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July 2013 Meetup : Introduction To App Publish - Ujjwal Kabra


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Published in: Technology, Business
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July 2013 Meetup : Introduction To App Publish - Ujjwal Kabra

  1. 1. Ujjwal Kabra 27 July 2013 Introduction to InMobi App Publish Simplifying App Distribution for Android Developers
  2. 2. About me •  Joined InMobi in June 2009 •  In Bangalore •  Engineering & Product •  Working on App Publish for the last 1.5 years
  3. 3. Agenda ‣  Why are Alternate App Stores important? ‣  Challenges in distributing through Alternate App Stores ‣  How App Publish Solves these challenges? ‣  Demo ‣  Questions
  4. 4. Advanced users are looking at alternate sources Poor local / regional support Not available on all devices Why look beyond Google Play? User mindshare - 800k apps competing for attention
  5. 5. Alternate App Stores… How Many? 5   300+ Android App Stores!
  6. 6. Closed Doors – No direct developer programs Complex Laws & Agreements Increasing Efforts / Low ROI What are the challenges in publishing to alternate app stores? Reporting & Settlements
  7. 7. How App Publish Works
  8. 8. What App Publish does Android Apps (or widgets, wallpapers, utilities) App Publish – what we do for developers Alternative App Channels (Independent, Operator, OEM) Downloads
  9. 9. What App Publish does Android Apps The App Publish Difference App Stores NORMAL APP SUBMISSIONS PROCESS (different for each store) Single platform lets you submit to multiple stores at the same time Select Stores based on app attributes – pricing, ads, IAP, language etc.
  10. 10. Marketing translations across all required languages Automated Image Manipulations to satisfy 100s of Image requirements Single portal makes submission management easier
  11. 11. Thebestpartis… .. single dashboard to check reports & settlements
  12. 12. App Store Filters by Region, Business Model & Aggregators New EZPublish Mode: Auto fetch your binaries, description & images from Google Play Based on developer feedback from our first 1000 developers J Bonus : New Features in July 2013 release
  13. 13. More feedback from Developers Multiple IAP SDK support Promotions on App Publish stores Social, Feedback, Ratings etc. Gateway to China! What’s next? Coming Soon!
  14. 14. 1.  Intense competition in Google Play, App Publish changes this 2.  FREE to use NO SDK and all downloads deliver a $ value to Developer 3.  Global reach, access to over 300m Android users in over 150 other stores 4.  Estimating over 1b downloads to target with reduce competition 4 Reasons for Developers to use App Publish
  15. 15. Questions?
  16. 16. Ujjwal Kabra Product Manager, App Publish @brilliantnut Thank you.