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Senior College Relations 2010 Plan


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Senior College Relations 2010 Plan

  1. 1. Senior College Relations 2010Roadmap and Reference Senior College Relations12/18/2009<br />The purpose of this document is to provide the newly formed Scholarship Programs and Senior College Relations Department with a roadmap to and reference for a successful 2010. The document includes the Infrastructure of the new team, 2010 projections and the strategies and accompanying tactics that will allow us to meet and exceed the 2010 projections. Measurable goals are highlighted in BLUE. <br />Outline of contents:<br />Infrastructure<br /><ul><li>Business Development Managers Team
  2. 2. Cross-Training for all team members
  3. 3. Additional Resources
  4. 4. Business processes
  5. 5. Reporting/ROI
  6. 6. Definitions
  7. 7. States responsibility breakdown</li></ul>Projections (Sales and Scholarship creation)<br /><ul><li>Overall and monthly – see attached excel titled “2010 projections”
  8. 8. Phi Theta Kappa specific Scholarship creation</li></ul>Strategies/tactics<br /><ul><li>Acquisition
  9. 9. Retention
  10. 10. Infrastructure
  11. 11. Business Development Managers Team</li></ul>Christin Grissom, Sarah Reynolds and Ron Filipowicz, the Business Development Managers for Senior Institutions, will be a cohesive team responsible for providing exemplary service to senior institution partners. Ms. Suzanne Brister will provide key support and insight to team functions where needed. We will strive to maintain and establish partnerships with senior institutions to enhance their opportunities to recruit more community college transfer students through student search subscriptions, scholarship designation and Annual Convention Sponsorships/Community College Transfer Fair participation. <br />Effective December 1, 2009.<br /><ul><li> Cross-Training for All Team Members </li></ul>In the past, CollegeFish sales and scholarship designations were considered two separate entities. Moving forward, these two programs have been combined in order to effectively meet the needs of our constituents. We aim to be a one-stop-shop for our four-year partners to help meet each of their individual transfer recruitment needs. We desire to help our customers not only find good-fit students to recruit, but we also aim to provide them with the resources and tools needed to help get those students to their college. To ensure all team members can effectively meet all the various recruiting needs of our constituents in just one telephone call each team member will undergo cross-training on all facets of the new Scholarship Programs and Senior College Relations Department. <br /><ul><li>Purchases:
  12. 12. Christin will train Sarah & Ron on the day to day business processes that we take to ensure that each of the purchases are correctly documented & invoiced in Orion, how to generate advisor names, and how to ensure that credit card purchases are correct in Orbital.
  13. 13. Developing Scholarships:
  14. 14. Sarah will train Ron & Christin on how to target prospective four-year partners, what it means to be a scholarship partner, the information/message she sends to prospective partners & the process in which she takes to designate, announce & promote new partnerships.
  15. 15. Selling CollegeFish:</li></ul>Ron will train Sarah & Christin on how he targets prospective purchasers, how he runs a live demo of CollegeFish, the types of messages he sends to prospective purchasers & the steps in which he takes for closing a sale & following up with those who have shown interest but have not yet committed to buying and engage in live role playing of sales calls.<br />Each of our team members will be cross trained on the varying facets of our department by February 1, 2010.<br />Goal: Cross Trained by February 1, 2010.<br /><ul><li> Additional Resources
  16. 16. Research & implement College Relation Management (CRM) software by June 1, 2010.</li></ul>Goal: Begin utilizing CRM software by June 1, 2010<br /><ul><li> Business Processes </li></ul>Currently we have two ways to submit the CollegeFish subscription agreement and scholarship designation form. Four-year Colleges can submit their documents online via the CollegeFish website or they can complete a Word document agreement to mail/fax. We have moved away from utilizing the Word document agreement, and prefer to utilize the online submission forms so our entire team will know when an agreement or designation form is submitted. Once the agreement or designation is received, the following takes place:<br /><ul><li>Agreement/designation is sent via email to Ron, Sarah, Christin & Suzanne.
  17. 17. Each team member will be assigned to an individual territory, and will be held responsible for invoicing any agreement that comes in from their territory.
  18. 18. Each team member is responsible for processing their college’s new designated scholarship on
  19. 19. Each team member will be assigned to an individual territory, and will be held responsible for ensuring the college’s scholarship is added and correctly saved on and that it is visible on the Society website. They will also provide appropriate notification to Nell for GKNB Announcement.
  20. 20. Each team member will be responsible for ensuring the partnering institution receives benefits (email announcement to chapter advisors, free student names, etc.)
  21. 21. Christin will be responsible for running one edit & close per day.
  22. 22. She will also be responsible for running the close in Orbital for credit card purchases.
  23. 23. Each team member is responsible for generating advisor names when purchased.
  24. 24. Each team member is responsible for sending out their own new CollegeFish subscriber information and includes all team members on the message.
  25. 25. All team members will be responsible for renewing the subscriptions of the subscribers that fall within their own territories.
  26. 26. Reporting/ROI
  27. 27. Ron will continue to provide monthly and YTD reports at the end of each month. All team members will monitor crystal to ensure accurate reporting.
  28. 28. Ron will also create ROI reports to track the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns.
  29. 29.
  30. 30. Definitions
  31. 31. The purpose of this section is to define our primary targets and accompanying business actions.
  32. 32. CollegeFish Subscriber:</li></ul>Refers to a four year institution that submits a subscription agreement.<br /><ul><li>Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship Partner:</li></ul>Refers to a four year institution that offers a scholarship specific to Phi Theta Kappa members.<br /><ul><li>Phi Theta Kappa Convention Sponsor:
  33. 33. Refers to a four year scholarship partnering institution that sponsors a specific event at the International convention.
  34. 34. Phi Theta Kappa Community College Transfer Fair Participant:
  35. 35. Refers to a four year institution that registers to exhibit at the community college transfer fair at the International convention.
  36. 36. Renewal of CollegeFish Subscription:</li></ul>Occurs when a current subscriber or non-current subscriber submits a subscription agreement to renew for another 12 months. <br /><ul><li>Upgrade of CollegeFish Subscription:
  37. 37. Occurs when a current subscriber upgrades to a higher subscription level at some point during the original 12 month subscription.
  38. 38. States Responsibility Breakdown</li></ul>ChristinRonSarahOhioAlaskaMinnesotaWashingtonCaliforniaIowaOregonHawaiiOklahomaMontanaNebraskaArkansasWyomingKansasLouisianaUtahMissouriIllinoisIdahoWest VirginiaKentuckyNevadaMaineTennesseeNew MexicoVermontMississippiArizonaNew HampshireIndianaColoradoMassachusettsAlabamaNorth DakotaNew YorkVirginiaSouth DakotaConnecticutNorth CarolinaTexasRhode IslandSouth CarolinaWisconsinNew JerseyGeorgiaMichiganPennsylvaniaFloridaMarylandDelaware<br /><ul><li>Projections (Sales and Scholarship creation)
  39. 39. Overall and Monthly – see attached excel titled “2010 projections”</li></ul>Goal: $350,000 in CollegeFish subscription sales.<br /><ul><li>Phi Theta Kappa Specific Scholarship Creation
  40. 40. Previous Scholarship Designations: 2006-36, 2007-40,
  41. 41. 2008-24, 2009-14</li></ul>Goal: 40 new scholarships created by the end of 2010.<br /><ul><li>Strategies/tactics
  42. 42. Acquisition: New CollegeFish sales; New Scholarship Partners and Community College Transfer Fair Participants
  43. 43. States with the most potential: </li></ul>The following are states for each team member that show great potential for growth based on the high number of schools. The numbers for each state represent the:<br />ST = # of four year institutions in the state<br />SP = # of PTK scholarship partners<br />CF = # of CF subscribers <br />Christin<br />Ohio<br />STSPCF<br />112356<br />Texas<br />STSPCF<br />1014116<br />Michigan<br />STSPCF<br />66299<br />Ron<br />California<br />STSPCF<br />170204<br />Missouri<br />STSPCF<br />63267<br />Massachusetts<br />STSPCF<br />901510<br />New York<br />STSPCF<br />1845427<br />Pennsylvania<br />STSPCF<br />1463419<br />Sarah<br />Illinois<br />STSPCF<br />1084815<br />Indiana<br />STSPCF<br />56204<br />Florida<br />STSPCF<br />77267<br />For each of these states we will engage in the following:<br /><ul><li>Work with Rod to connect with CC presidents and 4 yr college presidents to encourage CF, PTK scholarships, CC transfer fair and convention sponsorship.
  44. 44. Once connections are established with contact lists available we will send packets with a letter from Rod introducing our team and purpose; CF brochure and 2009 </li></ul>Partners in Excellence piece.<br /><ul><li>Work with Laura to determine likelihood of rolling out CollegeFish to CC’s within targeted states.
  45. 45. Determine if any non subscribing and non partnering schools have existing PTK alumni associations. Target any that are found as a relationship to leverage a sales opportunity or new scholarship development.
  46. 46. Work with state NACAC associations to acquire state wide contacts to solicit.
  47. 47. Engage in cold calling of non-partnered schools within each state. Leverage existing partnerships to push sale/establishment of scholarship.
  48. 48. Ongoing contact targeting specific populations for CollegeFish sales and new scholarships:
  49. 49. Past TDB – we will continue ongoing contact with past TDB purchasers that have yet to purchase CollegeFish through emails and calls
  50. 50. CF subscribers that are past their renewal date and have not renewed: ongoing; team members are responsible for schools within their states.
  51. 51. CF subscribers not currently offering a PTK specific scholarship: ongoing; team members are responsible for schools within their states.
  52. 52. Contact past scholarship designation prospects: ongoing; team members are responsible for schools within their states.
  53. 53. Eblasts
  54. 54. Scholarship partners that have not purchased CF.</li></ul>GOAL: Send quarterly (February, May, August, October)<br /><ul><li>Community College Transfer Fair and convention program advertising opportunities.</li></ul>GOAL: Send late January; mid-February; early March <br />GOAL: 100 four year schools exhibiting at community college transfer fair <br /><ul><li>CollegeFish subscribers that do not offer a Phi Theta Kappa specific scholarship.</li></ul>GOAL: Send quarterly (February, May, August, October)<br /><ul><li>Targeting 2 year schools that have begun offering 4 year degrees</li></ul>GOAL: Develop list by June 1, 2010 then contact<br /><ul><li>Referrals
  55. 55. Email our contacts to seek out more partners to help improve the transfer process.</li></ul>GOAL: Develop message and send out by June 1, 2009<br /><ul><li>Mailings
  56. 56. CF mailing January – includes a letter, CF brochure and convention sponsorship insert. </li></ul>GOAL: Send out by January 15, 2010<br />GOAL: Acquire $15,000 in subscription revenue by March 1, 2009. <br /><ul><li>Partners in Excellence/CF mailing: This was sent out mid August of 2009. To date this mailing has produced $26,559 in CF sales.</li></ul>GOAL: Send out by early to mid August 2010<br />GOAL: Acquire $30,000 in subscription (new and retained) revenue by the end of 2010. <br /><ul><li>Offering free CF names for community college transfer fair attendees – To create more subscriptions we will provide each community college fair exhibitor with 150 free names in CF during the month of April. We will promote this ahead of the fair to schools already registered and provide information for the schools at the fair. Follow up after the fair will include a letter and email. </li></ul>GOAL: 5 new subscriptions<br /><ul><li>Conferences
  57. 57. AACRAO</li></ul>April 21-24, 2010: New Orleans, LA<br />Goal: Acquire $8,000 in subscription (new and retained) revenue from AACRAO conference by the end of September 2010. <br /><ul><li>NISOD
  58. 58. May 31 – June 2, 2010: Austin, TX
  59. 59. NACAC – to date 2009 conference has produced </li></ul>$12,874 in sales. <br />September 30th – October 2nd 2010 : St Louis, MO<br />GOAL: Acquire $15,000 in subscriptions (new and retained) revenue from NACAC conference by the end of 2010. <br /><ul><li>Target senior institutions with existing alumni associations that are not yet CF subscribers or scholarship partners.</li></ul>GOAL: Establish list to begin contact by February 1, 2009 <br /><ul><li>When appropriate travel to PTK regional meetings with strong transfer fairs or utilize traveling staff (Chapter Relations managers; International Officers; Honors or Leadership staff).
  60. 60. CollegeFishPLUS:
  61. 61. This represents the formalization of transfer recruiting consultation. CollegeFishPLUS is a working title and not necessarily what we may call this program.
  62. 62. Create CollegeFishPLUS transfer recruiting best practices.</li></ul>GOAL: Complete by April 1, 2010<br /><ul><li>Complete framework and price points of program for approval.</li></ul>GOAL: Complete by April 1, 2010<br /> <br /><ul><li>Engage in a free pilot program with 5 schools; seek feedback on results; create survey of all CF subscribers.</li></ul>GOAL: Begin June 1, 2010; complete August 1, 2010<br /><ul><li>Submit survey to partners seeking feedback on viability of program characteristics.</li></ul>GOAL: September 1, 2010<br /> <br /><ul><li>Determine whether or not to move forward based on feedback from pilot schools and surveying of existing partners.</li></ul>GOAL: December 1, 2010<br /><ul><li>Retention: of CollegeFish Subscribers; Scholarship Partners and Community College Transfer Fair Participants
  63. 63. Contact/Service – ongoing
  64. 64. All Team members will engage in retention/service actions for the CF customers/scholarship partners in their assigned states. This will include:
  65. 65. Contacting CF subscribers ahead of their renewal dates to assist with exporting their remaining names and help determine which subscription level to renew at.
  66. 66. Contacting Scholarship Partners to update their scholarship listings on CollegeFish. This will take place from May through July.
  67. 67. Monitor CF subscribers that have not exported names lately and contact where appropriate.
  68. 68. Follow up with CF subscribers that run searches and receive 0 results.
  69. 69. Provide excellent customer service when CF customers call with service issues.
  70. 70. Automatic email messages:
  71. 71. This refers to the creation and implementation of a robust communication flow to CF subscribers and scholarship partners. The purpose of these messages includes but is not limited to the following: supporting renewal efforts; supporting scholarship updating efforts; provide search/export reminders; build brand loyalty through service reminders; etc. </li></ul>GOAL: Create Framework and timing of messages by May 1, 2010 <br />GOAL: Implement all messages between June 1, 2010 and December 31, 2010.<br /><ul><li>Surveying: Survey CF customers and scholarship </li></ul>partners for successes, tracking and suggestions.<br />Goal: Complete Survey for review by February 1, 2010<br />Goal: Send out survey by February 15, 2010<br />