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  • National Scheme Replaced the orange badge in 2000 Issued to individuals not vehicles – hire vehicles etc / cannot be used to run errands / badge holder responsible to ensure details remain legible /badge should be renewed if faded / PCN to be issued if details cannot be read Issued to organisations responsible for elderly or disabled Badge should be displayed on the dashboard or windscreen of vehicle face up – PCN should be issued for badges displayed face down Clock cards may also be on display Foreign badges should be looked at like blue badges unless otherwise informed
  • Enforcement - British Parking Association

    1. 1. Gordon CatchloveFraud Prevention OfficerCity of Edinburgh Council
    2. 2. OBJECTIVESHistoryUnderstanding Why We Enforce INTRODUCTIONAwareness of Good Practice – • How We Enforce • LiaisonUnderstanding of The LegislationAwareness of the Problems With This Type of EnforcementThe FutureSummary
    3. 3. HISTORYPost establish July 2005First Conviction 2006 – Trial Case (Test Procedures)Fully established 2009One full time investigator, two part timeComplaints increase in number year on year sincebeing first recorded 2010 – 129 2011 – 157 2012 – 72 (to date)Reporting Lost/Stolen badges - 2008
    4. 4. WHY DO WE ENFORCE THE WAY WE DO (BACKGROUND)Blue badge scheme unsustainable (22,000badges) THE DISABLEDBecoming more BLUE BADGE & more socially acceptable SCHEMEIgnorance of the law and the schemeEnforcement by other means difficult
    5. 5. DISCRETIONARY PARKING WHY DO WE ENFORCEAims: the rights of genuine badge holdersProtect• What is the Disabled Blue Badge SchemeMisuse/Fraudulent is a crime - Decriminalised• Checksor not• Permitted Parking• No ParkingSocial inclusion not exclusion• Offending• LegislationEquality Act compliant• Blue Badge IdentificationLoss of Revenue/Others Paying
    6. 6. How BLUE BADGE SCHEME THE DISABLED We Enforce Reports to the Procurator Fiscal - Primary• National Scheme – April 2000• Joint operations – not vehicle Patrols Issued to person High Profile• Removals – Fake/Forged Badges) Issued to Organisations• Display• Penalty Charge Notice (Parking Ticket) Application via the Council• Warning Letters – All WaysCouncil Scheme administered by Upon Charging• Misuse• Badge Seizure – Always (Police Presence) Quarter of all badges in UK Scottish• Through administration – Desk top assessments Foreign badges and badge holders
    7. 7. THE DISABLED BLUE BADGE SCHEME LIAISON – JOINED UP THINKING CHECKSProcurator Fiscal – Meetings/AdviceFront: Reverse:Lothian and Borders Police –• Expiry Neighbourhood Teams –Photograph Safer • Intelligence exchange/ Assistance a point of Charging• Issuing Authority PNC • Surname Vehicle Checks via• Serial NumberDWP – DLA Investigators • Forename• Hologram – -OlderParking Contractor NSL • Signature style badgesOther Local Authorities – Enquiries/Advice/Training
    8. 8. LEGISLATION/OFFENCESRegulation of Investigatory Powers (Scotland) Act 2000 – CovertSurveillanceChronically Sick and Disabled Persons Act 1970Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 – Sect’s 115 & 117Disabled Persons (Badges for Motor Vehicles) (Scotland)Regulations 2000 – As amendedCommon Law FraudTheft By Finding
    9. 9. AWARENESS OF THE PROBLEMS WITH THIS TYPE OF ENFORCEMENTManpower resources – corroborationTime consuming – surveillance/paper work etcEquipmentLack of compensationNumber of complaints – too many to activelyinvestigator (prioritise)Changes in law/legislation – 2010/2011Money
    10. 10. THE FUTUREIncrease number of full time investigatorsShared service with neighbouring authoritiesPotential Changes in the law – Cadder Case/CarlowayreportIncrease productivity!!!!