust. then said He unto him, "Be", and he was. (3:59) created ol dust, then said He The Qur'an rejccts concept the Trinity as stronglyas rejects the the The Qur'an rejects the concept of the Trfnity as strongly as it rejects the sonship Jesus.This is bccause God is One. This is the cssence all sonship of Jesus. This is because God is One. This is the essence of all Thrce,by reason and by simplearithmetic, notare monotheistic revelations. Three, by reason and by simple arithmetic, are not monotheistic rcvelations. one.The Qur'anaddresses Christians thc followingvcrses thc chapter the in in one. The Qur'an addresses the Christians in the following verses in the chapter cntitled*'Women". entitled "Women". People the Book, go not beyond bounds your religion, People of the Book, go not beyond the bounds in your religion. and saysay as to God but the Truth. TheMessiah, Jesu,s, of Mary, was only the san not as to God but the Truth. The Messiah. Jesus, son ofMary, was only the Messenger of God, and His Word that He committed to Mary, and a spirit Messenger God, His Word that He committed to Mary, a spirit from Him. So believe God and His Messengers, sdy not.'Three', from Him. So believe in God and His Messengers, and say not. 'Three', you. God One God. Glory be to - He Refrain. better is it for you. God is only One God. Glory be to Him - that He Refrain, better is should have a sonl To Him belongsall that is in the heavensand in the should have a son! To Him belongs all that is in the heavens and in the earth, God suffices for a guardian. earth, God suffices for a guardian. The Messiah will not disdainto be a servantof God,neither the angels The Messiah will not disdain to be a servant of God, neither the angels who are closeto Him. Whosoaverdisdainslo serva Him and waxesproud, who are close to Him. Whosoever disdains to serve Him and waxes proud, _7_ -7 -
  7. 7. He will .ssuredly muster them to Him, .11 of them. Ha will issuradly mustcr thcm dl them. thc bcliavcrt , do dccds righteousnass,He will paythem As for the believers, who do deeds of righteousness, He willpay them thair rewards and He will givc thcm mora, of His bounty; as their rewards in full, andHe willgive them more, ofHis bounty; liS for them them who disdain lind wax proud, them He will punish with a SIlVllre disdain and wax proud. thcm Hc will punish E scvcrc punishment, and thllY shall not find for them, aparl from God, a friend or punishment, thay shall find lor apart God, efriand helpar. l4:t 7l -Jl helper. (4:171-3) The vcrses continuc draw theattcntionof pcople, pcople, the proof The verses continue to draw the attention ofpeople, all people, to tbe proof which Muhammadbrought.God knowsthat pcoplefrequentlyinhcrit certain which Muhammad brought. God knows that people frequently inherit certain ideas and bcliefs which include, among other things, the mistakesand ideas and beliefs which include, among other things, the mistakes and interpretations prcviousgenerations. They haveno way discovcring interpretations of previous generations. They have no way of discovering suchsuch mistakcs thcmsclvcs. Thus God prescntsthc Qur'an as a mistakes for themselves. Thus God presents the Qur'an as a proof to such such peoplc.He says: people. He says: o men manifest proof hasnaw come toyou O men, a manifestproofhas now come to you from your Lord; We have Lord; We have sent you clear light. sent down to you a clear light. As for those who believe in God, and hold those believe God, fast Him, Ha will surely admit them Him, and bounty, fast to Him, He will surely admit them to mercy from Him, andbounty, and guide straight path. l4:173-51 will guide them to Him on a straight path. (4:173-5) The dcnial Jesus's divinity (and that matter Mary's divinity) is The denial of Jesus's divinity (and for that matter Mary's divinity) is presented the Qur'anasa topic dialogue the Day of Judgemcnt at presented in the Qur'an as a topic of dialogue at the Day ofJudgement between betwcen God Alniighty and Jesus. the mcsscngers the nationswillbcgathcred and God Almighty and Jesus. All the messengers and the nations will be gathered in hont God and Hc ask the messengcrs thcy wercrcccived their how front of God and He will ask the messengers how they were received by their pcoplcsand what they said them. Among thosc who are going peoples and what they said to them. Among those who are going to be be qucstioncd Jcsus: is questioned is Jesus: 'O you sdy And when God said, '0 Jesus son of Mary, did you say unto men, men, And God said, Jesus Mary, "Take mother gods, dpart from God7" He said,'ToYou he "Take me and my mother as gods, apart from God?" He said, 'To You be lt not tu say have to. lf said it, Yw gloryl It is not mine to say what I have no right to. If I indeed said it, You *new it. soul, and do knew it, knowing what is within my soul, 8nd I do not know what is within Your soul; You thc unseen. Your soul," You know the things unseen. I only said to them what You did Yw command me: "serve God, your was witnegs command me: "serve God, my Lord and your Lord." And I was a witness them, whila but when Yw over them, while I remained among them; but when You did t8ke me to take Yanrsnlf,Yw Ywr*lt the Watchgr You witness YourseN, You were YourseN the WatchJfJr over them; You are the witness of everything. lf Yw them, areYwr seruants,ilYw forgivethem, everything. If You punish them, they are Your servants, if You forgive them, You are the Almighty, the All-wise.' God said,'This day the You are the Almighty, the All-wise.' God said, 'This is the day the truthful shall protited truthfulnass.For await gardensunderneath shall be profited by their truthfulness. For them awaitgardens underneath rivers therein forevar, heing wall-pleased which rivers flow, therein dwelling forever, God being well-pleased with well-plcased with Him; That mighty tiumph'. them and they well-pleased with Him: That is the mighty triumph'. (5:tt&t9) (5:116-19) JESUS',SMtSSlOt{ JESUS'S MISSION Now onc might ask If thc Qur'an dcnicr thc and thc sonrhip Now one might ask : If the Qur'an denies the Trinity and the sonship of Jcsus,what was thc real mission Jcsusaccording thc Qur'an? Jesus, what was the real mission of Jesus accordins to the Qur'an? -8-
  8. 8. Jesuswas a link in a long chain of prophets and messengcrs Jesus was a link in a long chain of prophets and messengers sent by God to scnt by God to various societiesand nations whenever they neededguidance or deviated from various societies and nations 'whenever they needed guidance or deviated from the teachingsof God, Jesuswas espcciallyprcpared by God to be sent ro thc the teachings of God. Jesus was especially prepared by God to be sent to the Jews who had dcviated from the teachingsof Mosesand other Messengers. Jews who had deviated from the teachings of Moses and other Messengers. As As hc was miraculously supported by God in conception,birth and childhood, hc he was miraculously supported b.y God in conception, birth and childhood, he was also supportedby numcrousmiraclesto prove that he wasa m€ssenger was also supported by numerous miracles to prove that he was a messenger from from God. However, the majority of the Jews rejectedhis ministry. The Qur'an tells God. However, the majority of the Jews rejected his ministry. The Qur'an tells us aboutJesus'smission the following verses us about Jesus's mission in the following verses which are a continuation of the in which are a continuation the verscsquoted earlier in which the.glad tiding was brought to Mary: verses quoted earlier in which the, glad tiding was brought to Mary: And He wilt teach And He will teach him the 800k, the wisdom, the Torah, the Gospel the Book, the wisdont, the Torah, the Gospel him Messenger the childrbn israel saying, "l and make him a Messenger to the child/en of israel saying, "1 have come to you with a sign from your Lord I will create for you out of clay as the with Lord. will likeness bird; will breathe likeness of a bird: then I wl?1 breathe into it, and it will be a bird, by the it. witl hy power God. will also heal power of God. I will also heal the blind and the leper and bring to life the hlind hring tife dead, the power God. t will inform dead, by the power of God. I will inform you too of the things you eat, and things eat, and what what you treasure up in your houses. Surely in that is a sign for you if you houses. Surely that sign if Likewise will confirm the uuth are believers. Likewise I will confirm the t."uth of the Torah that is before the Tarah rs me. and make lawful me, and to make lawful to you certain things that before were forbidden certain things that before were forbidden you. unto you. I have come to you with a sign from your Lord: so fear God, and with from Lord; God, and Surely obey me. Surely God is my Lord and your Lord; so serve Him. This is a Lard serye fhis straight path", (3:45-51 l straight path". (3:45-51) another verse the Qur'an, Jesusco.nfirmed validity the In another verse of the Qur'an, Jesus cqnfirmed the validity of the Torah the which was revealed Mosesand he also brought the glad tidings thc coming which was revealed to Moses and he also broughtthe glad tidings of the coming messenger aftcr of a final messenger after him. This is clearly indicated in the following verse: is clearly indicated the versc: 'chiklren And when Jesus son of Mary said, 'children of Israel, I am indeed the And when Jesas son of Mary of lsrael, indeed the Messenger to you, confirming the Torah that is before me, andgiving good Messenger confirming the that before and giving good tidings of a Messenger who shall come after me, whose name shall be the of Messenger who shall name shall the praised one (note that this is translation of Ahmad which is Prophet (note that this is translation Ahmad which is Prophet M u hamma d ' snam e) ( 61: 6) Muhammad's name). (61:6) The messe nger.of whom Jesus gaveglad tidingsis referred in both the old The messenger.ofwhom Jesus gave glad tidings is referred to the old and new tcstamentsrof Bible.The old testament and new testaments~of the Bible. the testament containsseveral contains several prophecies prophecies that apply only to fhe Prophet Muhammad. I quote only one of thosewhich that apply the Prophet Muhammad. I quote one those which applies to none except Prophct Muhammad. This prophecy which was applies none except Prophet Muhammad. This prophecy which was addressedto Moses said that God will send among the 'brethren' of the addressed Moses said that send among the "brethren' the Israelites, prophet like Moseswho will be a foundcr,a leader,and an exemplar Israelites, a prophet like Moses be founder, leader, and exemplar of a community of believers. rcad this in the following verses Deut. Ch. of community believers. We read this the following verses of Deut. of r8: 18: I will raise up for them a prophet like you from among their brethren; will raise them 8 prophet like from among brethren; _9_
  9. 9. and II witt put My words in his mouth, and he shall spaat tothem all that II and will put My words in hismouth" and he shall speak to them allthat command him. And whoever will not give heedto My words which he shall command him. And whoever will giva heed to My words which he shall speak in My name, II Myself will reguire it of him. (Deut l8:18-2O) in My nam8~ MyseH will require it of him. (Deut 18:18-20) Any onc who is familisr with Prophet Muhammad's lifc, can easily secthat Anyone who is familiar with Prophet Muhammad's life, see that no onc fits thc above description better than Prophet Muhammad. It was no one the better than Prophet Muhammad. It was Prophct Muhammad, not Jesus, who like Moses was born from ordinary Prophet Muhammad, not Jesus, who like Moses was born from ordinary parcnts, got marricd, founded a faithful community, establisheda great law and parents, married, faithful community, established died death. dicd a natural death. Carcful study of thc New Tcstament shows that this same prophet is Careful of the Testament shows same referred Jesus 14:16,17: referred to by Jesusin John 14:16,17: And t witt pray the Father, and He will give you another Counselor, to And I will pray the and will give dnother be with ba with for ever~ even the Spirit of you for ever, even the Spirit of truth. l^ater in John specificdcscription of this Spirit of Truth and his role is given Later specific description ofthis Spirit of Truth given a s we r c ad in J oh n 16: :1 3 ,1 4 .: as we read John 1 6 13,14.: When the Spirit of Truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth, for When the Spirit of fruth comes~ he will guide you into a/l the truth, fOI his own authority~ but whatever ne will not speak on hfs own authority, but whatever he hears he will ne witt not speak hears will speak and he will declare to you the things that are to come. He will glorify speak and witl dectare the things will glorify Me... Me... the conclusionusuallyattributed The terms of the prophecy do not warrant the conclusion usually attributed terms the prophecy to this prophecy, namely that it refers to the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost this prophecy, namely that refers the Ghost. Thc Ghost cxplanation is excluded a previous versc which reads: explanation is excludelt by a previous verse in John which reads: Nevertheless / tell truth: fi rs advantages that Nevertheless I tell you the truth: it is to your advantages that I go away, for if I do not go away, the counselor will not come to you. if not counselor will not come you. is clcar the Bible that the Ghost used visit men beforeand It is clear from the Bible that the Holy Ghost used to visit men before and the Jesus. was Ghost beforc he was during the life-time of Jesus. John was filled with the Holy Ghost before he was the and Jesushimsclf reccivedthc Ghost the shape a dove. born and Jesus himself received the Holy Ghost in the shape of a dove. The characteristics counselor, as can be derived the prophecy, The characteristics of this counselor, as can be derived from the prophecy, are the following: are thc 1. He will not come until Jesus leaves. l. Hc not come Jesusleaves. 2. He will stay forever, with the believers. 2. He stay forever, the believers. 3. He will glorify Jesus. 3. Hc will glorify Jesus. 4. He will speak what he hears from God. 4. Hc will speak what he hears from God. are applicable only to Prophet Muhammad, as the These characteristics are applicable only to Prophet Muhammad, as the Thesc characteristics following brief remarks show: following bricf remarks show: J. l. that cameafter Jcsus.There Prophet Muhammad was the only messenger that came after Jesus. There Prophct Muhammad was the only mcsscnger was a period of six centuriesbetweenthem.Jesus'smission limited to was was a period of six centuries between them Jesus's mission was limited to thc "lost sheepof the children of Israel", but Muhammad's was a universal the Mlost sheep ofthe children of Israel", but Muhammad's was a universal _10_ _t0_
  10. 10. message. This explains the second characteristic. mcssagc.This explains thc sccond characteristic- 2. 2. Only Prophet Muhammad's messagewas intcndcd by God to be a Only Prophet Muhammad's message was intended by God to be a universal and everlastingmessage.This agreeswith the statemcntthat thc universal and everlasting message. This agrees with the statement that the counselor will stay forever with the faithful. will with the 3. 3. No other prophet glorified Jesusas much as Prophet Muhammad did. glorified Jesus as as Prophet Muhammad The Jews called him an impostor and accused mothcr of immorality. Jews called accused his mother of They tricd to crucify him. Prophet Muhammad consideredJesus asgreat tried to considered Jesusas great Prophet and the "Word of God". The Qur'an attributedto him miracles Prophet and the "Word of Qur'an attributed miracles that are not menti<,ned the Bible. Mary is consideredthe most chastc are mentiuned in Bible. considered chaste woman and the best of all women in paradisc. Thus did Muhammad and best of women paradise. really Jesus. really glorify Jesus. 4. 4. The fourth characteristic appliesneatlyto Prophct Muhammad.Thc characteristic also applies neatly Prophet Muhammad. The also Qur'an was revealedto Prophet Muhammad through the angelGabriel. Qur'an was revealed Prophet angel Gabriel. When thc angelfinishedrecitingthe Qur'an, Prophet Muhammad usedto the angel finished reciting the Qur'an, Prophet used convey verbatimto his companions what he heardfrom the angel without convcy verbatim his companions what he heard the angelwithout adding, changing forgetting anything. Qur'an also describes adding, changing or forgetting anything. The Qur'an also describes Prophet Muhammad saying "He does not speak out of his own fancy. He Prophet Muhammad saying"Hi does speak his own fancy.He utterswhat is revealed (53:4,5). we comparethis with, *He utters what is revealed to him." (53:4,5). If we compare this with, "He will tf speak his own authority", we seethe strikingsimilaritybetween the not speak on his own authority", we see the striking similarity between the the counselorand those Prophet Muhammad. These characteristics of the counselor and those of Prophet Muhammad. These characteristics predict unequivocal and other prophecies in the old and new testaments predict in unequivocal and other prophecies the old and newtestaments termsthe advent ProphetMuhammad who is rejected the Jewsand terms the advent of Prophet Muhammad who is rejected by the Jews and and bias rather than Christians on the basis of misunderstanding and bias rather than on the Christians the basis misunderstanding thc basis carefulstudy the Bible,the Qur'an and modern findingsin the basis of careful study of the Bible, the Qur'an and modern findings in the field of comparative religion. field comparativc religion. JESUS RAISED TO HEAVEN JESUS RAISED TO HEAVEN *the straight It is a sad fact of history that not many follow "the straight path", to which many It is a sad fact history people wcre called by Jesus. He was followed by a few disciples who wcre people were called by Jesus. He was followed by a few disciples who were only that, but thc non-bclicvcrsplottcd (as inspired by God to support him. Not only that, but the non-believers plotted (as inspired by God to support him. they did to Muhammad six ccnturies later) to kill Jesus,but God had a bctter they did to Muhammad six centuries later) to kill Jesus, but God had a better plan for him and his followcrs as thc Qur'an tclls us in thc following verscs: plan for him and his followers as the Qur'an tells us in the following verses: 'who will And when Jesus perceived their unbelief, he said, 'wfJo will be my And when Jesus perceived their unbelief, he said, be my helpers in the cause of Godl The Apostles said, 'we will be helpers of God. ' helpers in the cause of G od? fhe Apostles said,'we will be helpers of G od.' We believe in God; be witness of our suhmission. Lord, we believc in that We believe in God; be witness of our submission. Lord, we believe in that _11_ - ll -
  11. 11. Youhave scnt down, and we followthe Messenger. lnscribe us therefore You have sent down, and we follow the Messenger. Inscribe us therefore those hcar witness.' devised. God devised, with those who bear witness. ' And they devised, and God devised, and God is the best devisers.When God said.'Jesus. will take you to me God is the best of devisers. When God said, 'Jesus, II will take you to me will raise you to Me, you those whodo notbelieve. and will raise you to Me, and II will purify you of those who do not believe. II will will set unbelievers till Ressurrection Day. will set your followers above the unbelievers till the Ressurrect;on Day. above Then you return, decide between you, as Then unto Me shall you return, and I will decide between you, as to what you were variance on. unbelievers, punish you were at variance on. As for the unbelievers, I will punish them with a punishment this world and the next; they have terrible punishment in this worldand the next; they shall have no helpers. ' helpers.' (3:52-6) As thc aboveverses indicate,Jesuswas raiscdto heaven As the above verses indicate, Jesus was raised to heaven before he died. beforche died. This means that according the Qur'anhewasnot crucified. wastheplan This means that according to the Qur'an he was not crucified. It was the plan of thc enemies Jesusto put him deathon thc cross, God saved the enemies of Jesus to put him to death on the cross, but God saved him and but him and somebody elsewas crucified.This plot and the falseaccusation Mary arc somebody else was crucified. This plot and the false accusation of Mary are considered thc Qur'an to be some thc sins the non-believing by considered by the Qur'an to be some of the sins of the non-believing Jews. All Jews. this is clear in thc following quomtion: this is clear in the following quotation: And unbelief, And for their unbelief, and their uttering against Mary a mighty against their saying, 'We slew calumny, and for their saying, 'We slew the Messiah, Jesus son of Mary, the Messenger God'... yet they slayhim, the Messenger of God'... yet they did not slay him, neither crucified him, crucified him, likeness that was shown them. Those who are only a likeness of that was shown to them. Those who are at variance variance concetning concf:tning him surely are in doubt regarding him, they have no except knowledge of him, except the following of surmise; and they did not slay slay ol certainty... indeed; God him of certainty... no indeed,' God raised him up to Him; God is Almighty, God There not one the people All-wise. There is not one of the people of the Book but will assuredly Book assuredly his ddath, tha f,essunection believe in him before his death, and on the Ressurrection Day he will be II will a witness againstthem. (4:t 56-91 witness against them. (4:156·9) Who was the personcrucified instead Jesus? Who was the person crucified instead of Jesus? The Qur'an does not The Qur'an does not elaborate this point nor does give any answcrto this question. on elaborate on this point nor does it give any answer to this question. The The interpreters the Qur'an have suggested few names.But interpreters of the Qur'an have suggested a few names. But all these are a theseare individualguesses supported thc Qur'an the sayings the Prophct individual guesses not supported by the Qur'an or the sayings of the Prophet not by Muhammad. Muhammad. This means that Jcsus comcbackbeforethe Day of Judgement. This means that Jesus will come back before the Day ofJudgement. Again Again thc SecondComing is clcarly mentioned thc Qur'an. However,thc the Second Coming is not clearly mentioned in the Qur'an. However, the explanators the Qur'an understood last vcrsc the abovequotation: the explanators of the Qur'an understood the last verse of the above quotation: there is not one of the people of the Book but will assuredly believe in him not ona ol Eook will assurcdlybelieva before his dcath, belore his death, and on the Resurrection Day he willbe a witness against the ResurrectionDay will he witness against tham, to mcanthat Jcsus comcbackandall theChristians theJcwswill them, mean Jesus will come back and the Christians andthe Jews and believein him bcfore he dies. This undcrstandingis supportedby authentic believe before he dies. This understanding supported authentic Bylngs of thc Prophct Muhammad. sayings the Prophet Muhammad. _ 12_ -12-
  12. 12. P OI N TS TO B E CO NS I DER ED POINTS TO BE CONSIDERED After rcading this prescntation a believing Christian might say .This is After reading this presentation a believing Christian might say "This is what the Muslims, whom we always considered as heathens or infidcls, say what the Muslims, whom we always considered as heathens or infidels, say about Jcsus." But the point of view which the Qur'an presentsdeserves about Jesus." But the point of view which the Qur'an presents deserves serious serious consideration, to say thc least, by those who are really concerned about God, consideration, to say the least. by those who are really concerned about God, faith and even Christianity itself for the following reasons: faith and even Christianity itself for the following reasons: l. I. The Qur'an is the last vcrsion of God's revelarionand what it saysis the The Qur'an is the last version of God's revelation and what it says is the ultimate truth. This might not mean much for those who do not believein ultimate truth. This might not mean much for those who do not believe in the Qur'an as such. However, the history of the Qur'an, modern textuai the Qur'an as such. However, the history of the Qur'an, modern textuai criticism and scicntific researchof the content of this scripture lcave no criticism and scientific research of the content of this scripture leave no about the doubt about the truth it contains. The frequently made statements that contains. The frequently made statementsthat the Qur'an is the word the Qur'an is the word of Muhammad who copied his information from Muhammad who copiecihis from Jcwish and Christian sourcesis made by people who Jewish and Christian sources is made by people who do not know the not thc history history of the world, the Qur'an or Muhammad. The first Arabic the the Qur'an Muhammad. Thc first Arabic translation the Bible appeared translation of the Bible appeared two centuries after Muhammad's c€nturies Muhammad's mission. If we add mission. If we add to this Muhammad's illiteracy and the scarcity of this Muhammad's illiteracy and the scarcity religious books any languageoutsidechurchesand temples the sixth religious books in any language outside churches and temples in the sixth ccntury we can understand the absurdity century we can understand the absurdity of this allegation. this allcgation. 2. 2. The oneness and universality of God's message requires that people onenessand universality God's messagcrequires people accept the mcssengcrs God. Rcjecting one accept all the messengers of God. Rejecting one of them amounts to thcm amounts rejccting rejecting them all. The Jews reject Jesus's mission and Muhammad's Jcws reject Jesus's mission mission; the Christians reject Muhammad's mission; whereas the mission; the Christians reject Muhammad's mission; whereas the accept thcnt all, Muslims accept them all, but reject incorrect historical interpretations reject incorrect historical intcrpretations and human elements these missions. and human elements in these missions. 3.. 3 Becauseof the Qur'an, Muslims love and rcspectJesusas they love and Because the lovc and respect Jesus as they love and respcctthe Prophet Muhammad. Morcover, the Qur'an rcports some of respect the Prophet Moreover, the Qur'an reports some Jesus's miracles which are not reported in the present gospcl. For Jesus's miracles are reported the present gospel. example,the Qur'an tells that Jcsusspokcin thc cradleand wasable to tell example, tells Jesus spoke the cradle was able pcople what they ate or trcasuredin their houses,to mcntion just a few. people treasured houses, mention few. 4. 4. It is common knowledge that the divinity of Jesus was introduced by It knowledge of Jesus was introduced Saint Paul and his followers and was establishcdon thc dead bodics of followers was established the dead bodies of millions of Christians through history which evokcd thc Castillo's well- of Christians evoked the Castillo's known remark "To burn a man is not to provc a doctrine." known "To burn not to prove doctrine." 5. S. Thc choicc of the present four gospels was imposcd in the conferenceof The choice of the present four gospels was imposed in the conference of Nicca 325 C.E. undcr thc auspiccs of thc pagln Empcror Constsntinc for Nicea C.E. under the auspices of the pagan Emperor Constantine for -13- _ _13
  13. 13. politicel purpolcs. Litcrally, hundreds of gorpelc and religious writinp political purposes. Literally, of gospels writings wcrt considcred apocqryha, i.c. books of doubtful aufhenticity. Some of were considered apocrypha, i.e. books of doubtful authenticity. of those books were written Jesus's If they were not more thorc books wcrc writtcn by Jesus's disciples. If thcy wcrc not morc authcntic than the four gospcls they were of equal authcnticity. Some of authentic than four lospels they of authenticity. of them still arc availablc such as the Gospel of Barnabas and the still are available Gospel of Barna6as Shepherd of Hermas which agrcc with the Qut'an. thapherd of Hermas which agree with Qur'an. 6. Thc Unitarian concept and thc humanness of Jssus is not only held by The Unitarian the humanness of Jesus not only Muslims brrt also by Jewsand by somc early groups of christianity suchas blt also Jews some ofchristianity such as the Ebionites. Cerinthians, the Basilidians, the Capocratians and thc thc Ebionites, the Cerinthians, thc Basilidians,thc C;apocratians the Hypisistarians to namc scveral early sccts.The Arians, Paulicians and Hypisistarians name several sects. Paulicians Goths also acccptcd Jcsus as a prophet of God. Evcn in the modcrn age accepted Jesus as of Even modern age thcrc are churchcs in Asia, in Africa, the Unitarian church, and Jehova there are churches Africa. church. Jehova Witnesses who do not worship Jesus as God. Witnesscs Jesus as 7.. 7 Most scrious studies of the Bible have shown that it contains a large serious studies of have contains large additions which neither Jesus the writers the gospels podion of additions which neither Jesus nor the writers of the gospels portion said. church, as Heinz said, *put words said. The church. as Heinz Zahrnt said, "put words into the mouth of the Jesus he nevcr spoke actions he ncver Jesus which he never spoke and attributed actions to him which he never somc members performed." Those conclusions were arrived at by some members of the performed." Those conclusions were the specialists. church. However, they are kept secret or available only to the specialists. church. Howevcr, thcy arc kept sccrct available One .those, has shown most what the church saysabout One of ,those, who has shown that most of what the church says about Jesus is baseless is Rudolf Augustein in his book Jesus Son of Man, Jesusis basclcss is Augustein his Son of (published in Germany 1912 and translated into English 1911). (published Gcrmany 1972and translated English 1977). 8.. 8 The problem presentChristianity is the personality Jesuswhich is The problem with present Christianity is the personality of Jesus which is completely misunderstood Jesus's nature,, mission and claimed death and completelymisundcrstood,Jesus's nature missionand claimcd death and rcsurreCtion, are challengedby studies the field. One thosc is a resurreCtion, are all challenged by studies in the field. One of those is a lncarnate which appeared I977 (edited book entitled The Myth of God Incarnate which appeared 1977 (edited entitlcd The Myth by John Hick) and written by seven theologian scholars in England. Their John and written seventheologianscholars England. conclusion is that Jcsus,was*a man approved specialrole conclusion is that Jesus .was "a man approved by God, for special role God, withiq the divinc purpose, and..... the later conception as God withiQ the divine purpose. and..... the later conception of him as God incarnate .... is a mythological poetic way of expressinghis significance incarnate .... is a mythological or poetic way ofexpressing his significance for us." us." refutc thc findings The best George Carey could say in his attempt to refute the findings of Thc bcst Gcorgc C-areycould say in his attcmpt those theologians is that unless one takes Jesus as God Incarnate one those theologians is that unless one takcs Jesusas God Incarnatc one won't bc able to understandJesus'smission or explain its impact on won't be able to understand Jesus's mission or explain its impact on people.This definitely is avery weakargumentbecause great prophcts people. This definitely is a very weak argument because all great prophets all such as Abraham, Moses, and Muhamqad have had a tremcndous such as Abraham, Moses, and Muhammad have had a tremendous impact on peoplc and nonc of thcm claimed hc was God or a son of impact on people and none of them claimed that he was God or a son of God. God. _ 114_ _ 4_
  14. 14. 9.. 9 concept thc Trinity is coursc, available cven thc prcsent The concept of the Trinity is not, of course, available even in the present Bible. There are statem~nts which negate it such as "The Lord our God is Biblc. Therc arc statemqnts negate such as'The Lord is one Lord (Math. 12:29) one Lord (Math. 12:29) and many others. others. t0. 10. It is worth noting that Jesus never claims divinity even in the present text is noting Jesusncver claims evcn the prcsenttcxt of the Bible. The expression "Son of God" cannot be said to have come thc Biblc. cxprcssion God" cannot bc said have comc from Jesus himself. Hasting in The Dictionary of the Bible says Jesus himsclf. fhe Dictionary of the BrDle says "Whethcr Jesusused "Whether Jesus used it of himself is doubtful."ln my reading of the Bible, himsclf is doubttul." In rcading the Bible, found instances I found only two instances in John Chapter 5 and II where Jesus uses "son Chapter and I I whereJesususes rcfer himself. instanceswere used of God" to refer to himself. Other instances were used by others. Even others. Even those arc vcry limited. Howcver, cvcn thc "son those are very limited. However. even if the title "son of God" was used by wasused Jesus himself one should remember the following points: Jesushimself one should rcmember thc points: a biblical scholar said,*semitic usage nev€rhaveall.owed literal a) As a biblical scholar said. "semitic usage would never have allowed literal sensc eventhough such an expression be interpretcdliterally the sense even though such an expression would be interpreted literally in the Hellenistic world of Jesus followers". Hellenistic Jesusfollowers". The Tcstamcnt Greck words uscd are pias and paida, b) The New Testament Greek words used for "son" are piss and paida, which means 'servant' or 'son in the sense of servant. are translated son in which means'servant' or'son the sense servant, translated are reference to Jesus and servant in reference to others in some translations reference Jesusand refcrencc others sometranslations thc Biblc (Mufassir, P. l5). of the Bible (Mufassir, P. IS). c) The title "son c) The title "son of man" which is a self-designation of Jesus and occurs 81 man" which is a self-dcsignation Jesus and occurs8l times the gospclsis thc clearest times in the gospels is the clearest description and emphasis by Jesus on descriptionand emphasis Jesuson his humanity. The classical interpretationgiven this title is that is his humanity. The classical interpretation given to this title is that it is used emphasizcthe human side used to emphasize the human side of Jesus. Now the question which Jcsus. thc question which suggests itself is : Do contemporary Christians emphasize this aspect of suggests itsclf is contemporaryChristiansemphasize this aspect Jesus? Jesus? THE POPE CONTRADICTS THE BIBLE T HE POPE CO NT RA DI CT S T H E BIB L E Biblical account Jesus's crucillxion is The traditional Biblical account of Jesus's crucifixion is that he was he was the orders and plans pricst and arrested and crucified by the orders and plans of the chief priest and arrested and crucified the Jewish elders. This account was denied in the 1960's by the highest Jewish clders. This account was denied the 1960's thc highest Catholic Christianauthority, the Pope. He issued statemcnt which he Catholic Christian authority, the Pope. He issued a statement in which he a said the Jews had nothing withJesus'scrucifixion. said the Jews had nothing to do with Jesus's crucifixion. This definitely This definitcly does contradict thc Biblical account.You might say This is a political does contradict the Biblical account. You might say:: This is a political decree. agrees what Muslims are saying: thc church had decree. This agrees with what Muslims are saying: the church had introduced many elements into christianity and was influenced by many introduccd many elements christianity and was influenced many factors which madc its view christianity not factors which made its view of christianity not only changeable but, by changeable but, and large, contradict the early forms of christianity. and large, contradict the early forms christianity. _ 15_ - 15-
  15. 15. RELIGION VS.. SCIENCE RE LI G I O N V S SC IEN C E Thc religious vicws concerning Cod, the Bible, and Man's rclation to God The religious views concerning God, the Bible, and Man's relation to God which the church prescnted forccd people into an unfortunate choicc: cithcr which the church presented forced people into an unfortunate choice: either scienceor God. Most cducated people have come to the conclusion that onc science or God. Most educated people have come to the conclusion that one tnn't bc a scientist or an educated person and be a christian. Thus many can't be a scientist or an educated person and be a christian. Thus many philosophers,scientists philosophers, scientists and the majority of the people lost hope of reconciling and the majority of the people lost hopc of reconciling rcligion and scinence. religion and scinence. This unfortunate understanding later on was generalized This unfortunate undcrstandinglater on was generalized includeeyeryreligion as a result the inlfuence wcsterncivilization, whiclr to include every religion as a result of the inlfuence of western civilization, which was mainly christian. This whole issuewould not have risen the first place was mainly christian. This whole issue would not have risen in the first place if the teachings Jcsuswere not distorted tamperedwith. This is because, the teachings of Jesus were not distorted or tampered with. This is because, as as Islam views the mattcr, there is no contradictiori whatsoeverbetweenreligion Islam views the matter, there is no contradiction whatsoever between religion and science. Scientific facts are and science. Scientific facts are just one source of our knowledge of God. The one source knowledge God. The othcr sourccis rcvelationas is containedir-r original teachings Jesus other source is revelation as it is contained i" the original teachings of Jesus and the irnd ihe presenttcxt the Qur'an. Both religion and true scientificknowledgeare in the present text of the Qur'an. Both religion and true scientific knowledge are the samc sourcc: God. So He won't contradict Himself. from the same source: God. So He won't contradict Himself. Thus, concepts Thus, concepts like the Trinity, The Son of God, Original Sin. the thc The son God, original sin. the Atoncment,etc.,which Atonement,etc.,which were the product of distorti-on and mis-understanding in werethe product distortionand mis-understanding the history Christianity,drove peoplc away the history of Christianity, drove people away not only from Christianity but Christianity also from other religions, including Islam, which is not afflected with these also other religions, including Islam, which is afflected these problems. This is due the fact that many peoplc problems. This is due to the fact that many people think that because Islam is a because Islam is religion (the meaning the very religion (the meaning of the very word is limited in western languages) it must be is limited westernlanguages) must be $imilar Christianity. Very few people similar to Christianity. Very few people will have the interest and the ability to havethe interestand the tu discover the falsehood discover the falsehood of this assumption. assumption. EVIDENCES FOR THE QUR'ANtC A C C O U N T E V I D E N C E S F O R T H E O U R ' A N I C ACCOUNT T'his implicit assumption is one of the causes of hesitation and This assumption is one of the causes hesitation and unwillingnessof many people to accept the Qur'anic view of Jesus.This is in unwillingness many people accept the Qur'anic view Jesus. is spite of thc fact that this point of vielv is supported by: spite the fact vic;.w is supported by: a) early history Christianity continued three decades aftcr The early history of Christianity which continued for threc decades after Jesus's disappearance as sect as Judaism. Jesus'sdisappcarance a sect within Judaism. b) Thc practiccof many Christian sectsand scholarsthroughout the history The practice of Christian sects and scholars the of Christianity. Christianity. c) The findings of many Biblical scholarsand scientificrescarchwhich was findings of Biblical scholars and scientific research was applied to the Bible. applied the Bible. _ t 616_ _ _
  16. 16. d) d) The instinct of many peoplc (some of whom think they are Christians) The instinct of many people (some of whom think they are Christians) who belicve in the One God, but can't acceptJcsusas God or Thc Son'of who believe in the One God, but can't accept Jesus as God or The Son'of God. God. It is worth noting that the main differcnces bctween thc Qur'anic account It is worth noting that the main differences between the Qur'anic account and what modern researchand scholars have found is that the Qur'an said what and what modern research and scholars have found is that the Qur'an said what it says now about Jesus and his rnission fourtecn centurics ago and never it says now about Jesus and his mission fourteen centuries ago and never changcd its stand. changed its stand. R E ASONS HO LDI NG P E O P L E F R OM ISL A M REASONS HOLDING PEOPLE FROM ISLAM Some of the other reasonswhich might account for the rejcction of the Some of the other reasons which might account for the rejection of the Qur'anic account include: Qur'anic account include: a) a) The time-honored brasagainstIslam which was partly the product the The time-honored bias against Islam which was partly the product of the Crusades and the product the Arab-lsraeli conflict in the Middle Crusades and partly the product of the Arab-Israeli conflict in the Middle East. East. b) b) Confusion. people although they Confusion. Many people although they do not accept Christianity. do not accept Christianity, not where the not know where the truth is. is. c) c) Social Pressure Social Pressure and Academic Reputation. Many people were afraid Reputatian. people were afraid acccpt Islam bccause to accept Islam because they felt they would be mocked, alienated from they felt they would be mocked, alienated their relativesand peers thcy openly rejectedChristianity and accepted their relatives and peers if they openly rejected Christianity and accepted Islam. At the academiclevcl, especially Islam. At the academic level, especially among orientalists, if one writes among orientalists, one writes favourably about Islam and the favourably about Islam and the Qur'an no body will review his work, rcview his quote even consider quote from it or even consider it a scholarly work. He could be even scholarly work. Hc could be evcn destroyed professionally. The Washington Post (January 5, 1978) dcstroyed professionally. The washington Post (January i, l97E) reported that a Universityof Richmond Professor,Dr. Robert Alley lost reported University Richmond Professor, lost thc chairmanship of the Department of Religion there becausche holds the chairmanship the Department Religion there because he holds the view that Jcsusneverclaimed to be the son of God. Afterconsidcrable the view Jesus never claimed be the son of After considerable rcsearchinto newly found ancient documents,Dr. Alley concludedthat: research newly ancient documents. concluded that: The (Eiblelpassages whereJesus ralts about the son of God are The (Bible) passages where Jesus talks of are later additions..... what the church said about him. Such a ctaim of Jater what the church said about him. Such claim of deity for himself would not have been consistent with his entire life- deity for himself would not have been consistent with his entire life- style as lt/e can reconstruct. For the first three decades a{terJesus' stlla as we can reconstruci For three after Jesus' death Christianity continued as a sea within Judaism. The first death Christianity continued as sect within Judaism. three decades of its existence of the church were within the three decades of its of church were within the synagogue. That would have been bevond belief if they lthe synagogue. would have beyond belief if they (the followers) had boldlv proclaimed the deity of Jesus. followers) had boldly proclaimed of _t 717_ - -
  17. 17. ISLAM: THE NATURAL CALL l8tAif : THE IIIATURAL CALL Dcspitc thescfactors, and some others which II did not mention, there have Despite these factors, and some others which did not mention, there have beenmany peoplewho havc submittedto truth. The Islamic point of view about been many people who have submitted to truth. The Islamic point of view about Jesusand othcr major issuesstrikes thosc who getintroduccd to it assomething Jesus other major issues strikes those who get introduced to it as something which makes lot of sense and somethingwhich they hold implicitly without which makes a lot of sense something which they hold implicitly without knowing it. This, and othcr characteristicsmade lslam the fastest growing it. other characteristics made Islam the fastest growing religion in thc world throughout history. lt appealseven to faithful Christians religion in the world history. It appeals even Christians because discover bccausethey discover that: a) lslam does not abolish Jesus,it rather puts him in the right position in the Islam does abolish Jesus, puts position long line of men who brought real salvation to humanity. In reality they of salvation humanity. In reality they arc adding a new dimension to their understandingof God, prophct- are dimension understanding of prophet. revelation. hood, and revclation. b) 5) When Christianity and Judaism (or for that matter any religion) are Judaism religion) are lookcd at from the tslamic perspectivethey fit in neatly in thc universal looked Islamic perspective neatly the universal framcwork of the oncness God and Hip plansfor mankind. Moreover, framework of the oneness of and Hi,S plans mankind. Moreover, onc will understand clearly why there ar€ some gaps or discrepancicsin one will understand there are some gaps discrepancies the Biblical account about certain issues. thc Biblical account about certain issues. c) Islam docs consider the the long chain revelation. lt lslam does consider itself the final link in thc long chain of revelation.It promisesthe followcrs previousfaiths Ereat rewards they add belief promises the followers of previous faiths great rewards if they add belief in Islam belief Prophct said, Islam to their belief in their previous faith. The Prophet Muhammad said, previousfaith. is revealed "He who has believed in his religion then believed in what is revealed to has believed his religion then believed me will be rewarded twice (by God)." That is once for believing in his faith me be rewardedtwice God).''fhat is oncc believing his faith and the other recognizing and bclieving Islam. and the other for recognizing truth and believing in Islam. God's great prophets. To sum up, Islam considers Jesus as one of God's great prophets. His sum up, Islam considersJcsus as one and lead man his mission was to preach the Oneness of God and to lead man to his Lord. He never mission was preachthe Onencss ncver be other than a servant and a Mcssenger God. Thc claimed to be other than a servant and a Messenger of God. The Qur'anic claimed account his and mission is supported overwhclming evidence. account of his life and mission is supported by overwhelming evidence. The Jesus. He Muslims do believe in and are awaiting the Second Coming of Jesus. He will believe and are awaiting the Second come back as God the non-christians, as Jesus,God's servant. come back not as God to judge the non-christians, but as Jesus, God's servant. His is correct the misconccption people have dcvelopedabout His coming is to correct the misconception which people have developed about his pcrsonality and his mission. According to a saying of the PrOphet his personality and his mission. According to a saying of the Prpphet Muhammad, he will stay for forty years which is going to be the happiest years Muhammad, he will stay for forty years which is going to be the happiest years of life on this earth. At that timc everybody will beleivein him as the mcss€ngct, of life on this earth. At that time everybody will beleive in him as the messenger, not the Son of God. However, what about thosc who will not be able to livc till not the Son of God. However, what about those who will not be able to live till his second -coming? They better do it now! his second coming? Thcy better do it now! _18- - 18_
  18. 18. FURTHERREADINGS ISTAM FURTHER READ·INOS ON ISLAM AND CHRISTIANITY CHRISTIANIW M. M. Pickthall, The Meaning of the Glorious Our'an Pickthall, The the Glorious Aur'dn T. B. Irving, et aI., The Our'an : Basic Teachings T. B. Irving, et al., The Aur'an Easic Teachings HamudaAbdulati, lslam Focus Hamuda Abdulati, Is/am in Focus Qutb, lslam : The MisunderstoodReligion M. Qutb, Is/am: The Misunderstood Religion Bawany,lslam : The First B. A. Bawany, Islam: The First and Final Religion B. Maurice Bucaillc,The &ible, THe O,ur'an Maurice Bucaille, The Bible, THe Our'an and Science Science Mauricc Bucaille, fhe Maurice Bucaille, The Origin of Man Lordsaleand laura Ragg, The Gospel Barnabas Lordsale and Laura Ragg, The Gospel of Barnabas MuhammadAta-ur-Rahman, Jesus : Prophet lslam Muhammad Ata-ur-Rahman. Jesus: A Prophet of Is/am Rudolf Augustein, Rudolf Augustein. Jesus Son of Man Jesus Son John Hick (ed), The God lncarnate John Hick (ed). The Myth of God Incarnate S. S. Mufassir,Jesus the Q,ur'an. S. S. Mufassir. Jesus in the Qur'an. Some these booksand othersabout Islamcan be obtained Some of these books and others about Islam can be obtained from: from: World Assembly Muslim Youth (WAMY) World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY) P. O. Box 10845 P. O. Box 10845 Tel. (01)4et1663 Tel. (01)4641663 Riyadh I1443,SaudiArabia Riyadh '11443, Saudi Arabia the nearest IslamicCenterin your part the world. Or the nearest Islamic Center in your part of the world. _19_ -19-
  19. 19. rt{TRoDucTtorI INTRODUCTION Thc lrlamic rocount Jccur'r and mislion ir quitc rcaronebleand puts The Islamic account of Jesus's life and mission is quite reasonable and puts Jcrur hir plape rmong thc grcat mceccngcrg God Jesus in his right place among the peat messenaen of God to humanity. humanity. Although the lthmic vicw Jeuu aSrccs whet mrny pcoplc inrtinctively Althoup the Islamic view of Jesus agrees with what many people instinctively is romctimes rcjcctcd becaurc this is what lrlam reys about him. think, it is sometimes rejected because this is what Islam says about him. Howcvcr,thosewho comc Islam an opcn mind and freefrom bits However, those who come to Islam with an open mind and free from bias will subr1it thc logc and belicvabillty thc Isbmic accountof Jesus. subm,it to the logic and believability of the Islamic account ofJesus. The Islamic The Islamic position is erpociallyappreciated thore who havestrugglcd by position is especially appreciated by those who have struggled with the various the various Christian dogmasthat sre ccntcredaround thc pcrronality JesusChrist. Christian dogmas that are centered around the penonality of Jesus Christ. Thc following is a lcttcr which receivcdfrom one the vicwerswho The following is a letter which I received from one of the viewers who follow my program: follow my program: ISLAM IN PERSPECTIVE, televised by the Saudi PERSPECTIVE, tclevisedby the Saudi Arabian Telcvision, Sccond Channel. Arabian Television, Second Channel. It is a response to a two-episode is a r€$ponsc a two-episodc discussion Jegus callcd:JESUS discussion of Jesus called: JESUS IN ISLAM. I include this letter here for the includethis lettcr here the following rcasons: following reasons: l. I. The writer is an expeft on this topic as a studcnt religion and an The writer is an expert on this topic as a student of religion and an objcctiveseeker truth. objective seeker of truth. 2. 2. The writcr wasa belicvingChristianwho knowsChristians'feelings The writer was a believing Christian who knows Christians' feelings and and beliefconcerning belief concerning Jesus Christ. JesusChrist. 3. 3. Thc writer's explanation how the ChristiansdeviatedfromJesus's The writer's explanation of how the Christians deviated from Jesus's instructionsand missionis quite plausiblcand accounts the prescnt instructions and mission is quite plausible and accounts for the present Christianbeliefabout Jesus. Christian belief about Jesus. would like thank thc writer hcr kind pcrmission includeherletter I would like to thank the writer for her kind permission to include her letter this publication. in this publication. t. J. M.J. _20_ -20-
  20. 20. CHRISTIANS THE SON GOD? WHY DO CHRISTIANS CLAIM THAT JESUS IS THE SO'{ OF GOD? Dear sir, Dcer rir, Arsalamo Alrilum rile Rahmrtullah Assalamo Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah OPINION REGAR.DINGTHE DISCUSSIONON YOUR PROGRAM OPINION REGARDING DISCUSSION PROGRAM I nas vcry intcrcstodin your discussionon TV sinccthis is a topic which was very interested discussion since is a which ha-/e discussed rnany times, both as studcnt of religion, and outsidc the I hevc discucsGd many times, as student relliion, and outside the lcarning cnvironment, in many parts of thc world. lcarDinI environment, many parts of the world. As sn English Muslim convcrt, now living in Saudi Arabia, | find the sharp an Enalish convert, liviDI Saudi I the sharp contrat between societies, thought-provoking from many new points. contrut betwecnsocieties, thoulht-provokinl many new points. Focussingupon thc naturc of Jesusand Mary as cxplainedin thc Koran, Focussinl upon the nature Jesus and as explained the Koran, the Gospel the New Testamcnt,wc $oe tu,o opposingvicws - and in the Gospel of the Ncw Testament, we see two oPposinl views - that of rnd is'Sonof God'andthat thc Koran neglectingall Christian teachinl that Jesus is 'Son ofGod' and that of the Koran neglecting all Chrigtiantcachingthat Jcsus ruch cleims. thcn, becomes ncaessary ask thc qucstion such claims. It then, becomcsnecessary to ask the question WHY was it was nccccsary thc eerly Christhns makesucha claim about Jcsus,whenafter necessary for the early Christians to make such a claim about Jesus, when after all he never made any such claim himselfl ell hc ncvcr rnadc any such himself? answerbecomes clear if we study the basisfor the It is my opinion that answer bccomec tt clcar if wc study thc basis thc uponGod and reliaions of Islam and Christianity. As Muslims we base faith upon God and rcligions Is}rm and Christianity.As Muslimswc base our alone,and upon thc Koran God'sword His ProphctMuhammad upon Him alone, and upon the Koran - God's word to His Prophet Muhammad upon whom we also bclievc as I truc Prophct (PBUH) in whom we also believe - as a true Prophet of the one God. the one God. Muhammad (PBUH) is God's scnfant, raitMul and obcdicnt and Muhammad (PBU H) is God's servant, - faithful and obedient and totally human hc rcmainsthe instrument God'spurposc lcad His peopleback human - he remains the instrument of God's purpose to lead His people back to Him apin. again. Now, asI total contrast turn Christianity a religionbuilt not around wc Now, as a total contrast we tum to Christianity - a reliaion built not around thcre vvrs no'book'until 150ycarsaftcrJesus'sdcath. God, or His book - for there was no 'book' until ISO years afterJesus's death. God, His book Christianity becamebuitt around thc personality Jcsushimsclf. By leying Christianity became built around the personality of Jetus himself. By laying uponthe magncticand wonderfulpcrsonalityof Jesus more and more stress upon the magnetic and wonderful personality ofJesus and morc and morestress and unableand un-willing dcscribcthc Prophet'scffcctupon who came him unable and un-willing to describe the Prophet's effect upon all who came to him evcrydaytcrms morc and morcattributcsarc addcd his rcputation- a man in everyday terms - more and more attributes are added to his reputation - a man who could perform miraclcs,bring back thc dead lifc, hcalthc lcpcr,curcthc who could perform miracles, bring back the dead to life, heal the leper, cure the is indecda wondcrful man - blesscd God - born by by blind - all by God's will, is indeed a wonderful man - blessed by God - born by blind God's God's do His scrvioc. after his dcath,thc'magicd'personalitymust God's will to do His service. But after his death, the 'magical' personality must But bc kept dive and 'Son God'Eppcar$ suitably qualify his actions. be kept alive and 'Son of God' appears to suitably qualify all his actions. stronglyflavouredby theGreco-Roman gods,all'super Living in a society, strongly flavoured by the Greco-Roman gods, aU 'super Living a socicty, hum8n,' thc cducatcdcarly Chrirtians mustsurelyalso havebeeninfluenccd human; the educated early Christians must surely also have been influenced in thought by their surroundings.Paul himsclf, onc thc grcat teachcn thouJbt by their surroundings. Paul himself, one of the great teachers of _ 2 21 _ _ t -
  21. 21. Christianity, was a Hellenized Jew, who never saw or met Jesus during his Christienrty, wrs Hellcnizcd Jcw, saw Jcsus during lifetime. Vet many of his reported sayings show the influence of the times in lifetime. Yet of saylngs of timcs hc 'The Living Lord'was vcry real which he lived. 'The Living Lord' was very real to him. him, The miraculous nature ofJesus's birth, also could help to give credence to miraculous ofJesus'sbirth, credence as son is I* I : the idea of Jesus identity as son of God. But it is child-like in its 1+ 1 = 2 type idea of Jesus typc i.G.,God Mary - Mary philosophy. i.e., G~ blew into the womb of Mary - Mary had Jesus, therefore Jcsus,thcrefore God is Jesus's father and Jesus is His son. isfcsus'sfathcr Jesus is son. t#hat What Christians fail to see, and to understand is that in Jesus's birth and scc, undcrstand is inJesus'sbirth conception we see a touching and wonderful revelation ofthe Kindness of9od. $ee revelation of thc Kindnessof God. We are told by both K.oran and Christian writings that Mary was a young are Koran Mary wari woman of exceptional purity of both mind and body, brought into the world exccptional of thc already pledged as God's servant, blcssed already pledged as God's servant, blessed by God, while in His service in the servicc synagogue so that she herself could produce small 'miraculous' occurrences by synagoguc so she herself small'miraculou$' occurrences God's will. How natural then, that God, having chosen her to be the vehicle by choscn hcr be vehicle which His new Prophet should be born on earth - chooses a means by which bc chooses means none of her blessed purity is touched. She serves her God, but in so doing He in nonc blesscd is touched. She serves so His infinite kindness preserves her prec;ious purity. Surely this needs no infinite kindness preserves precious needs embellishment - claims 'Sonship' embellishment - no claims to 'Sonship' of God. God's creation yes, but not Son God's creation yes, by Paternity. That is obviously not the intention. The fact that so much time elapsed before any of the sayings of Jesus or his so elapsedbefore sayings Jesus his teachings were written, also allows for the "Oral tradition', by which they were teachings were also thc "Oral tradition', were passed on, to have substantially changed the original. And yet through the three passcd have substantially changcd yct three synoptic gospels (John being written last and obviously full of religious dogma) gospels being writtcn last religious altcration - picture Jesusas quiet, Mathew, Luke and Mark despite any alteration - a picture of Jesus as a quiet, and Mark despite magnetic personality - great yet magnetic personality - a Prophet inspired by God, with a great love o.f 8/1 of a// humanity, sent to sharpen out awareness of God, in all the aspects of life; Jesus s€nt sharpen awarenessof aspectsof Jesus tries opcn cycs'and hearts greater awarcness - an unselfish tries to open our eyes' and our hearts to a greater awareness of God - an unselfish appraisal of ourselves from our thoughts, to our actions, and to enlarge Faith appraisal of oursclves thoughts, actions, enlarge and Trust in God. Only by so doing by the simple Faith and Trust of a child is and God. so the simple and is God's Kingdom come - this idea is repeatcdmany times God's K.ingdom to come on Earth - this idea is repeated many times in many of his reported sayings. His closeness to God was evident from the strength that he his reportcd sayings. closeness was evident the strcngth he praycrs, he was givcn pcrform miracles. drew from prayers, and the power he was given by God, to perform miracles. Yet in all this power and in the performance of God's wonders NEVER does he performance God's wonders NEVER does he 'Son" we are proclaim himself Son of God. In Jesus sense of the word 'Son" we are all himself Jesus scnse the children of God, His sons and daughters, here on earth, and as such Jesus taught children sonsand daughters,here earth,and assuchJesustaught peoplc 'Our the people to pray to 'Our Father, which art in Heaven'. Heaven'. Of the actual volume of words he spoke or must have spoken in his actual volume words he spoke must have spoken his teachings only a pitiable few, and not all reliable, have been recorded. Jesus teachings pitiable few, and reliable, have becn recorded. Jesus _ 2 22_ _ 2 _