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  1. 1. Theta Crescent Alpha Gamma Rho FraternityFall 2011 University of Missouri Noble Ruler Report As I near the end of my term as Noble Ruler, I am amazed ries and website, high honors for Alumni Relations andat all we have accomplished over the past year. When my honorable mention for Membership Development.executive team and I took office, our goal was to be the pre- Entering the fall semester, the men of Theta Chapter con-miere fraternity on the Mizzou campus and the best Alpha tinued this momentum and won CAFNR Week and Miz-Gamma Rho chapter in the zou’s Centennial Homecom-nation. If you have followed ing with the women of Alphapast Crescents, you know Delta Pi and the men of Betawe were named the Out- Sigma Psi. This is a great ac-standing CAFNR Organiza- THETA CHAPTER complishment for us, and wetion, earned three awards at M I S S O U R I take great pride in our victory.Greek Honors Night and improved our GPA moving from I look forward to the continued successes of our great22nd to 4th place among fraternities at Mizzou. chapter. It has been an honor to serve this past year as This summer, we recruited a new member class with the Noble Ruler.31 men – the largest in Theta history. We also earnedseven awards from Alpha Gamma Rho National Fra- Fraternally,ternity including a Gold Chapter Statue, highest honors Jared Henderson #1626in Promise and Values, Recruitment, best Crescent se- Noble Ruler CAFNR Week This fall, the men of Alpha Gamma Rho once again ticipation and success in aforementioned competitions,participated in the annual College of Agriculture, Food Theta Chapter took first place overall. Similarly, our newand Natural Resources week celebrations. This event initiate Andrew Fisher was crowned CAFNR Week King.celebrates the achievements of CAFNR students and Alpha Gamma Rho was also a cosponsor for com-faculty while allowing students to participate in ac- edy night with Alpha Gamma Sigma. This event ben-tivities ranging from skits, sporting events, scavenger efited the Paul Vaughn Scholarship fund. Theta Chap-hunts, guest lectures and a barbecue cook off. ter looks forward to participating in the future and Members had the opportunity to bond with fellow stu- continuing to be active in the College of Agriculture,dents in the college, and due to the chapter’s active par- Food and Natural Resources. 19th Annual AGR Classic Cattle Show Feb. 3-5 • Boone County Fair Grounds • Columbia, Mo. We are currently seeking individual and corporate sponsors. If you can help us, please contact See our website for details: What’s Inside Recruitment Update • Centennial Homecoming • Staying Connected • And More...
  2. 2. Recruitment Update After attending AGR’s Recruit- Recruitment continued through Along with their big brothers, theyment School last January, Dane Die- the summer months and formal re- are learning about life at 602 S. Col-hl and his recruitment team began cruitment in June. Theta Chapter lege. With the completion of Home-a quest for new members with our signed 31 new members. Twenty- coming festivities and CAFNR,first recruitment weekend in Febru- seven of those signees were initi- they are now ready to buckle downary. This was followed by several ated and are currently complet- and focus on academics as we startadditional weekends throughout the ing their Theta history study with into the final weeks of first semester.spring, home visits and a booth at Brother John Koenigsfeld, VNR We at Theta are proud to introducethe State FFA Convention in April. Membership Development. our 27 new members. John McKinley Davis Chillicothe, Ag Business Russell Tanner Hedges Richland, Ag Business Taylor Lawrence Hutson Troy, Ag Business Matt Douglass Jeffers Paris, Ag Business Cody Buchanan Jones Fulton, Ag Business Ben Joseph Werr Shelbina, Ag Business Colby William Willer Seth Brian Nobis Ben Josephs Delaney Mexico, Ag Business Paris, Ag Systems Management (ASM) Baring, Ag Business Andrew David Fisher Richard Francis Schwendemann Caleb Ryan Tuttle Bowling Green, Ag Economics Wentzville, Ag Systems Management (ASM)/ Sedalia, Industrial Engineering Ag Economics Edward Ross Oram Alex Lee O’Laughlin Gilman City, Ag Economics Ryan Wilson Johnson Shelbina, Mechanical Engineering Agency, Biochemistry John Brett Waddell Robert Louis Gorrell Curryville, Ag Education Christian Lee Gander Marshall, Plant Science Clarence, Biochemistry/BiologyAndrew Heratio Jon Cauthorn Austin Gale ThielMexico, Ag Systems Management (ASM) Brice Colby Babbs Marshall, Plant Science Camdenton, Business Finance Daniel William Kipping Justin David BuschjostCarrollton, Ag Systems Management (ASM) Dylan Ross Bussell Jefferson City, Undeclared Rogersville, Fisheries and Wildlife Kyle Davis Lynn Thomas Jerry Stillman Paris, Ag Systems Management (ASM) John Thomas Marshall Kennett, Ag Business Columbia, Fisheries and Wildlife/Forestry Have a Recruitment Recommendation? Complete and return the form on the back of this Crescent. We’d love to hear from you!
  3. 3. Centennial Homecoming 2011 Homecoming Champions! Alpha Gamma Rho, along with their homecoming partners Alpha Delta Pi andBeta Sigma Psi, proudly laid claim to the 1st place finish among Greek organizations at Mizzou. Take a look belowat the awards presented to Theta Chapter. 1st 1st Parade Skit Props 1st 1st Blood Donations Service 3rd 5th House Decorations Banner Crescent Publishing Service This issue of the Theta Chapter Crescent was published through the Crescent Publishing Service (CPS). This is a special project of the Alpha Gamma Rho Home Office to assist chapters in improving communications with alumni. Chapters pay a small fee for the service below the actual production cost to encourage regular contact. This project is made possible by donations from alumni like you. Please consider contributing.
  4. 4. Staying Connected On the second Thursday in October, less than 48 hours living within a 50 mile radius of Columbia. Only sevenbefore Mizzou’s 100th Homecoming Game was played brothers were present at the first social, but it’s catchingat Faurot Field, a group of about 15 Theta alumni met on. Last month there were more than 20, including fourat another campus institution, the Old Heidelburg, for or five undergraduates. They were noticeably absent onsome food, drinks and camaraderie. Thursday, due to the hectic Homecoming preparations, Last spring Ryan Milhollin (’98), one of Theta’s ad- but there was still a good showing.visers, decided to begin a monthly Theta social which These gatherings are about more than just AGR. Youwould occur on the second Thursday of each month at hear everything from catching up on the latest newsa venue in downtown Columbia. Since April, brothers, about friends and family to farming and even a littlewives and friends have gathered at Shiloh’s, Stone 44 politics. It’s safe to say more than 50 alumni have at-and the Old Heidelburg, to name a few. Ryan worked tended at least one of the socials. If you haven’t made itto get email addresses from as many AGRs as possible to one of the socials, please try and join us soon! Save the Dates for our next AGR Socials! Dec. 8, 5 p.m. – 7 p.m. at Campus Bar and Grill Jan. 12, 5 p.m. – 7 p.m. at Harpo’s A New Flag Waves When the seniors gathered for their final dinner before A plaque will be placed at the base of the flag to thankgraduation in 2008, they decided to leave their mark at these alumni for their generous donations. Our sincere602 S. College. Several brothers made pledges for the gratitude goes out to the following brothers: Danielpurpose of placing a flag pole in our front lawn. This Eddy (’05), Bill Ehrich (’04), Gregory Gholson (’04),fall, after enough pledges were fulfilled, a new 20-foot Travis Heman (’04), Matthew Henderson (’04), Aus-flag pole was purchased and installed on the south side tin Hibler (’04), Andrew Howard (’04), Brian Martinof our front lawn. Our thanks go to Chris Smith (’04) (’04), Christopher Nation (’04), Ross Pierson (’04),for rallying the troops to send in their pledges and our Jake Schlitt (’05), Trent Small (’06) and Christopheralumni building manager and Theta Adviser Alan Mas- Smith (’04).ters (’80) for handling the installation process. Help us Celebrate Founders’ Day Join Theta brothers celebrating 10 (2001), 25 (1986) and 50 (1961) years of brotherhood. MARCH 3 Look for your invitation with details to arrive in the mail in January. See our website for more details:
  5. 5. Academic Success Starting a year ago, the campus Payne/Longwell scholarship, a Greek Life began awarding the scholarship awarded to brothers Academic Achievement banners who have a semester GPA of 3.25 to the students of Greek houses or greater. Our combined GPA as who were in the top tier of fra- a house was 3.10, placing us 4th ternities. Last year on Founders’ overall in the Greek system. We Day, Brother Steve Ellis issued were above the University aver- a challenge to us to have that age of 3.034, above the all male banner hanging in front of our average of 2.893, and above the house next year. all fraternal average of 2.780. We set our minds to achieving Every year we look to build the best grades possible, and we upon our successes, and we hope did. Last semester more than half we’ll soon reach the number oneTheta brothers proudly display the Academic Achievement banner. of our members achieved the spot for grades. AGR Summer Gathering What began with some North Missouri AGRs has with grain, agronomy and feed services.expanded to include AGRs from across the state. This Following the tours, everyone adjourned to hisyear’s edition occurred on one of the hottest days of hunting lodge along the Missouri River for a greatthe summer, July 23, in Brunswick, Mo. Brother Bill meal featuring grilled pork chops and fresh cornJackson (Theta ’10) was the host for the event. Ev- on the cob. Guests were treated with a short videoeryone gathered at the AGRIServices of Brunswick. about Jerry Litton, and they were given the opportu-Bill took us on a tour of the facility, which is a full nity to reminisce and share some AGR stories fromservice ag retail and fertilizer wholesale company the past – some perhaps greatly embellished overlocated in North Central Missouri. They sell and dis- the years. Thanks to Sue and Larry Warren for put-tribute wholesale fertilizer throughout the Midwest. ting this event together and to Bill Jackson for host-They also have retail locations to serve the local area ing the event. Fairchild Picnic On Aug. 20, Theta Chapter alumni reunited for The barbecue was provided by the Fairchilds, andbrotherhood and a barbecue at the residence of Andy guests in attendance brought many side dishes andFairchild (’82) and his wife Fay. The evening con- desserts. Bruce Poe (’80) and his band played mu-sisted of fun festivities, reminiscing of memories past, sic and supplied entertainment for the night. All inand enjoying the presence of family and friends. More attendance appreciate the Fairchild household, andthan 65 alumni from across Missouri and four sur- alumni look forward to having another event similarrounding states attended with their families. to this one in the future. Theta Chapter Online Find Theta Chapter on Facebook Whether or not you follow us elsewhere, and strengthen your bond with your you can always stop by our website to brothers. Visit and find out the latest Theta chapter news. search for “Alpha Gamma Rho Theta Visit today to see Chapter Alumni” to reconnect today! what’s new!
  6. 6. Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity NON-PROFIT ORG.10101 North Ambassador Drive U.S. POSTAGE PAIDKansas City, MO 64153-1395 Kansas City, MO Permit No. 4092RETURN SERVICE REQUESTEDTheta Chapter Crescent Have you visited our website? Log on to and see what’s happening at 602 S. College Ave. Alumni….please log on to update your alumni profile. Recruitment RecommendationPlease help us recruit the best of men. If you know someone who would make a good addition to our Fraternity, please let us know so we can contact him and enhance our brotherhood.Name: __________________________________________________ Age: _______________________________Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________E-mail address: _______________________________________________________________________________Phone - home: ____________________________________________ School: ____________________________Classification/Major: ___________________________________________________________________________Comments: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Your name and address: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Please Mail to: Alpha Gamma Rho – Theta Chapter, Attn: Recruitment, 602 S. College Ave., Columbia, MO 65201