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Enforcement - Glasgow city council


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Enforcement - Glasgow city council

  2. 2. SUMMARY This presentation will outline the challenges that Glasgow City Council (GCC) has in terms of enforcing mis-use of Blue Badges. It seeks to identify measures to improve the control regime to reduce the potential for mis-use. Identify stakeholder engagement measures, to improve control and prevent mis-use, including the Police, Press and other agencies. Will detail the results obtained by working together with Strathclyde Police to tackle mis-use. Initiatives to help reduce mis-use of Blue Badges.
  3. 3. KEY FACTS There are presently around 25,000 Blue Badges on issue in Glasgow. Some 33% of all Badges on issue in Scotland, are issued within the Glasgow region It is interesting to note that some Councils issue more discretionary badges Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh 8,646 Automatic 13,183 Discretionary. Glasgow 13,933 Automatic 9,460 Discretionary There is an upward trend in the number of Badges being issued in Glasgow.
  4. 4. COST OF MIS-USE The estimated level of mis-use in Glasgow is 27% Glasgow City Centre has approximately 1100 Pay and Display Parking Bays Surveys have shown that, in some areas, more that 50% of bays are occupied by vehicles displaying blue Badges Resulting loss of income could be up to £450,000 per annum
  5. 5. MIS-USE RECORDED BY PA’S PA’s regularly complete alleged mis-use forms These record details of actual or suspected mis-use Monitoring over a period of 2 years shows that of 821 mis-use forms completed 663 Penalty Charge Notices were issued 315 of which were paid at discount
  6. 6. DIFFICULTIES IN ENFORCEMENT A Parking Attendant must be on site when the vehicle is being parked or when the vehicle is about to leave an area Information concerning the issue of the badge is not readily available to the Parking Attendant – should improve with BBIS Police attendance on site not usually possible unless by prior arrangement and site specific Fragmented approach to what we do with information concerning abuse of the scheme – should improve with BBIS It appears to be socially acceptable to use a badge when not entitled
  7. 7. BLUE BADGE OPERATIONS Regularly liaise with Strathclyde Police – Blue Badge ‘Sting’ Operations Use intelligence gathered by PA’s to identify key locations where mis-use is most prevalent PA’s and Police work in conjunction to identify mis-use Negotiate ‘dedicated’ Policing resource as part of the Community Policing Partnership-leading with impact report
  8. 8. RESULTS 12 Blue Badge ‘Stings’ over 2 year period 192 Vehicles approached 51 Drivers charged and reported to the Procurator Fiscal Reduction in Blue Badge parking following operations
  12. 12. ENFORCEMENT-THE WAY FORWARD Have less ambiguous powers of inspection with PA’s being permitted to seize Badges (2013). Instant information about the issue of the badge at the time of inspection by the Parking Attendant – BBIS National Database System The current concession of free parking throughout the city/country needs to be discussed. More public awareness concerning the abuse of the Disabled Badge Scheme Improved relations between legitimate Badge holders and enforcement agencies Improved public awareness and education of the scheme and it’s aims
  13. 13. RECOMENDATIONS Education: implement educational campaigns at school level in the style of anti smoking, anti drink driving and seatbelt campaigns - make Blue Badge mis-use socially and morally unacceptable as well as other dedicated bays Wider Public - Employees: Targeted campaigns – use GCC’s Internet and Intranet services – the Glasgow and Insider Magazines - Employee Pay Portal – advise of consequences of mis-use Advertising: Promote awareness of the impact of Blue Badge mis-use – posters on the side of GCC’s vehicles, in car parks and in bus shelters Decriminalisation Decimalisation of the Offence of Mis Use
  14. 14. CONCLUSION Need to tackle Blue Badge mis-use The free parking element should be discussed New BBIS database must be updated, maintained, with any instances of mis-use being accurately recorded PA’s given powers to seize mis-used Blue Badges Look at providing education at an early age to the consequences of people mis-using the blue badge (pester power).