Enforcement - Perth & kinross council


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Enforcement - Perth & kinross council

  1. 1. Perth and Kinross Council Blue Badge enforcement
  2. 2. History Concerns were raised that thescheme had been over administeredand we as a council were in danger ofloosing control of the scheme.In 2007 the Blue Badge administrationtransferred to Parking Services fromHousing & Community Care
  3. 3. History (con)One member of the administration staff andassociated cost (salary) transferred over toParking Services Administration of the scheme tightened upto reflect legislation Reduced the amount of successfulapplications by 1/3
  4. 4. Enforcement of the Blue Badge SchemeIn January 2004 the power to inspect BlueBadges was introduced within Scotland.Police Officers, Traffic Wardens and LocalAuthority Parking Attendants all given thispower.
  5. 5. Enforcement of the Blue Badge Scheme These powers were designed to stop the: Forging Stealing or Tampering with badges
  6. 6. Enforcement in PracticeParking Attendants (PAs) do a visual checkon all Blue Badges displayed both on andoff street.Should a PA observe or believe that a BlueBadge is being misused, they are trained todo the following: • Request Admin Support to attempt to make contact with Blue Badge holder i.e. call their contact number
  7. 7. Enforcement in Practice •If Blue Badge holder is at home, the PAs will wait for the driver to return. • Admin Office will inform the Blue Badge holder of the misuse. • If the driver returns the PA will ask to see the Blue Badge. • Once the PA has the Blue Badge they will ask where the badge holder is.
  8. 8. Enforcement in Practice •If the driver confirms that the badge holder is not with them the PA will give them the following options. Voluntarily hand the Blue Badge over to them and they will return it to the issuing office. Or Await a Police Officer, who may charge them with fraudulent use of the badge.
  9. 9. Enforcement in Practice• So far all drivers misusing a Blue Badgehave told the PA to keep the Badge.• The PA explains the Blue Badge holder willbe contacted by letter, and a meeting will bearranged with the Manager to discuss themisuse.• 20% of Blue Badges holders written to donot make contact with the POM.
  10. 10. Enforcement in Practice•If a no contact has been made within 2months of the misuse the Blue Badge isdestroyed.• The data base is updated with details ofthe misuse and the outcome.• If the Blue Badge is returned to theholder, it is given with conditions attachedi.e. case forwarded to Police if misusedagain or Blue Badge is cancelled anddestroyed.
  11. 11. Future Enforcement• BBIS to be accessible via the PAshandhelds• PAs to input info on to the system inreal time• Look to have a Blue Badge FraudOfficer/s working closely with theAdministration Officers and PAs.
  12. 12. ANY QUESTIONS?