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  1. 1. Theta Crescent Alpha Gamma Rho FraternitySpring 2011 University of Missouri Noble Ruler Report At the beginning of the year I mentioned that Theta cess, earning more than $4,000 for True North and theChapter was looking forward to the new semester and George D. Peak Memorial Burn Center.the things we wanted to accomplish. I am proud to The men of Alpha Gamma Rho are looking for-write that Theta Chapter was able to accomplish many ward to this fall semester with the celebration ofof those things that we set out to do. We have had a Mizzou’s 100 th homecoming. We will be pairedstrong recruiting se- with the women ofmester, and will con- Alpha Delta Pi andtinue our efforts well are looking forwardinto the summer. to a great home- Theta Chapter coming celebration.earned numerous THETA CHAPTER We have achieved aawards this semester, M I S S O U R I lot of great thingsearning three of the seven cups awarded at Greek Hon- here at Theta Chapter, and we will continue to workors night, CAFNR’s Outstanding Organization award, towards the goal of being the premier fraternity onand IFC Spotlight Chapter. This past semester we were this campus.paired with the women of Zeta Tau Alpha for GreekWeek and had a great time participating in sports, fling, Fraternally,service opportunities and many other activities. Our Jared Henderson #1626philanthropy, Fire Fighter Face-Off, was a great suc- Noble Ruler Alumni, You Are Cordially Invited... This semester we have hosted a number of din- And, on March 21 Lawrence Turpin (’82) from Delton,ner guests at 602 S. College. Alumni, we hope you Mich. was able to join us for dinner. He was in Colum-know you are always welcome to dine with us. We bia to address some CAFNR classes.especially like it if you can also join us for Chapter In April we hosted Julie Drury and Dan Jonas from theon Monday. office of Greek Life as well as our philanthropy Queen Since January we have welcomed Cory Gregg (’02), Candidates. We also had a faculty night with animalBill Ehrich (’04), Mark Baker (’00), Curtis Fisher (’98) science professor Dr. George Jesse (’10) and ag econand Stephen Ellis (’71). All are members of the Theta professor Dr. Christian Boessen.Building Association. In addition, several alumni have come for lunch when On March 7, David Buckman (’77) from Mexico, they are on campus or visiting Columbia for business.Mo. joined us for dinner and spoke to the chapter. On Stop by, dine with us, meet the undergrads, and shareMarch 14, Loyd Wilson (’84) brought Dr. Jon Hagler, your knowledge and experiences! Alumni are alwaysMissouri director of agriculture to meet the chapter. welcome at 602 S. College Avenue. What’s InsideUpcoming Events • Dr. Jon Hagler Initiated by Theta • Alumni Spotlight • And More...
  2. 2. Why Are We Here? Your Building Association Board of Directors operates a to change. We are hearing of “plans in the works” for fivenot-for-profit business for the benefit of current and future fraternities, and we’ve seen four other recent upgrades.members of our chapter. Our primary asset is property (1.33 However, we are also reminded of a profound statementacres), plant, equipment and furnishings with an appraised once made by distinguished alumnus, and past presidentvalue of $2.75 million, less accumulated depreciation of of the MU Board of Curators, Brother Paul Steele (’59).$700,000. We carry a mortgage of $930,000, with annual He said, “I don’t know about you, but I didn’t choose todebt service of $110,000. Our other fixed costs are insur- join Alpha Gamma Rho because of the building; I chose toances and property taxes of $32,000. We allocate roughly join because of the men in the building.”$16,000 to scholarship and leadership recognition and some Our board also engages with another 1959 Theta initi-help with publishing the Theta Crescent. Our repairs, main- ate, past Grand President and member of the AGR Hall oftenance schedule and a prudent set-aside use up the balance Fame, Brother Zane Akins. Every three to four years heof our revenue. We charge and collect rent from the chapter, facilitates a strategic planning session with our board andwhich pencils out to $2,469 per man per year at 81 capacity. leadership from our collegiate chapter. We try to prioritizeOur current chapter size is 100 of the best and brightest men and seek balance between the “wants” and “needs” thatseeking careers in our broader and better agriculture. might help us in the next business cycles to be more suc- We try to collect and compare competitive housing alter- cessful in accomplishing our mission and purpose.native information, as one measure of our offering. The We ask ourselves the question “Why are we here?” WeUniversity publishes pricing for dormitories (75% of their are directing those questions toward a strategic analysisbeds/spaces are now newer than ours), and we do find of our current and projected competitive offering. If yousomewhat reliable information for other fraternities from wish to participate, please let board president Mark Bak-time to time. Comparisons are arbitrary and quite a bit er know. Why are we here? In part, we are here to movesubjective. As an example, we know our offering includes forward from questions toward developing answers.79 parking spaces, and access to “free” laundry machines. In closing, your board members, as stewards and rep-At this time, we do believe that our offering is competi- resentatives are most thankful for the support of YOURtive. But we realize this environment is fluid and subject TIME, YOUR TALENT AND YOUR TREASURE. Tap Day 2011 The inexhaustible April showers forced the 84th an- secret societies at the University of Missouri.nual Mizzou Tap Day to move from Francis Quadran- We are proud of Brandon Thiel (’08) of Marshall, into the auditorium at Jesse Hall. But the clouds who was tapped by Omicron Delta Kappa and Daltonand rain on April 22 didn’t interfere with the celebra- Brown (’08) of Wheaton, Mo. who was tapped by Mor-tions as two Theta brothers were tapped by two of the tar Board. Congratulations to both of you! Greek Awards On the evening of Tuesday, April 26, the Greek com-munity gathered at the Memorial Union to honor Greekchapters and individuals who excelled during the 2010year. Theta Chapter did not go unnoticed as three ofthe seven IFC “cups” now reside at 602 S. College. Al-though referred to as cups, the silver Paul Revere bowlsmounted atop a wooden base have been retired, andwe were given acrylic trophies in their place. The badnews is they are not as imposing as the old cups, but thegood news is we get to keep them. We were awarded theBrotherhood Cup for programming, the Chancellor’s Left to right: Alan Master (adviser), Jared Henderson and Breck Babbs pose withCup for leadership and the Columbia Cup for service. the new version of the Greek Cups awarded at the 2011 Greek Honors Night.
  3. 3. Dr. Jon Hagler Initiated by Theta Dr. Jon Hagler, Missouri governor’s agriculture policy.director of agriculture, was Prior to becoming director ofinitiated by Theta Chapter agriculture, Dr. Hagler servedon May 1, 2011. Dr. Hagler as Gov. Nixon’s principal ag-was appointed by Governor ricultural and environmentalNixon on January 9, 2009. policy adviser and was instru- Collegiate and alumni mem- mental in developing the Gov-bers gathered at the Chapter ernor’s agricultural and envi-House to celebrate his ini- ronmental policies. He trav-tiation. It was followed by a eled more than 60,000 milesreception catered by Brother Left: Some of the alumni at Dr. Hagler’s initiation included (Row 1) Dr. George meeting with farmers and farmLeslie Jett (’96). Alumni Jesse, Dr. Jon Hagler, Dean Thomas Payne, Douglas Thomas; (Row 2) Rep. Ca- families all across Missouri topresent for the event included leb Jones, Stephen Ellis; (Row 3) Lowell Mohler, Loyd Wilson, William Jackson; learn about their operations (Row 4) Alan Masters, Dan Clemens.Lowell Mohler (’57), Loyd Right: Dr. Hagler receives his Golden Crescent from Larry Warren, former Grand and assess their needs.Wilson (’84), Dan Clemens President of Alpha Gamma Rho, and Jared Henderson, Theta Noble Ruler. Loyd Wilson (’84) brought(’65), Caleb Jones (’10), Larry Warren (’65), Dean Thomas Dr. Hagler to dinner and introduced him to the undergradu-Payne (’01), Dr. George Jesse (’10), Bob Thompson (’80), ates on March 7. We learned a bit about him and his visionSpencer Thompson (’07), Matt Peiter (’96), Steve Ellis for agriculture in Missouri. He expressed pride in the fact(’71), Doug Thomas (’79), Bill Jackson (’10), Alan Masters that agriculture is the number one industry in Missouri. Dr.(’80) and Ryan Milhollin (’98). Hagler talked about the legacy program and how it would A lifelong horseman, Dr. Hagler was raised on a horse farm benefit young farmers. He believes agriculture has a brightin Dent County and continues to operate a small horse opera- future because farmers are optimistic. He spoke optimisti-tion, Cheyenne Farms, near St. James, where he trains and cally about jobs for college graduates, advances in bio-tech-sells Missouri Fox Trotters – the state horse. He has met with nology and the animal health industry in Kansas in every corner of the state on Gov. Nixon’s behalf to And Dr. Hagler shared his favorite quote, “Four out oflearn about the operations, assess their needs and develop the four people eat – everybody has a tie to agriculture.” Upcoming Events June 24 & 25 August 6 August 24 *Please note the date July 23, Formal Recruitment House Betterment Day Initiation not June 23 as stated in the previous Crescent. June 25 August 19 September 3Young Alumni Baseball Game Freshmen Move-In Day Mizzou vs. Miami **Before you go to your tail- in Springfield August 21 social at the house gate, stop by the Chapter July 23 Tiger Walk 4 hours prior to kick off** House and help us usher in a new year of Tiger Football. Alumni Picnic August 22 October 15 Food, beverage and temporary in Brunswick* Classes Resume, fall 2011 Homecoming vs. ISU parking will be available. Crescent Publishing Service This issue of the Theta Chapter Crescent was published through the Crescent Publishing Service (CPS). This is a special project of the Alpha Gamma Rho Home Office to assist chapters in improving communications with alumni. Chapters pay a small fee for the service below the actual production cost to encourage regular contact. This project is made possible by donations from alumni like you. Please consider contributing.
  4. 4. Alumni Spotlight Dr. Robert E. “Bud” Hertzog, DVM(’49) received the Alumni of the YearAward at the 2011 CAFNR Celebra-tion of Excellence held April 7, at theReynolds Alumni Center. The fol-lowing excerpt is taken from the pro-gram and letters of support receivedfor the nomination of Dr. Hertzog. When it comes to describing BudHertzog, his longtime friend and col-league Michael Cathey likes to para-phrase humorist Will Rogers. “I nev-er met a man or animal who did notlike – and have great things to say Collegiate members with Dr. Hertzog at the CAFNR Celebration of Excellence. Left to right: Brad Eisen-– about Bud Hertzog,” says Cathey, bath, Jason Reichert, Brent Dye, Alec Fodge, Dr. Hertzog, Breck Babbs, Kelsey Flynn, Ryan Milhollin (adviser), Matthew Snook, Jon Kirchhoff and Jared Henderson.executive director of the AmericanVeterinary Medical Foundation. Over the years, Hertzog has more members of the MU Dairy Club in Hertzog’s friends say it seems like than lived up to that early reputation. the early 1950s. “Throughout myit has always been that way for the He founded and manages one of the 40-year academic administrativeLee’s Summit, Mo. veterinarian, most extensive veterinary practices in career he was my model, my philo-farmer, civil leader and avid MU the Midwest. He is past president of sophical hero,” Campbell says.supporter. Former Mizzou class- the Missouri Veterinary Medical As- “Bud is a true leader who, despite hismates from the early 1950s still re- sociation and past executive chairman success and professional accolades, hasmember the reputation he had as an of the American Veterinary Medi- never lost sight of his roots. He has al-agriculture student leader. cal Association. He has been official ways been an ardent supporter of the Dean Lindsey learned about Hertzog veterinarian for both the Kansas City University of Missouri, an unofficialin 1951 when he was a freshman in Zoo and the Kansas City American spokesperson who conveys a sense ofcollege and Hertzog was a senior. They Royal. He also found time to serve pride in the many opportunities the in-were members of different and com- on the Jackson County Legislature, stitution provides its students and alum-peting ag fraternities. “My brothers the Lee’s Summit School Board and ni. For Bud, his time at MU openedoften made disparaging remarks about other civic posts and organizations. doors to a world he now takes pride inthe Alpha Gamma Rhos, but there was John Campbell, president emeritus offering others the chance to enter.”a usual exception that Bud Hertzog of Oklahoma State University got to –Charles Kruse, president of thewas a class guy,” Lindsey says. know Hertzog when they were both Missouri Farm Bureau Federation Celebration of Excellence The College of Agriculture, Food and ing Junior CAFNR Member. Con- (’49) was named the OutstandingNatural Resources hosted the 2011 Cel- gratulations to freshman Britt Kagay CAFNR Alumni for 2011; Dr. Jamesebration of Excellence on Thursday, and sophomore Jacob Buehler who Spain (’03) was selected to be an Hon-April 7, at the Reynolds Alumni Center. were finalists for their respective orary CAFNR Alumni; and finally,Many collegiate and alumni brothers classes. Jason Reichert and Shannon James Hundle (’10) was honored as anwere on hand to celebrate our successes. Weber are both finalists for Outstand- Outstanding CAFNR Staff Member. The CAFNR Student Council chose ing CAFNR Senior, an award which It was a great night of celebra-Theta Chapter as the 2011 Outstand- will be announced at the graduation tion for the men of Theta Student Organization. Dalton ceremonies on May 14, 2011. Congratulations to all of the indi-Brown was honored as the Outstand- Dr. Robert “Bud” Hertzog, DVM vidual winners!
  5. 5. Our Newest AlumniOn May, 14, 2011 fifteen brothers received their degree from the University of Missouri. Several others will moveto alumni status and receive their degree in December 2011 or May 2012. Congratulations to each of you. We wishyou continued success as you move into your careers.Dillon Anderson, Lancaster, Jon Kirchhoff, Concordia, Mo., Steven Keith Reid, Jr.,Mo., graduated with a degree in graduated with a bachelor of science Cooter, Mo., graduated with a de-animal science. degree in agriculture education. He gree in ag business. He is return- has taken a teaching position with ing to the family farm.Logan Chrislaw, Fayette, Mo., the Sherwood School District.graduated with a degree in ag eco- Spencer Riley, Carrollton, Mo.,nomics. Bradley Meineka, Concordia, graduated with an honors degree in Mo., graduated with an honors de- plant science. Spencer has accepted aRyan Distler, Russellville, Mo., gree in ag systems management. He graduate assistantship in research andgraduated with honors, receiving a is returning to the family farm. will work toward a master’s degree indegree in ag business. crop, soil and pest management. Miles Morris, Hamilton, Mo.,Lance Dobson, Lexington, graduated with a degree in animal Brandon Salmons, Madison,Mo., graduated with a dual degree science. He has accepted a summer Mo., graduated with a degree in bio-in ag systems management and ag internship with Select Sires and will chemistry.economics. He is returning to the become a registered AI farm. Shannon Weber, Orchard Farm, Cody Moss, Caruthersville, Mo., Mo., graduates with an honors de-Bradley Eisenbath, Silex, will attend graduate school at South- gree in ag business. He has acceptedMo., graduated with a degree in ag east Missouri State University. a position with Renaissance Finan-business management and a minor cial Securities in St. Louis, international business. He has Jason Reichert, Brunswick,taken a job as district sales man- Mo., graduated with an honors degree Tyler West, Wellington, Mo.,ager for Channel Bio, a division of in ag business management. He has graduated with a degree in generalMonsanto. taken a position with Heartland John agriculture. He has accepted a posi- Deere in Warrensburg, Mo. tion with Lansing Trading Company. Fire Fighter Face-Off Paul Pierson coached this team for the AGR’s 2011 Fire Fighter Face- Off. Many women from the partici- pating sororities showed up bright and early, ready to participate or cheer on their teams. The Columbia Fire De- partment not only volunteered their time, but they also provided three of their fire trucks to help with the competition. Between relays, balloon drops, tug-of-war and of course the hose-down competition everyone had a blast! The weeklong event raised more than $4,000 for True North Shelter of Columbia and the George D. Peek Memorial Burn Center.
  6. 6. Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity NON-PROFIT ORG.10101 North Ambassador Drive U.S. POSTAGE PAIDKansas City, MO 64153-1395 Kansas City, MO Permit No. 4092RETURN SERVICE REQUESTEDTheta Chapter Crescent Have you visited our website? Log on to and see what’s happening at 602 S. College Ave. Alumni….please log on to update your alumni profile. Recruitment RecommendationPlease help us recruit the best of men. If you know someone who would make a good addition to our Fraternity, please let us know so we can contact him and enhance our brotherhood.Name: __________________________________________________ Age: _______________________________Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________E-mail address: _______________________________________________________________________________Phone - home: ____________________________________________ School: ____________________________Classification/Major: ___________________________________________________________________________Comments: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Your name and address: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Please Mail to: Alpha Gamma Rho – Theta Chapter, Attn: Recruitment, 602 S. College Ave., Columbia, MO 65201